Moises Arias Girlfriend, Dating History, Net Worth

December 3, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    It’s no secret that “Rico”, aka Moises Arias from Hannah Montana is all grown up today. The former child actor has moved quite far in his career. But what about his love life? Does Arias have a girlfriend? Besides, what does his dating history look like?

    In this article, we will be debunking the secrets of Moises’s super private dating life. Furthermore, we will also sneak a peek into his net worth at present.

    Does Moises Arias Have A Girlfriend At Present?

    Unfortunately, he does not have a girlfriend. The artist is too busy to commit to a partner at the moment. And he, thus, lives a single life.

    Then again, because of his secretive nature, it is hard to dig deeper into his dating life. The star might be meeting new people, even going out on casual dates. However, as his fans, we aren’t able to gather much information on the topic.

    Maybe, in the days to come, as Moises commits to someone, we will be able to know something. But, until then, we have to hold our peace and let him live his life however he pleases.

    All About Arias’s Dating History & Rumored Relationship

    As mentioned already, The Kings of Summer actor has always kept his personal affairs to himself. He hardly has ever talked about a romantic partner during interviews or flaunted them online. This, in turn, has compelled his fans to play the guessing game that involves his love life.

    Moreover, although there are a few sources that claim he’s been in committed relationships, some still are skeptical. In other words, his dating history, as a whole, is one huge mystery.

    Nevertheless, that ends today. Go on reading further to know the details of his previous linkups.

    His Long-Term Affair With Cassidy Sawchuck

    Back in 2011, Moises was believed to have been in a fully committed relationship. As a matter of fact, he and his then-girlfriend, Cassidy Sawchuck even shared pictures of each other online. Everything seemed to be going great until that unfortunate day they broke up.

    Moises Arias with his ex-girlfriend from 2011, Cassidy Sawchuck
    Arias and Sawchuck cozy in one of the old pictures they posted online in 2011

    Sadly, to this very day, it is unknown when and why he and Cassidy called it quits. In the pictures they used to post, the couple was presumed to be the end game. But, life had other plans for them.

    So far, Sawchuck has been living a quiet life. She also has a private account on Instagram. So, as sad as it is, we are unable to present you with any more information on her.

    Did The Hannah Montana Actor Date Will Smith’s Daughter?

    We do not think Willow Smith ever dated Moises Arias. Contrary to this, we believe that the two personalities have always been very close friends. Besides that, they did not have any sort of a romantic relationship, ever.

    Back in 2014, the rumors of their “controversial” relationship broke out. Apparently, Arias posted a picture of the two of them lying on the bed with his shirt off. He immediately deleted the post as people began criticizing him; she was only 13, while he was 20 years old in the photo. However, this did not stop his fans from speculating about an affair between the two.

    Moises Arias's rumored relationship with Willow Smith
    His photo with Smith that he posted back in 2014 – this raised a lot of controversial comments

    Neither of the two parties spoke on the allegations. Nevertheless, Jada Pinkett Smith‘s response to her daughter’s alleged relationship with Moises canceled them out. While talking on an episode of Red Table Talk, she said,

    “The boy (Moises Arias) basically lived with us. He and Mateo (his brother) are like her (Willow’s) brothers and they were always in this house with their shirts off.”

    She also further added that there was “no sexual intonation” in the picture that Moises posted.

    Additionally, it is also to be noted that he and Jaden Smith are best buds. As per US Weekley, the two boys have been like family to each other since the very beginning.

    Rumors Of Him Dating Kylie Jenner

    Subsequently, people also thought he was with model, Kylie Jenner. In 2014, pictures of them hanging out together surfaced on the Internet. As a result, people speculated that the two of them might be dating as well. But, truth be told, they never were. Perhaps, Arias was working with Jenner and helping her with the photoshoots back in the day.

    How Much Is The Actor/Photographer’s Net Worth In 2023?

    In 2024, Moises has a net worth of $2 million. The 30-year-old has been in the entertainment business, one way or the other, since 2005. And, although he’s currently put a pause on his acting career, he still has an esteemed photography career to back him up.

    Rico from Hannah Montana, Moises Arias is a millionaire at present
    Actor/photographer working for his musician brother, Teo Arias

    According to the sources, the actor from The Wall of Mexico has a yearly salary of $150,000 i.e., an income of $12,000 per month. On top of this, he’s the proud owner of two lavish properties – one in New York and the other in Texas. That’s not all, he is also best known for traveling around in branded SUVs.