Meet Diane Addonizio-Howie Long’s Wife and Their Marriage

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    Diane Addonizio most popularly known as Howie Long’s wife is a former lawyer and also has other multiple professions. The duo met at Villanova University in the early 1980s and are together since then. So, looking at their enduring marriage that has spanned over four decades, many people want to know the key secret behind their successful conjugal life.

    Here in this article, we are going to uncover all the unknown facts about the beautiful Diane and Howie.

    Key Takeaway

    • Howie Long’s wife Diane is an ex-lawyer, businesswoman, and author.
    • Diane and Howie met at university and got married in June 1982.
    • The couple got engaged after their graduation.
    • Howie was born on March 16, 1962.
    • Her father was in the army while her mother was a homemaker. Diane’s brother James is also a lawyer.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Long share three children together.

    Who Is Howie Long’s Wife Diane Addonizio?

    Diane is a former corporate lawyer. After getting her law degree, she was determined to start her career as a lawyer. In addition to being an attorney, Addonizio was also a businesswoman before her marriage to Long.

    Diane Is Also An Author

    Over the years, the talented woman has been involved in several professions and one of them is writing. She wrote a book titled He’s Just My Dad, published in 2000. It features images of a number of celebrated athletes and their children.

    When Did Diane Addonizio And Her Husband Howie Long Get Married?

    The couple married on 27 June 1982 after being together for a couple of years. They had a Christian wedding in the Roman Catholic faith. The wedding was, however, private and only had a few close friends and family in the present.

    Long with his wife and three sons
    Howie Long’s wife Diane and their children.

    Surprisingly enough, it’s been over four decades since they got married but their marriage is still going so strong.

    Diane First Met Howie At Villanova University

    Both Diane and Howie studied at the same college, Villanova University. Matter of fact, Howie was a year senior to her who had always been a football lover and called Addonizio over to watch an NFL game on television in a football player’s dorm room.

    The ultimate duo of Mr. and Mrs. Long have been together since their university
    Diane and her husband Long met at college.

    Just after their graduation, the college sweetheart got engaged.

    Addonizio Failed To Send His Lover Diane Valentine’s Gift At The Beginning

    The couple started dating while at their undergrad level and during that time, Addonizio always failed to send Valentine’s Gift to his girlfriend Diane. This made Diane so angry but when Howie explained the reason and his busy schedule, she began to realizing it.

    She Is The Mother of Three Children With Her Husband

    Diane shares three handsome boys with her husband of four decades. Their first child, Chris Long, was born on March 28, 1985. And only after three years, their second son, Kyle Long was born on December 5, 1988. While talking about their youngest son, Howard Long Jr., he was born around the 1990s.

    Christopher and Kyle have followed in their father’s footsteps to become professional football players. The eldest, Chris used to play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Family picture of Howie found on instagram.
    The Long family has always been supportive of each other’s work.

    Talking about Kyle, he played as a college footballer for the University of Oregon and later for the Kansas City Chiefs as a guard. Not only football but he also played baseball. He was an offensive guard for Chicago Bears.

    Talking about the youngest Howard, he is a scouting assistant for the Raiders.

    The Eldest Son Has Won Super Bowl Two Times

    Among her three children, her oldest son Chris is more successful than the others. He won his first super bowl as a member of the New England Patriots and his second with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    He retired in May 2019 after playing for the Eagles.

    Diane Addonizio’s College

    Born on March 16, 1962, in Red Bank, New Jersey, she completed high school at Suburban High School in Red Bank. Later for her law degree, she went to the University of South California School of Law.

    Diane was born to a family of Army.
    Diane grew up alongside her sibling.

    Who Were Addonizio’s Parents? Her Dad Frank Was a Veteran Army

    Addonizio was born to Frank G. Addonizio and Marie Cecere. In fact, her parents were high school sweethearts. Addonizio’s father Frank was in the army and his mother Marie was a homemaker. He went to Irvington High School and was a three-sport athlete.

    Besides, Frank was also a veteran Army who served during World War II and Korean War. After his retirement, he did his family business as a butcher but later returned to the CID.

    Both Her Mom and Dad Are No More Alive

    Born on July 15, 1921, in Newark, New Jersey, Diane’s dad Frank sadly passed away from lymphoma at the age of 88 on June 8, 2010. Sadly enough, Addonizio’s mother Marie died at the age of 53.

    She Has a Brother

    Addonizio grew up along with a brother named James Addonizio who is also a lawyer. He lives in Jackson Township and shares a great bonding with his sister Diane.

    Net Worth Of Diane Addonizio

    As of 2023, Addonizio has a net worth of $4 million. She mostly made her fortune from her career as a lawyer.

    Besides, her husband Howie has a fortune of around $16 million as of 2023.

    Some Intriguing Facts About Howie Long’s Wife Diane

    • Diane won the Monmouth County Beauty pageant on May 12, 1978.
    • Mrs. Long is the first lady of the NFL Head UP Football in the Advisory Committee.
    • Among her three children, the youngest one Mathew is a former lacrosse player at Virginia.
    • Addonizio and her life partner Howie are also grandparents of two kids from their son Chris’ marriage to his wife Megan O’Malley.
    • She strongly promotes football safety.
    • While living in L.A., Addonizio and her family experienced a 6.7 Richter scale earthquake. 


    Where Does Diane Live Now?

    She currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her family members.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Diane Addonizio
    Birth Place Red Bank, New Jersey, US
    Birthday March 16, 1962
    Age 62 years
    Zodiac Pisces
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Frank Addonizio
    Mother Maria Cecere
    Siblings James Addonizio
    School Suburban High School
    College Villanova University, University of South California School Of Law
    Profession Lawyer, Author and Businesswomen.
    Net Worth $4 million
    Height 1.76m
    Weight 127 lbs
    Body Measurement 34-24-34
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Howie Long
    Children Chris, Kyle, & Howie Long Jr.