Meet Dougray Scott’s Son, Gabriel Trevis Scott: His Love Life

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    Gabriel Trevis Scott is the son of a famous Scottish actor Dougray Scott with his ex-wife Sarah Trevis. Since both his parents work in the movie industry, Gabriel also found it enticing as a child, as a result, he pursued his career in the acting business like his dad. So, what kind of movies and series he has been into so far?

    Here, in this article, we discuss the professional life of the star kid alongside his personal details. To know, stick with us till the end.

    Key Takeaways

    • Gabriel has appeared as an actor in House of the Dragon, Crime, and His Dark Materials.
    • He is mostly recognized as the son of famous Scottish actor Dougray Scott.
    • His mother Sarah Trevis is a freelance casting director.
    • Gabriel has a twin sister.
    • He currently resides in London, UK.

    Dougray Scott’s Son, Gabriel Trevis Scott Is An Emerging Actor 

    It’s been just two years since Gabriel started his acting career in the mainstream business. His acting debut came in 2021 after he landed the role of Ewan Daley in one episode of the TV series Doctors. He subsequently acted in the TV series Crime alongside his father Dougray.

    Gabriel with his dad
    Gabriel is in the series Crime alongside his dad. Source: Manchester Evening News

    A year later, he did a character Jerrel Bracken in the 2022 TV series House of the Dragon. After that, he appeared in one episode of the TV show His Dark Materials which starred other famous actors like Dafne Keen, Will Keen, Amir Wilson, and others. In a similar manner, he has been doing more projects lately. His upcoming series is Master of the Air in which he will be seen as Sgt. Don Garrison.

    Besides acting, Gabriel also has worked as a stuntman in the 2021 movie The Lady of Heaven. Further, the star kid has been the tutor of English and basic computers for children at a Refugee camp.

    Gabriel’s Father Is Proud Of Him With His Early Accomplishment As An Actor

    His father, Dougray who has experience sharing a big screen with him, has great things to say about him. After portraying the character of his son’s uncle in the second season of Crime, the senior Scott came to the realization of how talented his son actually is and complimented him saying,

    My son Gabriel- he was great. He won the role against a lot of people. He played my nephew and went through that whole process. He was terrific and brought a great sense of vulnerability to the character. He did a fantastic job.

    Recently, in one interview with CO.UK., when Dougray was asked if he is distressed with his son being called “nepo baby”, the Ever After actor unhesitatingly replied that he doesn’t care about all these factors. He strongly believes that his son is in the industry completely because of his talent. He also added,

    I don’t think anyone’s gonna get a job if they’re really not capable of doing the job … I think he won that role.”

    Gabriel Trevis Scott Birth Details; When Was He Born?

    Gabriel was born twin to his father Dougray and his mother Sarah Trevis on January 23, 1998, in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in Hammersmith, London. He and his twin sibling were brought to the world through elective Caesarean section. Remembering the time of his birth, his mom once said,

    They sort of lay the babies on me like enormous earrings, ‘Then Dougray took them. He held them first.’

    Though his father was present at the time of his birth, Gabriel, now 25, missed his dad in his first few years, due to his busy schedule.

    His Educational Details

    As for education, Gabriel went to the National Youth Theatre of GB and Drama Centre in London. After that, he joined the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama from where he graduated in 2020.

    As per his IMDb bio, the budding actor started as a Stunt fighter and horse rider in action movies while he was still a student at Royal Welsh.

    Gabriel’s Twin Sister Is Also In The Entertainment Business

    As we said, he has a twin sister named Eden Trevis Scott. Unlike him, his sister pursued her career behind the camera. She is currently working as a production assistant.

    Gabriel shares a photo with his twin sister and father
    Gabriel with his sister and father. Source: Facebook

    Talking about the twins’ childhood, they mostly had a kind of gypsy life while growing up since their father at the time usually traveled to different countries for movie projects. The way of living continued until his mom and dad separated in the year 2004. After that, he permanently settled with his mom in his hometown in London.

    Gabriel Trevis Scott’s Parents Were Not Married At The Time Of His Birth

    Two years after Gabriel’s birth, his parents Dougray and Sarah tied the knot. The now ex-couple dated for almost a decade before tying the knot in the year 2000. But unfortunately, their marriage couldn’t last for more than four years. They separated in 2004.

    Back in 2010, while having an exclusive talk with DailyMail, the casting director Sarah opened up about her failed marriage with the Enigma actor and said that it fell apart “amid stories of infidelity and dark hints of substance abuse.” She also expressed her pain out of their split and said,

    ‘It’s painful to live out a split in public. We were together for 12 years. That’s not insignificant. It was a love match. We separated in 2004.

    However, the two stayed in a cordial relationship for the sake of their children.

    Three years later, in 2007, Scott’s dad moved on with an English actress Claire Forlani. They share an 8-year-old son Milo Thomas Scott together.

    Is Gabriel Trevis Scott Dating A Girlfriend In 2023?

    Well, Gabriel is more likely to be single at present since none of his social media posts gives a clue about his possible girlfriend. Plus, he hasn’t addressed anyone as his special one in the public domain so far.

    Gabriel is more likely to be single
    Gabriel is in the frame. Source: Facebook

    However, we can’t deny the possibility of him being in a romantic relationship currently, after all the 25-year-old Hammersmith native is in a suitable age to look out for a partner.

    Scott Is On Facebook

    He has an account on Facebook under the name Gabe Scott with 31 followers. On his FB page, he has shared some of his fun moments with his friends and classmates, and mostly his single pictures.

    His Net Worth

    Gabriel reportedly has a net worth of $500k but, he is expected to increase his fortune in the coming years since the promising actor is getting a handful of projects. Meanwhile, his super-successful father Dougray Scott has an estimated net amount of $5 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Gabriel Trevis Scott
    Popular Name Gabriel
    Birth Place Hammersmith, West London
    Birthday January 23, 1998
    Age 26 years
    Zodiac Aquarius
    Nationality British
    Ethnicity Scottish from father's side
    Father Dougray Scott
    Mother Sarah Trevis
    Siblings Twin sister Eden and half-brother Milo
    College National Youth Theatre of GB and Drama Centre and Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
    Profession Actor
    Net Worth $500k
    Height 6' 0" (reportedly)
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single