Meet Dan Harmon’s Ex-Wife Erin McGathy: Age, Ethnicity

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    Erin McGathy is an American podcast host and comedian best known for her works in This Feels Terrible, Human Conversation, Community, and Harmontown. Further, Erin is equally recognized as the ex-wife of the Rick and Morty co-creator and producer Dan Harmon.

    After dating each other for years, Erin married her boyfriend Dan in November 2014. But, in less than a year, they decided to part ways. So, what was the reason behind their short-lived marriage? What is Erin’s current relationship status?

    Get to know everything about Erin’s personal and professional life in the below piece of writing.

    Key Takeaways

    • Erin McGathy, born in Japan, is an American podcaster, artist, stand-up comedian, and actress.
    • She was previously married to a well-known producer and writer Dan Harmon. The two tied the knot in 2014 and separated in 2015 due to some indifferences.
    • After their divorce, while Erin dated an Irish guy Paudie, her ex-husband Dan started his relationship with Cody Heller.
    • Erin broke up with her beau Paudie in 2018 and she is currently in a relationship with comedian Jordan Daniel.
    • She now resides in Dublin, Ireland.

    Erin McGathy Age And Family

    Erin was born on December 5, 1984, in a US Naval Base in Yokosuka Japan. She is currently 38 years old and has a birth sign Sagittarius. She is the daughter of Dr. Charlie McGathy, a preacher, and his late wife Susan McGathy.

    Erin McGathy with her family
    Young Erin with her mom and dad. Source: Instagram

    As a daughter of a military chaplain, Erin spent most of her childhood on military bases in Japan, Italy, Texas, and Florida before her family finally settled down in San Diego when she was 13. She grew up together with her younger brother Michael McGathy.

    Besides, based on her birth, the comedian holds American nationality. Further, she belongs to mixed ethnic background.

    McGathy’s Height And Education

    The Comedian and artist, Erin stand a height of 5 feet and 6 inches or 167.5 cm.

    As for education, she did improvisational comedy in high school and later joined an improv group at Upright Citizen Brigade (UCB). Just to be in a theatre, she dropped out of the University in San Francisco.

    Erin’s Mother Died Of Cancer When She Was At Junior High School

    McGathy lost her mother when she was still a teenager. Her mother Susan was diagnosed with cancer and lost her battle just at the age of 42. A couple of years ago, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Erin posted a long post on her Instagram talking about her mom’s death.

    She wrote,

    My mom, Susan McGathy passed away when she was 42. I was a Junior in High School and our relationship was at peak Mother/teenage daughter. In our last conversation, before the doctors upped her morphine and she went in and out of sleep before she died,

    Post her death, it’s obvious that Erin suffered multiple emotional breakdowns. Thankfully, she had her dad and brother by her side with whom she keeps moving on leaving her pain aside.

    Erin McGathy Is A Podcast Host And Comedian; How Did It All Begin?

    Erin’s career started her career as a comedian first. She has had a background in improvisational comedy since her high school days. Later, she joined an improv group at UCB theatre and was doing some random sketch show.

    During that time, she caught the attention of one artistic director who shifted her to the UCB Harold improv team and then to the Maude sketch team and that’s when she started doing several live comedy shows. Slowly, her live show converted to a podcast show eventually making her a podcast host.

    Erin holding a mike in program
    Erin is a famous comedian.

    As of now, she has hosted several podcast shows including This Feels Terrible and Harmontown. She also co-hosted the podcast Human Conversation alongside the comedian Wayne Federman.

    Further, she is also a writer and director of podcast shows Harmontown (2012-2014), and a writer of UCB Comedy Originals (2007).

    Erin’s First Podcast Show Is Influenced By Her Heartbreak

    Her first-ever solo podcast show This Feels Terrible which premiered at UCB in 2010 was about relationships. The concept started when she went through a breakup and regarding this, she talked to IN WEEKLY magazine and told,

    This Feels Terrible,” started as a live show at the UCB Theatre after I went through a painful breakup and I heard myself saying “this feels terrible” out loud, several times over.

    The show was all about love-themed storytelling. After that, she started doing more storytelling, standup, and character sketches.

    Erin McGathy Is Also Into Acting; What Movies Or Series She Has Done?

    Besides being a comedian and podcaster, Erin also has tried her hands at acting. As per IMDb, Erin has a total of 16 acting credits to her name. Let’s have a look at her movies and series.

    • Kitten vs. Newborn (2008)
    • Paranormal Saw (2010)
    • Kill the Baby (2015)
    • HarmonQuest (2017)
    • The Hidden Station (2022)
    • A Royal Corgi Christmas (2022)

    Among her several acting projects, she gained wide fame for playing Stacy in the 2015 TV series, Community. She also appeared on a comedy series Drunk History.

    McGathy Is A Co-Founder Of MOB-Theater Group

    In the year 2018, the Yokosuka native co-founded a MOB theatre, an improv group in Dublin that teach its students about screenplay writing. It first ran improv sessions in the basement of Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street and later when the COVID- pandemic started, the physical session switched to online classes.

    While still being a key member of MOB -theatre, she ran her solo theatrical show, Al Dawes F***ing Loves You at the Dublin Fringe Festival where she appeared as a whimsical beta male comedian.

    Erin McGathy Is Dan Harmon’s Ex-Wife; How Long They Were Married To Each Other?

    The podcaster Erin was married to her husband Dan Harmon for almost a year. The former couple tied the knot in November 2014 after dating each other for about three years. They first met in 2011 through the podcast show This Feels Terrible and soon after stayed in a relationship.

    Erin with her ex-spouse Dan
    Erin and Dan was married for a little over a year.

    Initially, the couple got engaged in 2013 and eventually got married a year later in a big wedding ceremony at Los Angeles’ Natural History Museum. Regarding their marriage in the museum, Erin told,

    Dan and I both work in comedy and frequently joke about ourselves, so the idea of pretending our wedding was an event so valuable to human history it required museum space was too good to pass up. We solicited the help of our artist friends to create displays about our relationship that stood among actual museum exhibits.

    The grand wedding was planned by Kristeen LaBrot Events beautifully with the blend of several rituals including the Unity Cloak ritual. Their reception was organized at North American Mammal Hall.

    In such an extravagantly way, they promised to become one another’s for a lifetime but sadly, it couldn’t last up to their first marriage anniversary. They broke up their marriage even before that.

    Reason Behind Dan And Erin’s Divorce; What Had Happened?

    After marriage, Erin started feeling suffocated by her relationship with her boyfriend-turned-hubby as it was emotionally abusive to her. The two had been handling some issues even before their marriage and it reached to peak after they turned into husband and wife which made her depressed. Talking to The Irish Times, she said,

    I really thought it was my problem because when I talked to him he’d say you’ve married someone who is successful in the industry, you can have anything you want. I had this guilt that I wasn’t being grateful. I didn’t realise I was so trapped.

    While still married, she went to Ireland for a break where she realized that she need to break her marriage. In this regard, the actress told,

    In the diary there’s a moment when I’m crying and saying I needed to leave my husband. I had even started asking taxi drivers if it would be okay to leave my husband. I couldn’t stick with that relationship anymore. It upset me looking back.

    Getting back from Ireland, she finally decided to divorce her spouse. The two amicably separated in October 2015, a month before their first marriage anniversary and Erin moved back to Ireland and settled there.

    Erin Dated An Irish Guy After Her Divorce

    After she separated from her ex-husband, she stayed in a relationship with an Irish man named Paudie Bag. She introduced Paudie as her boyfriend on the occasion of his birthday in the year 2016 by writing,

    And an extra happy birthday to my favorite Irish person. #tbt to last week in Paris when we ate this macaroon at Sacre-Coeur, Lady-and-the-Tramp style because I live my life like a dead wife montage 🍰

    Several times, Erin flaunts her lovely bonding with her new beau on her Instagram addressing him as her boyfriend.

    Erin and her ex-bf
    Erin and her ex-bf. Source: Instagram

    The duo seems to have dated each other for two years. On June 2, 2018, she posted their photo together and captioned, ” Sure hope we both live forever!“.

    But unfortunately, within a couple of months, the two broke up. Her last post with her Irish boyfriend was on August 1, 2018, where she wrote a long post with an ending note,

    I’m so grateful and excited for all of it but will also miss this person a whole lot. Xx

    Who Is Erin McGathy’s Boyfriend In 2023? 

    She is currently in a relationship with a comedian Jordan Daniel. They are together since 2019 and now are officially a romantic partner.

    Erin and her current boyfriend
    Erin with her current boyfriend. Source: Instagram

    In 2023 Valentine day, Erin shared a picture together with Jordan and wrote,

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyday, to everyone, always, but, especially to this guy♥️♥️

    The two seems to share many common interest from comedy to singing and many others.

    Erin Seems Is A Bold Person When It Comes To Her Relationship; Why So?

    In general, when celebrities broke up, they often seem to remove their moments together with their ex-partner from their socials. But in the case of Erin, it is just the opposite.

    As of now, she has neither deleted her ex-husband Damon’s picture from her Instagram nor of her ex-boyfriend Paudie. Every moment she had with them can still be found on her Insta page.

    Instead of erasing their memories, she acknowledges all the life lessons she learns from her every relationship. After all, every painful story holds beautiful memories as well, isn’t it?

    She Is On Social Media Handles

    Erin is hugely active on Instagram with 18.9k followers. In her Instagram, she shares her personal and professional life. Likewise, she is also on Facebook with 2.8k friends.

    Where Is Erin McGathy Today?

    At present, she resides in Dublin, Ireland which she considers her soul city. Since her divorce from her ex-spouse, she was planning to settle in Dublin permanently. With respect to her shifting from LA to Dublin, she had said,

    I love Dublin for the people, for the emotional intelligence and the humanism I find in places that I believe were lacking from my life in LA.

    Even though she now has a permanent place in Dublin, she occasionally visits California for work purposes.

    Erin McGathy’s Net Worth

    She is reported to have a net worth of $5 million at present which she primarily earned from her varied career in the American entertainment Industry. On the other hand, her famous ex-hubby Dan owns a fortune of $15 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Erin McGathy
    Popular Name Erin
    Birth Place Yokosuka Japan
    Birthday December 5, 1984
    Age 39 years
    Zodiac Sagittarius
    Nationality Japanese
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Dr. Charlie McGathy
    Mother Susan McGathy
    Siblings Michael McGathy
    Profession Podcaster, Comedian, Artist
    Net Worth $5 milliom
    Height 5 feet and 6 inches
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Red
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Divorced
    Relationship Status In a relationship
    Partner Jordan Daniel
    Partner Jordan Daniel
    Ex Boyfriends Paudie Bag
    Spouse Dan Harmon