Milly Alcock’s Boyfriend & Dating History: Her Wedding Plans & Husband

August 30, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Milly Alcock, the extraordinary actress from the prequel of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, has gotten a lot of love from her fans lately. But, what about the love in her personal life? Does Alcock have a boyfriend in 2023?

    Over and above this, what do we know about her dating history and her wedding plans? Well, read the full article below to find all the answers you’ve been looking for!

    Key Takeaways

    • Milly Alcock is believed to not have a boyfriend in 2024.
    • Her relationship with her co-star, Fabien Frankel gained a lot of attention.
    • In late 2019, Alcock was rumored to be dating Ari Kwasner-Catsi and Luca Ward.
    • So far, Milly has no plans regarding her wedding and is focused on her career as an actress.

    Milly Alcock’s Boyfriend In 2023; Is She Single Or Taken?

    As of 2024, Alcock doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. She has not openly talked about her love life lately. So, to be on the safer side, we believe that the actress is single.

    Having said that, it is not necessary that Alock’s been single her whole life. She must have had her fair share of boyfriends in the past. Take a look at her past affairs.

    Alcock And Her Co-star Fabien Franke’s Rumored Relationship

    Milly and Fabien Frankel are co-stars on the HBO show, House of the Dragon. Alcock, who plays the role of young Princess Rhaenyra and Frankel, Ser Criston Cole, seem to have gotten cozier while shooting the drama series. So, did they, in fact, date each other?

    Well, the answer is still not certain. Going through her Instagram feed, we find numerous posts dedicated to her close friends. Now, in one of such posts, we do find Fabien taking a nap on set, however, this does not prove anything. Mostly because the post includes other pictures of her colleagues as well.

    Milly and Fabien, rumored to be dating
    The co-stars from “House of the Dragon” Milly and Fabien looking happy together

    On the other hand, her co-star Fabien’s Instagram has a lot to add to the rumors of them dating each other. Posts on his feed guarantee us that the stars hang out with each other outside of the set as well.

    Sadly, neither of the two has confirmed the rumors yet. Although they do seem to share a great chemistry, it is uncertain, whether or not they are dating in real life.

    The Alleged Couple Have Seen Together At Multiple Events

    Keeping our assumptions aside, the colleagues have attended several events together. In March 2023, Alcock and her alleged boyfriend Frankel attended a house party, along with several others of their co-stars.

    They were also seen together in Paris for the premiere of their show in August. By the looks of it, Milly and Fabien spent a great deal of time in each other’s presence there as well. Along with sharing pictures from their sight-seeing, Frankel posted a goofy picture of Milly Alcock lying in her hotel bathtub, fully clothed on his story.

    Besides this, the co-stars also were at the same Halloween party last year i.e., October 2022, as well. Despite all that, neither Milly nor her rumored beau Fabien has ever come forward to confirm the speculations.

    List of Milly Alcock’s Ex-Boyfriends

    Two men come into the picture while we think about Alcock’s dating history – Ari Kwasner-Catsi and Luca Ward. As a matter of fact, it’s Milly’s Instagram that has led us to assume that the actress had something going on with the two guys around 2019.

    Keeping your curiosity in mind, we briefly explain her relationship with Ari and Luca below.

    Ari Kwasner-Catsi

    In December 2019, Milly and Ari were rumored to be dating each other. The allegations spread when Alcock posted a picture with him on her Instagram, tagging his main account. Following this, sources reported the post by assuming that they had “a special relationship”.

    Ari, Milly's alleged ex-boyfriend, is a director
    The picture Alcock posted on her Instagram with Ari, her dear friend

    However, nothing in the post hints at them dating each other, except for the fact that it was their first picture together that Alcock posted publically. Nevertheless, they did look close in the picture, but that could just be an indication of a good friendship.

    Luca Ward

    Right before her picture with Ari, Alcock posted a picture of Luca Ward. Going through his feed, it’s clear that Ward’s not an actor, but a photographer who loves taking pictures of his friends – one of his muses being Milly.

    Milly Alcock's rumored boyfriend from 2019, Luca Ward
    A picture of Luca on his actress friend’s Insta-feed

    Despite sharing each other’s pictures on their socials, Milly Alcock and Luca never addressed the rumors.

    Does Milly Alcock Plan To Marry Soon? Her Wedding Plans

    As of today, Alcock is just 23 years old and trying her very best to get to the top of her game. Hence, it is likely that Alcock has not thought about marriage or having a husband just yet.

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