Rumors of Anna McNulty Boyfriend: What’s Her Net Worth?

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    Anna McNulty, a “self-taught contortionist, and YouTuber”, as she calls herself, is known for her flexible body and great looks. Furthermore, she’s one of those young celebrities who love to keep things open for her fans. She often shares vlogs on her channel and entertains her followers with the happenings of her life.

    So, what are we exactly going to do in this article, you ask? Well, we will be summarizing her life here. In this article, we share exciting details about McNulty’s love life, net worth, early life, career, and more – don’t miss out!

    Finding A Boyfriend “Isn’t A Priority” Of Anna McNulty’s

    It is shocking to see someone as gorgeous as Anna to still be single, right? Well, yes, but if she doesn’t want to date anyone at the moment then we don’t have a say.

    That’s right, the young social media diva isn’t into dating at present. She loves her own company and doesn’t even want to look for a partner. In one of her videos, she said,

    “I’m still single. Honestly, I’m not really looking for a boyfriend at the moment.. finding a boyfriend is definitely not a priority of mine.”

    She Is Also Not Planning On Marrying Anytime Soon

    If she isn’t motivated to find herself a boyfriend then it is pretty obvious that she doesn’t have any plans to marry. To state a fact, she still is very young to be tying the knot. Moreover, the online star plans to achieve a lot more before she decides to settle down with her husband.

    Anna McNulty Net Worth: Is She A Millionaire?

    Indeed, the young personality is a millionaire. At present, she stands with a whopping net worth of $5 million. You’ll be surprised to know that she became a millionaire in a very short period of time. In fact, it’s only been a little less than a decade since she began her glamorous journey as a celebrity.

    Moreover, her hard work has paid her off recently, as she moved to her very own house in November 2023. Upon her subscribers’ request, she posted a video tour of the entire mansion on 5th November 2023. By the looks of it, the house looks worth no more than a million dollars. In addition to having a gorgeous interior, it overlooks the ocean; it is the highlight of her humble abode.

    What Is The YouTuber’s Age? Her Birthday, Parents, Sister & More

    Interestingly, Anna McNulty is Invalid or missing birthdate. years old as of 2024. While many of us assume she still might be a teen, she is, in fact, an adult already. She was born on 26th April 2002. Furthermore, she is a Canadian national, born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick.

    Social media personality, Anna McNulty is 20 years old
    Anna with her beloved parents; they’ve helped her grow into the person she is today

    Talking about her parents, her father likes to lay low. All over the Internet, he is known as Mr. McNulty, while his actual name is unknown. Nonetheless, we do know for a fact that he works as a government official. On the other hand, her mother, Charlene McNulty is a homemaker. Anna’s mother and father have been very supportive of her journey and she shares a special with both of them.

    On a similar note, she has an older sister, Grace McNulty. The duo often appear together on her YouTube videos and are close-knit. In the current day and age, her sibling is a university student back in Canada.

    She Says She’s Not Interested In College; Anna’s Education Details

    In 2019, she graduated high school. She attended a local school in the neighborhood of Sint John. Following her graduation, questions came up about her higher studies. McNulty’s fans began asking her what she’d do or what college she would attend now that she’s done with school. Addressing all the queries, she posted a video on her channel.

    And there, she said,

    “…for me, right now, it wouldn’t make much sense to go and take something in the university or college that am not really interested in when I’m already doing something that I absolutely love… I do not have any college plans at the moment.”

    Perhaps, in the far future, she might find something that she likes to study. But, for now, she’s enjoying her celebrity lifestyle and committing to YouTube to social media.

    When Did Anna McNulty Begin Her Fabulous Journey?

    Back in 2017, she began her YouTube channel. In the earlier days, Anna posted videos of her doing gymnastics and dancing, along with vlogs concerning her daily routine. Soon enough, her talent was recognized by millions and her channel took a massive hit.

    Anna McNulty began as a cheerleader at 10 years old
    McNulty as a young contortionist

    In the current day and age, she has over 7.8 million subscribers growing each day. Through her YouTube platform, McNulty entertains her fans by showcasing her flexibility and also posts workout challenges and fun Q&As.


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    Likewise, she is equally active and famous on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram. In the former, she has over 10 million followers, and in the latter, she has a 1.1 million fan following. From several of such social media platforms, she makes a huge chunk of fortune.

    In addition to everything, she also travels around and has gathered fans all over Canada and America.

    Where Does Anna Live At Present?

    Anna McNulty fans all over are often confused about her whereabouts. Most of you still think Anna lives with her parents in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. However, you’re all wrong.

    As we mentioned earlier, she recently moved to a new house in 2023. On her YouTube channel, she made her followers wait till the house tour to reveal her location. Well, upon viewing the entire video, we’ve come across the fact that she’s chosen Los Angeles, California as her home. In the years to come, the young contortionist will be vlogging her days in the Hollywood capital.

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