Meet Mildred Patricia Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress

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    Mildred Patricia Baena was a former housekeeper of Austrian and American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. While still working as a housekeeper, Baena got involved in an extra-marital affair with Arnold, resulting in becoming a mother of a son Joseph with him. 

    Ever since her relationship with the legendary actor Schwarzenegger became the talk of the town, people are eager to know if the two are still in a relationship. Besides, Mildred had been married twice. So, who are her husbands? 

    Here is everything you need to know about her love life in detail and her house which Mildred bought in 2011.

    Key Takeaways

    • Mildred Patricia Baena was born and raised in Guatemala.
    • She was married twice and had an extra affair with the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • Her affair with Arnold came out in 2011.
    • Mildred has two children Joseph Baena and Jackie Rozo.
    • She currently resides in her house located in Bakersfield, California, and pursuing her career in culinary.
    • She has a net worth of $500k.

    Who is Mildred Patricia Baena?

    Mildred is a former housekeeper who used to work at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood mansion. She started working there in the early 1990s and retired in 2011, after about 20 years of commitment.

    After that, Baena is said to be involved in culinary works. She reportedly graduated from culinary school in 2017.

    Did Mildred Patricia Baena Date Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

    Mildred was in an extra-marital affair with one of the most renowned Hollywood actors Arnold. The ex-couple got involved in a romantic relationship while Mildred was working as a maid in his mansion.  

    While much of their extra-marital affair is out of the media, they reportedly grew close to each other when Arnold’s family was out on a vacation. They secretly began dating in 1996.   

    Mildred and Arnold
    Collage picture of Mildred and Arnold.

    At the time when they got involved in a romantic affair, Mildred was still married to her second husband Rogelio de Jesus Baena while her partner Arnold was married to Maria Shriver.  

    Mildred and Arnold Shared a Son Joseph Together

    From their secret relationship, Arnold and Mildred welcomed their son Joseph on October 2, 1997. In the birth certificate of their son, Mildred listed his mother Baena’s second husband Rogelio as his legal father.

    Everyone thought Joseph was the son of Mildred from her second marriage, but the truth came out in 2011 when Arnold revealed the actor had a son from his extra affair with his housekeeper.

    Secret DNA Test Of Mildred’s Son

    In 2011, Mildred set up a secret DNA test to show that her boss was the biological father of her son. Before the DNA test, the former flames were fully aware of their only child Joseph. Even, Schwarzenegger had made several secret paternity payments to his partner for the sake of their son.

    Did Arnold Financially Support His Love Child Joseph?

    Yes, after knowing Joseph is his son, Arnold supported him financially. He helped Joseph through his college and told him that once he graduated from college he will not support him financially.

    Joseph with his dad.
    Joseph and his biological father Arnold enjoying their drinks.

    Joseph also appreciates his dad for helping him throughout his college. He once said,

    I’m grateful that my dad helped me get through college

    Mildred Patricia Baena Was Married Twice

    In addition to her highly-publicized relationship with Arnold, Baena had also been married twice. However, both of her marriages are dissolved now. 

    Baena’s First Husband Humberto Rozo 

    She was first married to a guy named Humberto Rozo. The two tied the knot in the year 1980. A year after their nuptial in Feb, they became parents for the first time when they welcomed their oldest son Jerry Rozo. Their second daughter Jackie Rozo was born in October 1983. 

    However, after five years of marriage, the marital relationship between Mildred and her first hubby began going downhill. On October 31, 1985, Mildred filed a divorce from her partner in L.A. Superior Court.  

    Second Husband Rogelio de Jesus Baena

    After her divorce from her first husband, Baena went on to marry Rogelio de Jesus Baena, an immigrant from Colombia on November 14, 1987, in a beautiful wedding venue. At the time when they got hitched, Baena already became a mother of three children including two from her first spouse.

    Four years after their marriage, Mildred took a housekeeper job at Schwarzenegger’s home which led them to be involved in an extra-marital affair.  

    Baena and Rogelio Divorced in 2008

    Mildred filed for divorce from her second spouse Rogelio on February 13, 2008, citing irreconcilable differences. At the time, Baena was still working at Arnold’s home and as his assistant. 

    Reports say, the two already separated in October 1997 and only filed for divorce in 2008.

    Is Baena Now In Any Relationship?

    Yes, Baena is in a relationship with a guy named Alex Aguiar. spotted the pair in Bakersfield, California in 2018 where Alexis was seen carrying a ticket in his hand. 

    Also, it is reported that her son Joseph has mostly lived with Alex.

    She Is a Mother Of Three Children

    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress Mildred is the proud mother of three kids. She has two kids from her first husband. Her oldest child Jerry now resides in California.

    She also has a son Josep out of wedlock with Arnold. Further, there are some reports that Baena had a daughter with her second husband Rogelio.

    Joseph with her sister and mother.
    Jospeh’s childhood picture.

    Baena’s Early Life

    Mildred was born on March 1, 1961, in Guatemala to her mother Evelyn Pena. As of 2023, she is 62 years old. She holds Guatemalan nationality.

    She spent her childhood with her sister Miriam Pena. Her nickname is ‘Patty’.

    What is Mildred Patricia Baena’s Net Worth?

    Mildred has an estimated net worth of $500k. During child support, Arnold paid $10,000 to Mildred and earned $1,000 weekly working as a housekeeper.

    Baena’s House

    She currently resides in a house located in Bakersfield. The house cost $268,000 and Arnold helped her with down payments totaling $65,000. Schwarzenegger made two down payments as a gift, first, he made $5000 in April 2010 and the next $60,000 was in May 2010.

    Mildred has a home in Bakersfield
    Mildred’s house in Bakersfield.

    Initially, to buy the house, she took out a $219,000 loan with a $49,000 down payment. The house is a 2,325-square-foot, tile-roofed residence that has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool, and a detached garage.


    Is Mildred Patricia Baena still in love with Arnold?

    Mildred and Arnold were in a relationship in the mid-1990s.

    Did Arnold know Joseph was his son?

    He started recognizing Joseph as his son as a toddler.

    Where Is Mildred Baena Today?

    She currently resides in her house located in Bakersfield, California.  

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mildred Patricia Baena
    Popular Name Patty
    Birth Place Guatemala
    Birthday March 1, 1961
    Age 63 years
    Zodiac Pisces
    Nationality Guatemalan
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Mother Evelyn Pena
    Siblings Miriam Pena
    Profession housekeeper
    Net Worth $500k
    Height 5feet 5inch
    Weight 65-70kg
    Eye Color Dark brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Divorced
    Relationship Status Dating
    Partner Ex- Humberto Rozo
    Partner Ex- Humberto Rozo
    Boyfriend Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Spouse Humberto Rozo and Rogelio de Jesus Baena