Rachel Dratch Never Chose To Get Married: But Has Been In Love

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    Rachel Dratch is an actress and comedian, popularly known for her NBC sketch comedy, Saturday Night Live where she portrayed various roles including, Debbie Downer. Being in the industry for more than 29 years, Dratch has cunningly been able to keep her personal life a secret.

    So, is Rachel Dratch married? Here, we will talk about the facts surrounding Dratch’s personal life following the life she’s living at present.

    Rachel Dratch Is Unmarried

    Actress Rachel has not even married once until the present. The 58-year-old has not decided to settle down and has been actively working in the television industry since 1994.

    The real reason that she has not married until today is not clear, but we can assume that she has not found any desirable person.

    Her Past Affair with Ex-Boyfriend John Wahl

    Although the actress has not married anyone, Rachel was once in a popular relationship with John Wahl in 2009.

    Actress Rachel Dratch was dating Joahn Wahl in 2009.
    Dratch with her then-partner, John Wahl. Source: Getty Images

    Wahl professionally is a food industry consultant who operates from California. Unlike Dratch, her foster partner was not a very famous personality and only came into the limelight after their relationship.

    How Did They Meet?

    Rachel and John met at a bar for the very first time in late 2009. Though the then-43-year-old actress had not expected the meeting to turn into a romantic relationship, they fell in love and started dating each other but kept their relationship private.

    Rachel and Wahl Have A Son Together

    After only dating for 6 months, the couple was surprised by Dratch’s pregnancy. Both the duo were ready to bear the child and start their little family.

    Rachel with her son Eli Benjamin
    Rachel has a son, Eli Benjamin Wahl with her ex-boyfriend, John Wahl. Source: Instagram

    On the 24th of August 2010, Rachel gave birth to her son, Eli Benjamin Wahl. Eli’s father, John who was then living in California for his work, moved to New York to live with his girlfriend and child. The love relationship between the actress and her partner was also only publicized after they gave birth to their child.

    They Have Broken Up And Co-parent Their Child

    After a few years of living as a family, the relationship between the duo started getting bitter. Eventually in an interview with The Cut in 2019, the actress confirmed that she has broken up with Wahl. Along with this, she also opened up that their relationship has not affected their son and they co-parent him.

    Rachel’s Life Completely Changed After Having A Son

    After separating from her ex-boyfriend, Rachel is living a lovely life with her son. In several interviews, the actress has opened up about how giving birth to a child changed her life for good.


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    Rachel got pregnant in her 40s with a very low chance of giving birth to a healthy child. Before giving birth to Eli, Dratch never thought that she could start a family and be a good mother. The self-doubt vanished as soon as she welcomed Benjamin. The actress added,

    Having a kid killed all that for me, in a good way for my emotional well-being

    Rachel Resides in New York with Her Son

    The Massachusetts-born artist is currently living in New York City with her son Eli and a lovely dog. Rachel’s Instagram account is full of pictures of her son and dogs together which showcases the fun-filled life they are living together.

    Dratch who is in her late 50s at the time, is actively working for her comedy skits and shows as well. She won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in A Play nomination for her Broadway debut in POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive.

    Is The Actress Dating Anyone At Present?

    No, Dratch is not in any romantic relationship as of 2024. She has been living a single life since her separation from her ex-partner Wahl.

    Dratch is single and does not have a boyfriend
    Comedian Rachel is single at present.

    Rachel is busy with her professional involvements as well as being a loving and caring mother to her son.