Milo Thomas Scott, Bio Of Dougray Scott’s Adopted Son

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    Milo Thomas Scott is the adopted son of Scottish actor Dougray Scott with his second wife Claire Claire Forlani. Since his adoption, Milo has gained decent fame because of his adoptive mom and dad’s fame.

    Scott was adopted by his mom and dad in 2015. Here in this article, we will explore the inside life of Milo.

    Milo Thomas Scott Was Adopted When He Was Nine Months Old

    Milo was nine months old when his famous parents Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani adopted him in early 2015. After his adoption, his adoptive mom Claire experienced motherhood for the first time, it was the third child for his dad Dougray.

    After becoming a daddy to a toddler, the Mission Impossible 2 actors said,

     “It’s fantastic. I wondered what the f*** I was doing and I was thinking, I love being a dad.”

    He further added,

    It’s a different experience. “I’m not freaked out by stuff — I just get it.”

    Since then, Milo has been growing up under the care of his adoptive parents. He has a luxurious lifestyle, thanks to his mom and dad’s successful showbiz career.

    When Was Milo Born? His Siblings 

    He was born on 27 December 2014. He is a brother to his half-twins, Gabriel Travis Scott and Eden Travis Scott. They were born on January 23, 1998, which makes them 9 years old in 2024.

    Milo is now 8 years old
    Baby Milo with his mom. Source: Instagram

    Further, Gabriel is Milo’s older brother who has already pursued his career in movies. He is an actor best known for Crime, House of the Dragon, and His Dark Materials. Likewise, his sister Eden is also in the entertainment sector serving a position of production assistant.

    Dougray Said He Doesn’t Consider Milo Less Than His Biological Children

    The fact that Milo is his adopted child makes no difference to the Hitman star. As much as the actor loves his biological children, Gabriel and Eden, that is the same for his adopted child Milo as well. Talking to the Guardian, Scott stated,

    That one of my children is adopted makes no difference to the love I feel for them.

    Senior Scott also stated that when he first time saw Milo, the first thought that came across his mind was “that is my son .” He felt an instant connection with the then nine-month-old baby. As per him, Milo also changed his perception towards adoption. He further added,

     I love him just as much as I do my biological children. There is no difference whatsoever. I would put my life on the line for him, as I would for the twins. He is part of me, 100%.

    Milo Thomas Scott’s Parents Are Married for More Than One And Half Decades Now

    His parents Dougray and Claire tied the knot on June 8, 2007, in a private civil ceremony held in Italy. They have been each other’s great supporters ever since they walked down the aisle.

    Milo's parents are actors
    Milo’s adoptive parents are in the frame. Source: Instagram

    The couple first came across each other through a mutual friend around 2005 and sometime later, they started a romantic relationship that eventually resulted in marriage.

    Before Claire, Dougray was married to his first wife Sarah Trevis.

    Like His Dad, Milo’s Mom Is Also An Accomplished Actor

    Milo’s mom and dad are successful actors. His dad Dougray, who started his showbiz career in national theatre and puppet shows in Scotland, is now an internationally acclaimed actor following his appearance in hit Hollywood movies like Mission Impossible 2 (2000), Hitman (2007), Death Race 3 (2013), and others.

    In a similar manner, his mother Claire is also a renowned English actress widely recognized for her role in the fantasy romance film Meet Joe Black alongside Bradd Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, and others. Her other hit projects include Mystery Men (1999), In the Name of the King (2007), and Mallrats (1995).

    Milo Thomas Scott Is Now a Student 

    The star kid currently is a student. Based on his age, he might be studying in grade 2 at present. Aside from his studies, he is also involved in Soccer games and sometimes plays guitar.

    Scott Has A Private Lifestyle Yet Occasionally Featured On His Mom’s Instagram

    Despite being a star kid, Milo has a private lifestyle. On one side, he has hardly been captured by the paparazzi, and on the other, his mom and dad also gushed very little about him in the public domain. However, audiences have access to see Milo, thanks to his mom’s Instagram.

    The last time Milo appeared on his mother’s social was on Mother’s Day when his mom posted his childhood pictures and wrote,

    Happy Mothers Day The Kid makes everyday a good day even though everyday is mothers day, let’s face it!

    Looking at his pictures, it seems like Milo is a very cheerful kid.

    His Mom and Dad Are Multi-Millionaire

    His parents have earned a considerable amount of net worth. While his mom Claire has an estimated wealth of $7 million, his dad’s worth is $5 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Milo Thomas Scott
    Popular Name Milo
    Birth Place Probably United Kingdom
    Birthday December 27, 2014
    Age 9 years
    Zodiac Capricorn
    Nationality British
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Dougray Scott
    Mother Claire Forlani
    Siblings Gabriel and Eden
    Profession Student
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single