Miyako Shorter: Everything About Late Musician Wayne Shorter’s Daughter

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    Miyako Shorter is the daughter of the late American jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter from his first wife Teruko Nakagami. Her father is a Grammy-winning jazz music composer famous for his work with the American trumpeter Miles Davis. Wayne first rose to fame in the late 1950s as the member and primer composer for Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers.

    Further, Miyako is equally recognized as the stepdaughter of Billy Dee Williams who is best known for his character Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars franchise. Despite belonging to such a high-profile family, Shorter likes to keep a low profile. But, as she possesses the identity of a celebrity child, millions of people out there are curious to know about her personal and professional life.

    Thus, today we are here to explore the inside life of Miyako including her age, career, marital status, net worth, and many more.

    Miyako Shorter Age And Birthday 

    Miyako Shorter was born to her parents Wayne Shorter and Teruko Nakagami in 1962 in the United States of America. She celebrates her birthday on August 14 every year. Back on August 14, 2013, when she wished her step-brother Corey a happy birthday on Facebook, her brother commented back,

    Hey Thanks Miyako!! Same to you sister!! 😎

    In August 2024, she turned 61 years of age.

    Nationality & Ethnicity

    Now, talking about her nationality, she is an American citizen by birth. Further, she is of mixed ethnic background as her mother Teruko is Japanese i.e. Asian and her dad is of black race.

    Miyako Was Two When Her Parents Separated; Her Early Life

    As mentioned, Miyako spent her first two years alongside her parents. After that, her mom and dad separated finalizing their divorce after two years in 1966. So, as a minor child, she must have been raised by her mother Teruko.

    In the year 1972, when her mom got married to Star Wars actor Billy Dee Williams, she went on to live with her step-father since she was just 10 at the time.

    Miyako’s Father Was An Accomplished Musician

    As a Jazz saxophonist and composer, Miayko’s father Wayne has accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

    He started his musical career in 1958 and was in a struggle phase when he tied the knot with Miyako’s mom Teruko in 1961. A year later, Miyako was born and with the arrival of his first-ever child, Wayne was completely enthralled. As a result, he even created a song Infant Eyes and Miyako dedicated to his daughter Miyako Shorter.

    Miyako's Father Wayne Shorter
    Miyako’s Father Wayne Shorter

    Beginning in 1958, Wayne worked as a musician for more than six decades in the music industry and has achieved a lot. He has been honored with Grammy awards 12 times, a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Polar Music Prize, Kennedy Centre Honors Awards, and others. Further, Shorter’s late dad also was a receiver of an Honorary Doctorate of Music from the Berklee College of Music.

    Such a great American artist died on March 2, 2023, at the age of 89 in Los Angeles, California, the United States.

    How Many Siblings Does Miyako Shorter Have?

    From her mom’s marriage with her stepfather Billy Dee Williams, Miyako has a half-sister named Hanako Williams. Her sister Hanako is currently 50 years old and is married to her husband Liam Toohey. She is a mother of two.

    Miyako's Siblings Corey And Hanako
    Miyako’s Siblings Corey And Hanako

    Likewise, she has a sister Mariana Shorter from her father’s marriage with his third wife Carolina Dos Santos. Further, from her dad’s second marriage, she had a half-sibling Iska Shorter who died of a grand mal seizure at the age of 14.

    In addition, Miyako is a step-sister of her brother Corey Dee Williams, 62. Corey is her step-father Billy’s son with his first wife Audrey Sellers.

    What Does Miyako Do? Is She A Musician Like Her Father?

    Since Wayne Shorter’s daughter prefers life away from the glam world, concrete details about her career haven’t been revealed in the media. As per some sources, Miyako is a Pianist, singer, and songwriter by profession.

    On the other hand, as said earlier, her dad was a famous musician. He has been the musician of several albums Night Dreamer, The All Seeing Eye, Adam’s Apple, Schizophrenia, High Life, and many more.

    Relationship Status: Is Miyako Shorter Married?

    61 year old, Miyako has had an incredible private life and she has never talked about her love life. So far, she has not talked about her love life and relationship.

    However, as she is in her 60s, there’s a probability that she could be married to her husband at present. Having said that, we cannot make any assumptions until she comes forward to talk about her love life and relationships.

    Where Is Miyako Today?

    Since she doesn’t much show up in front of the camera, her current whereabouts are hard to discover. The last time she got captured in the media was in 2018 when she accompanied her famous father Wayne during the event, probably at the premiere of Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity Documentary.

    What Is Miyako Shorter’s Net Worth?

    Miyako’s net worth is estimated at around $300k. On the other hand, her late father Wayne Shorter was reported to have an estimated fortune of $17 million at the time of his death. Likewise, her step-father Billy Dee Williams is also a millionaire with a net amount of $9 million as of 2024.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Miyako Shorter
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday August 14, 1962
    Age 61 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Wayne Shorter
    Mother Teruko Nakagami
    Net Worth $300k