Meet Zach Bryan’s Ex-Wife Rose Madden – Did He Cheat on His Wife?

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    Rose Madden aka Elizabeth Rose Madden is a United States Navy who has held several positions during her military tenure. But, on top of that, Madden is more popular as the wife of Zach Bryan, a U.S. Navy veteran and singer/songwriter. Bryan rose to fame after his debut album American Heartbreak was released in 2022. It also debuted on No. five at the U.S. Billboard 200.

    However, the former partners are now divorced. Sources say they went through a messy divorce at the end. So, what happened to Rose and her ex-husband Zach?

    What does Zach’s ex-spouse Rose do at present? Here is everything you need to know about Madden from her separation from Zach to her current whereabouts.

    Key Takeaways

    • Rose Madden and Zach Bryan were married for a year.
    • Madden now lives in Oak Harbor.
    • After her divorce, Madden isn’t dating anyone publically.
    • She met her then-husband Bryan while still in the U.S. Navy.

    Zach Bryan’s Ex-Wife Rose Madden Is A U.S. Navy Veteran

    As said above, Bryan’s ex-wife Rose is a United States Navy veteran with years of association with the Washington-based Military base. Like her, her former husband Bryan was also in the military force before shifting his career to the music world.

    Madden first held the position of a Naval Aviator of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, the air station in Island County, Washington in August 2017. She has been an NA ever since and so far, the military girl has performed several major tasks including sensor preflight, inflight operational checks, and operates composite inflight detection and tracking systems.

    Rose Madden Is A U.S. Navy Veteran
    Madden, the wife of Zach Bryan.

    As a Naval Aviator of the air station, Rose also “Analyzes, classifies and exploits targets of interest using airborne sensors in conjunction with multi-source intelligence data,” according to her LinkedIn bio.

    Further, Rose has mentioned her skills in her profile which include “Military Operations · High Stress Environment · Technical Analysis · Collaborative Problem Solving.”

    What is Elizabeth Rose Doing Now?

    Elizabeth who is a full-time US Navy since the mid of 2017 is now a ground safety petty officer. She has been working in that position for Patrol Squadron 46 (aka Grey Knights), a maritime patrol squadron since 2021.

    Madden there “Writes, coordinates, and presents monthly mass educational briefings focused on occupational accident trends and mishap prevention training.”

    Furthermore, the former celebrity spouse is a direct supervisor for seven safety programs to include Hearing, Motorcycle Safety, Conservation Program, Fall Prevention, and more.

    Rose Madden Now Studies Anthropology at Arizona State University

    Yes, Madden, who is now in her mid-20s is a student at Arizona State University. She there studies Anthropology and will graduate with a minor in Biological Sciences in 2025.

    Prior to Arizona, Zach Bryan’s first wife Rose went to Ohio University in 2015 and graduated from college in 2017 with a degree in general studies.


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    As for her school, Elizabeth Rose attended Lancaster High School from 2013-17.

    Madden Was Into Several Things At School

    While at Lancaster High School, Madden was active in several sports activities. She used to play hockey and basketball. Further, the Navy Veteran also ran indoor/outdoor track and field.

    Rose's parents and other family members.
    Madden’s family members including her parents and siblings

    Meanwhile, Madden was also equally active in several social organizations like Varsity L Club, Latin Club, Student Government, and Marketing and Business Education Program.

    Rose Madden And Zach Bryan’s Wedding

    Rose and Zach’s wedding was a little dramatic as the duo had to cancel their nuptial a couple of times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The former husband and wife first planned to exchange their vows at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

    Rose and her then-hubby Bryan on their wedding day.
    Rose and Zach’s mountaintop wedding. 

    At the time, COVID was just spreading out all over the world so there was no permission to cross the Canadian border. It was how their first wedding plan got revoked.

    For the second time, Rose and Zach made a plan to marry at Glacier National Park in Montana. Sadly, they had to forcefully cancel the plan again due to the then-ongoing coronavirus.

    To be out of all the unusual circumstances, Madden and her husband Bryan eventually searched for another place to walk down the aisle. And it was the Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington.

    They eventually walked down the aisle in their mountaintop wedding surrounded by a mesmerizing view of Colchuck Lake in 2020. While Rose wore a white gown for her big day, her husband Zach looked dashing in his suit.

    Their wedding was attended by their limited family and friends. After their mountaintop elopement, they had their reception on their 5-acre homestead in rural island Country.

    Are Rose Madden and Zach Still Married?

    No, they aren’t. Although they looked quite committed to each other initially, their relationship didn’t hold the same pace shortly after their marriage. And the two divorced a year after their nuptials.

    As of now, Bryan is dating his new partner while Rose has kept herself out of the media radar.

    Did Zach Bryan Cheat on On His Ex-Wife Rose?

    Some online tabloids claim that the reason behind their short-lived marriage is Bryan’s cheating behaviors. Since the two divorced, the singer/songwriter is rumored to be cheating on his ex-wife Rose with another woman.

    Although neither Zach nor his first spouse Rose has said anything about the cheating hearsay, a source close to Rose said,

    “I knew both Zach and Rose personally… I know that I have no credibility being a random account on the internet, and I’m sure not many will believe me, but I had spoken with Rose and apparently Zach cheated on her while she was on deployment in Italy. And then continued to forcibly divorce her while she was in the middle of her deployment.”

    As of now, both the former husband and wife have also deleted each other’s photos from their social media handles.

    How Did Zach Bryan Meet Rose Meet?

    Rose and her ex-husband Zach are U.S. Navy. While in the force, they also met each other and started dating. However, there is no further information about their initial love life.

    The duo got engaged four months before their wedding.

    Madden’s Ex-Husband Bryan Then Dated a New Woman

    After their divorce, Elisabeth’s former spouse Zach has moved on with a new partner. He was in a relationship with Deb Peifer. The two began dating in early 2022 and broke up in May 2023.

    At present, Bryan is dating his new girlfriend Brianna Chickenfry, a TikTok and social media star.

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    Rose Madden is From Lancaster, Ohio

    Rose Bryan was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. She is the daughter of Michelle Madden. Her mother is an Operations Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co. She is a former A/P Specialist II at Zulily.

    Madden with her brother.
    Rose Bryan with her brother. 

    Besides, Madden has a brother named Michael IcanDothat Stene (McStene), a system controls specialist at SCS Controls.

    Where is Rose Madden Now?

    Elizabeth Rose currently resides in Oak Harbor, Washington with her family as per her LinkedIn profile. She is single now. She is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Elisabeth Rose Madden
    Popular Name Rose Madden
    Birth Place Lancaster, Ohio
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Mother Michelle Madden
    Profession U.S. Navy
    Marital Status Divorced
    Relationship Status Single
    Spouse Zach Bryan