NASCAR Owner Gets Nailed For DUI At Atlanta Motor Speedway

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    Recently, NASCAR organized an event on the weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, where it invited both the sports enthusiast and the sponsors. Among many of the attendants, there was also the owner of one of the most prominent trucks in NASCAR’s Craftsman Truck Series Billy Ballew, and another similar owner Kyle Busch.

    Well, as Ballew drove back home, he was caught in a difficult situation where he was stopped by a cop. The difficulty began after he refused to have a breathalyzer test saying he was not intoxicated. However, he admitted the fact that he had had a mixed drink in her car.

    In the incident which occurred on the Atlanta Motor Speedway property and not on a public highway, Ballew further stated that he was not intoxicated at all despite having had a drink and could drive easily.

    Despite Ballew’s assertion that he was on racetrack property, Georgia State Law typically does not differentiate between locations when it comes to drinking and driving offenses. Therefore, regardless of the setting, legal consequences for such actions remain consistent, and the jesting suggestion of a “Drunk Driving Racetrack” is cautioned against under the prevailing legal standards.