What Is McKenna Kelley’s Net Worth? Her Income Source & Finances In Detail

October 13, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    McKenna Kelley left gymnastics back in 2019/20. After that, she indulged herself in a variety of different ventures. So, in the last three years, what has she been up to? And what about her net worth in 2023? We’re sure Kelley is as successful in life today as she was before – and even more! It is just a matter of us questioning how financially fruitful her journey has been since she retired.

    So, to know all about her current finances and income sources in detail, you know what to do – read the following article today!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Her income sources so far – previous career as a collegiate gymnast, preschool teacher, and part-time gymnast coach, McKenna Kelley LLC, and The McKenna Kelley Foundation.
    • She earns over $90,000 per year in the current day and age.
    • Her parents, Shannon Kelley and Mary Lou Retton have a net worth of $5 million and $2 million, respectively.

    McKenna Kelley’s Net Worth Has Seen a Drastic Increase

    In the current day and age, Kelley has a net worth of almost $5.8 million. Her short-lived yet massively successful journey as a collegiate gymnast is responsible for this. Over the years, however, a number of her other career paths like being a coach and a teacher have been financially high-yielding too.

    Former gold medalist, Mary Lou Retton is Kelley's mother
    Gymnast mother-daughter duo – McKenna and her mom, Mary Lou

    Besides this, she has ancestral wealth as well. Given that her family, typically her parents, come from successful careers in sports, this is a no-brainer. Perhaps, a small amount of her current net worth is a gift from them too.

    Moreover, take a look at how extraordinarily her wealth has increased to $5.8 million below.

    YearNet Worth
    2023$5.8 million
    2022$5 million
    2021$4.5 million

    The Former Gymnast Has Had A Number Of Income Sources To Date

    It goes without saying that initially, Kelley’s sole income source was her gymnastics career in college. She was an asset to her team, the LSU Tigers, till 2019. Walking on the path paved by her gymnast mother, she won a number of championships as an athlete. Her most prominent win has to be the 2014 Nasita Liukin Cup. Additionally, she’s also won three NCAA Championships.

    Kelley was a gymnast and an asset to her college team, LSU Tigers
    Kelley showcasing her talent as a marvelous gymnast

    After graduating, however, she left her athletic career behind. Instead, she chose a journey as a preschool teacher. On top of this, according to her LinkedIn profile, she’s working as a gymnast coach as well. Moreover, she has been a part-time coach at Olympia Gymnastics for over a year.

    Her list of income sources does not end here. The retired athlete also has her own company, McKenna Kelley LLC. It is a philanthropically oriented company helping gymnasts to improve their mental toughness and overcome their mental block. It has been active since February 2022.

    Former collegiate athlete, Kelley, left her career as a gymnast to teach gymnastics
    McKenna Kelley with her prodigies

    Last but not least, she is also the president/founder of The McKenna Kelley Foundation. By making use of her degree in psychology, she is helping people with their mental health journey through the foundation.

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    Kelley Makes Big Bucks As A Pre-School Teacher & Coach

    It is often a misconception that teachers do not earn enough in America. But, that isn’t the case. As a teacher at a local preschool, McKenna earns around $33k-47k per annum.

    Additionally, her skills as a gymnast have also been paying her quite well even after her retirement. As previously mentioned, she has been a part-time coach at Olympia Gymnastics since 2022. There, she makes over $35K a year.

    Not only this, but Kelley also earns a huge sum from her philanthropic works. This includes her foundation and her company, McKenna Kelley LLC.

    Roughly combining her income from the various different jobs, we present you with an estimation of her current (and past) salaries in the following table:


    Both Of McKenna Kelley’s Parents Are Millionaires

    McKenna Lane Kelley is among the four children of the former husband and wife, Shannon Kelley and Mary Lou Retton. Her father, Shannon, used to be a quarterback for Texas Longhorns back in the 90s. Likewise, her mother is an Olympian with a gold medal. She formerly had a short-lived career as a gymnast.

    McKenna Kelley's parents were athletes in the past
    Mr. and Mrs. Kelley – the former gymnast’s (already divorced) parents on their wedding day

    With that in mind, you can already guess how rich her parents might be. In 2023, while her mom has a net worth of $2 million, her dad, on the other hand, is worth $5 million.