Melanie Martinez’s Boyfriend 2023: Her Future Husband & Marriage Plan

July 19, 2023   | July 25, 2023  | 

    Though Melanie Martinez’s socials don’t give any clue regarding her love life, many online portals have claimed that the singer-songwriter is currently dating her boyfriend Justin Greenwood ‘Verde’. So, are Melanie and Verde actually dating each other? Is Verde also her possible future husband?

    To know everything about their love story from their first meeting to their future plans, keep reading the following article.

    Who Is Melanie Martinez’s Boyfriend In 2023? 

    As far as the media is informed, Melanie is currently in a relationship with her childhood friend Justin Greenwood, popular by the name Verde. Talking about her boyfriend, Justin is a Long Island native who is an artist manager and the founder of Green Island LLC.

    Further, Verde is also a music producer, singer, graphic designer, photographer, and creative director. He has done various photoshoots with his girlfriend Martinez and also has worked with several luxurious brands like Adidas, Mel Hines, and Blase Lux.

    Melanie Martinez And Her Current Bf Verde’s Relationship Detail

    From the early 2020s, Melanie and Justin were seen spending much time together due to which speculations have been made if the two are dating each other. And the assumptions were finally addressed back on March 29, 2022, when Melanie posted an IG story of them kissing each other.

    About four months later, on the occasion of Verde’s birthday, the Dollhouse singer uploaded a video clip of her and Verde’s beautiful moment on her Instagram story and wrote,

    Happy birthday to the most beautiful human i have had the biggest crush since we were 11 years old. My first kiss and my last. I love you so much

    In the video, the two appeared kissing each other multiple times which further solidified that Melanie and Verde are indeed a couple.

    Melanie with her boyfriend Justin
    Melanie and Justin are officially dating since 2022. Source: Instagram

    In a similar manner, Justin also praises his girlfriend through his Instagram. He wrote,

    in like ‘07 or ‘08 i met this girl who loved to draw and write songs on her guitar. its so crazy to remember watching you play your songs for me and our friends, to now watching you perform for 80k people🥹💚

    Verde ended his caption with,

    congratulations to the most talented, loving, inspiring & patient human i’ve ever met 💚💚😘. @littlebodybigheart

    Looking at all this, it seems like the two are not only in love with each other but really admired each other too.

    Is Justin Greenwood, Melanie Martinez’s Future Husband?

    Well, Melanie hasn’t openly talked about her possible marriage in the media. At present, the artist seems to be fully occupied with her flourishing career. So, nothing can be said about their marriage plans at present.

    But since Melanie shares a special bonding with Greenwood, there’s a possibility that they might be husband and wife in the future.

    Martinez Dated Rock Singer Oliver Tree In The Past

    Before her current bf Verde, Melanie was in a relationship with Oliver. They first appeared together in an interview with Alternative Press Magazine and in the interview session, when Melanie asked Oliver about his celebrity crush, the Alien Boy singer answered,

    I didn’t want to say this, but she’s literally the most beautiful woman in the world, and she goes by the name Melanie Martinez. Please marry me one day and have my children!

    As per the content published in the magazine, Oliver had said that he would only give an interview if the interviewee would be Martinez. His wish was fulfilled. The two had a great conversation and shortly after, they confirmed their relationship.

    Melanie and her ex-bae Oliver
    Melanie and her ex-bf Oliver

    But sadly, after dating each other for a while, the pair announced their separation in 2021. After their separation, Oliver also released an album ‘Cowboys Tears’, full of break-up songs and said,

    Everything I write is pure fact, “When I play these songs, it’s essential that they are true stories.”

    Many references that the songs are greatly inspired by his relationship with his ex-partner Melanie.

    Her Other Relationships

    Melanie who has her family roots in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic also dated her music producer Michael Keenan back in 2016. The two have worked together on her 2015 debut album “Cry Baby”. Around those time, while having an exclusive talk with Noisey, she praises a lot about her then-boyfriend and told,

     It’s so nice having someone that is not only your best friend but is a music partner—he’s producing my next album. Writing with him is my favorite thing in the world. It’s just really easy

    But later the two separated without stating any reason.

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    Melanie’s Female Encounter With Her BFF Timothy Heller Crushed Her Public Image

    In December 2017, her female friend Timothy Heller accused her of sexual assault via Twitter. She made an allegation that Melanie forced her to have sex. Timothy accused Martinez of performing oral sex and using of sex toy on her. In this regard, Timothy wrote,

    “I never said yes. I said no, repeatedly,” But she used her power over me, and broke me down. Just so there is no confusion, I was molested by my best friend.”

    She added,

    “Girls can rape girls,“Best friends can rape best friends.”

    Heller further said that she tried to accept it considering it as normal and hide it for several years but couldn’t deal with the pain. On the other hand, Melanie refused all allegations made against her and stated,

    “She never said no to what we chose to do together, “And although we parted ways, I am sending her love and light always.”

    Whatever happens in the past, it seems like both friends have moved on with the dark experience they have had.