Who is Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Boyfriend? Her Marriage Plans and Relationships

July 10, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Ahsoka’s star, Natasha Liu Bordizzo has made her way to everyone’s heart thanks to her skill and looks. With this, there is a growing interest in the identity of Bordizzo’s boyfriend lately. Her fans are curious to know about her relationships and also about her marriage plans, if any.

    Since the actress has been quite private about most of the things in her life, people are now much more curious to know what she has been hiding in her love life.

    Key Takeaways

    • Natasha is living a single life as of 2023.
    • She has never publicly announced or accepted being in any kind of romantic relationship.
    • Bordizzo seems fond of keeping her life a secret.
    • Her fans loved the reel-life relationship she had with her The Society co-actor Alex MacNicoll.

    Who is Natasha Liu Bordizzo’s Boyfriend?

    At present, Natasha Bordizzo does not have a lover. Though she is one of those actors who keep their lives behind closed doors, we can assure you she is not hiding a secret boyfriend.

    Natasha Liu Bordizzo does not have any boyfriend at the time. No relationships
    Natasha is living a single life at present. Source: Instagram

    People have noticed Liu being secretive about most of the personal things about her life including details about her parents and siblings. The mixed-ethnic actress has been successful in keeping her personal life private and out of the outer world.

    Despite Natasha living a single life today, we are sure that she might have been in a relationship with at least a few guys in her life.

    Fans Ship Liu with Her Reel-life Boyfriend, Alex MacNicoll

    Although not having a romantic involvement with anyone in real life currently, the actress shares a really good bond with her on-screen boyfriend, Alex MacNicoll. They together have been featured in the Netflix Series, The Society. Natasha and Alex played the roles of Helena and Harry in the show respectively.

    The model who mostly does not share any pictures of intimate moments with anyone, once shared a picture of her and Alex. The Instagram post created a huge hype among her fans.

    But all the hype went to waste after it was revealed that MacNicoll and Liu are just close friends. They shared pictures with each other to promote their series.

    Bordizzo’s Past Affairs

    You all might have known how cunningly the actress has mastered the art of making her life full of mystery. Not only her current love life, but she also has not said anything about her previous relationships.

    The actress has never seemingly been captured with any person with whom she can be guessed to be in a relationship. If we look into the public records, Natasha has no list of ex-boyfriends or linked to any hookups.

    Does Bordizzo Have Any Marriage Plans?

    Sadly, no. Although the model is in her late 20s now, she has no plans to get married now or anytime soon. Natasha is neither engaged nor committed to anyone up to today.

    Bordizzo does not have any plans of marriage. She has no romantic partner.
    Liu is not marrying anytime soon. Source: Instagram

    Going by her nature of keeping things on the down low, it will be interesting to know if she ever speaks about her marriage plans. She seems busy focusing on her professional growth rather than her romantic ones.

    Liu today is living a well-known, single, and prosperous life. Hope we will get to know about her relationships in the coming time.