Should You Tell Beetlejuice 3 times? Is Beetlejuice Ghost Or Hero?

September 13, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Saying Beetlejuice’s name 3 times is said to be a curse, or was it a contract? People even think saying his name three times brings you good luck. Something like rubbing the lamp of a genie even.

    Should you call out to Beetlejuice 3 times? What are the rules for playing the game? Today we will help you know what Beetlejuice is.

    Key Takeaways

    • Say Beetlejuice three times if you are a brave person who wants to have fun or perhaps likes an adrenaline rush in your life.
    • It’s easy Beetlejuice is a ghost because you are speaking to a deceased person, and he also appears as a prankster and an unruly ghost.
    • Beetlejuice was a self-employed poltergeist who specialized in “bio-exorcist” work.
    • Ironically, because of how literally what he says occurs, his authority ultimately drives him to ruin.

    Should You Say Beetlejuice 3 Times?

    If you want to. If you are a daring individual and want some fun or even like some adrenaline rush in your life, we more than suggest you say Beetlejuice three times. People have different reasons for why they say Beetlejuice three times.

    Beetle Juice in a scene of one of his movies
    Saying Beetlejuice three times might just give you a curse

    In the film, the gist of saying “Beetlejuice” three times is to summon him. It acts as a ‘contract’ and is a stress on how much he is wanted when he is called 3 times.

    Is Beetlejuice a Ghost or a Hero?

    Portrayed by Michael Keaton Beetlejuice is a ghost, as you are talking to a dead person not to mention he comes as a trickster and a mischievous ghost. He is not a hero just a dead person who wants to escape the ‘Netherlands.”

    Beetlejuice is crude and rude. Also, let’s remember how he tried to force himself on poor Barbara numerous times. He used Barbara and Adam to cause havoc in the Maitland family. He also has a very bad temper tantrum when anyone interferes with what he calls his “work”.

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    Who is Beetlejuice?

    Beetlejuice was a freelance poltergeist who specialized in the art of something known as “bio-exorcist”. He lived in the miniature remake of the town of Winter River buried the model’s town remake. It is known by the context that he has been living in the model’s graveyard enjoying his afterlife for almost centuries.

    Beetlejuice was not liked by anyone because of his personality
    Beetlejuice was a rude and very selfish man

    What powers does Beetlejuice have?

    Beetlejuice is full of power, quite literally. He has numerous powers that make him the mischievous ghost he is, from agility to Weather control. Some of his powers we have seen are, shape-shifting into various things, like that devious snake he turned into to scare the family. Summoning inanimate objects so he could control them (Like Ms. Deetz’s artwork).

    Overall he can turn his domain into his playroom, which makes him perfect for being a Bio-exorcist.

    His powers can disadvantage him

    Ironically, his power brings him his doom since what he says happens in the most literal way. Likewise, when he said, “I’m flat broke” and turned into a disk which then shattered on the ground. He also once broke 4th wall by saying, “This literal translation stuff slays me” and he smashed my large print of that exact phrase.

    This power of his could be used against him if his enemies have him say something pernicious about himself. Some villains got him to say, “Falling apart at the seams” which made him scatter across the afterlife.

    Beetlejuice’s Weakness

    There indeed is something that makes even Beetlejuice panic and that’s a sandworm. The man who has numerous powers is scared of a sandworm, a large striped worm that feeds in the afterlife denizens.

    Beetlejuice would panic because of a sand worm
    Beetlejuice was only afraid of a sandworm that ate denizens

    Beetlejuice also cannot perform magic if he is headless, he overall becomes powerless if you succeed in making him a headless ghost.