Never Try To Rob An Old Boxer

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    A 71-year-old British man, an Army boxer, Frank Corti fought a situation that easily proved that age is just a number. Well, to be precise, the man faced burglars who trespassed into his home and bravely fought all of them in self-defense, showcasing his boxing skills from the past.

    As per the reports, the intruder who was later identified as Gregory McCallum, attempted to break into Corti’s house, and the former featherweight boxer sprang into boxer mode. Not only did he defend Gregory who was armed with a knife, but he also used some of his powerful hooks that pretty much injured the intruder.

    Frank Corti, The Man Who Hit The Intruder

    The aftermath of the encounter left the would-be burglar battered and bruised, a visual testament to the effectiveness of Corti’s response. During McCalium’s subsequent court hearing, the judge handed down a 4.5-year prison sentence, stating that he got what he deserved.

    The Intruder Gregory McCalium Was Hit Hard On The Face

    In an interview following the incident, Corti opened up about the incident and casually provided all the details about how he fought the armed man. He stated,

    He took a slash at me. If I needed to, I would do it again. I had the advantage of having done some boxing training and retained the ability to punch.

    Corti’s quick and decisive actions have not only ensured his safety but have also sparked admiration, with some suggesting he could make an excellent choice for a bodyguard if he ever seeks new employment.