Is McKenna Kelley Married? Rumors Of Her Husband? Boyfriend & Dating History

October 15, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    The daughter of the Olympian, Mary Lou Retton, McKenna Kelley, is an active, smart, and beautiful young lady. Recently, we heard rumors of her tying the knot – is this the truth or just another hoax? And, if she indeed is unmarried, does she even have a boyfriend? In general, what is up with Kelley’s love life?

    Believe it or not, her dating life is comparatively very easy to debunk than other celebrity kids’. So, take a look below to know all the exciting details!

    McKenna Kelley Isn’t Married Yet

    Well, McKenna is not married yet. As far as our assumption goes, she might want to see how things stretch out with her current boyfriend before deciding to get hitched. And yes, you heard us right – she does have a boyfriend.

    But, who is this mystery man, you ask? Well, people who follow her on Instagram know well that he is not a mystery as many would think. In fact, the couple has been very open with their relationship; that is for us to discuss later on too!

    Besides, the former gymnast is too young to get married at the moment. In April of 2023, she only turned 26 years old. Hence, it will take a few more years before she ties the knot with someone. At present, however, she is enjoying a full-fledged dating life.

    All About Her Long-Term Boyfriend, An LSU Baseball Player

    McKenna’s boyfriend, Braden Doughty is an LSU baseball player. He holds the position of a “catcher” and is quite popular in the arena of college athletics. He is originally a resident of Denham Springs in Louisiana. Furthermore, both he and his brother are well-hooked in the game of baseball.

    McKenna is dating her long-term lover, Braden Doughty for the past 4 years
    Doughty in action – he is a catcher for the LSU baseball team

    To further add, since Kelley went to LSU as well, it is assumed that the two of them met in college. As of today, they have been together for over four years too. In other words, they began dating for the first time in 2019.

    Perhaps, it was their athletic nature that brought them closer together. And, to this very day, it continues to tie them around each other’s hearts.

    Besides this, her boyfriend is a year younger than her. Doughty was born on 4th September 1998.

    Kelley And Doughty Are Social Media Official

    As mentioned earlier, the ex-athlete’s Instagram is all about her partner, Braden. She often posts pictures of the two of them together and flaunts her love to the world. Looking at the pictures, we can’t help but notice what great of a pair these two make!

    McKenna Kelley with her boyfriend Braden
    McKenna having a good time with her partner on a getaway together

    In addition, the baseballer also loves showcasing his love life online equally. We see the duo going on nice little vacations, attending events together, and even hanging out with each others’ families – they definitely are well-knit with each other.

    Debunking The Rumors Of Her Husband; Will She Marry Braden In The Future?

    By the looks of it, McKenna and her boyfriend seem very serious about each other. From posting pictures with their partner online to spending time with the other’s families, they are a fully committed pair.

    Baseball player, Braden Doughty might marry McKenna Kelley in the future
    Celebrating Thanksgiving together – McKenna & Braden

    Moreover, as they move forward in life, they might want to celebrate their love someday. The seriousness of their relationship is most likely to escalate into marriage.

    However, this is nothing but our assumption. Even after four years of being in a relationship, they could simply be figuring things out with each other. But, having said that, there’s a higher chance of Doughty becoming her husband in the near/far future than the duo breaking up. So, hang tight!

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    The Retired Gymnast Is Protective Of Her Past Affairs

    Talking about her ex-boyfriends, there is nothing much for us to dig into. McKenna Kelley, in other words, used to be secretive about her former lovers. Keeping her current partner aside, she never used to post pictures about her past boyfriends online. Until now, she also did not have a relationship that was social media official.

    Furthermore, she might not have had a long-term relationship before Braden Doughty. Since she was constantly busy with her athletic lifestyle, perhaps young Kelley did not have enough time on her hands to date.

    Be that as it may, McKenna must have had a hoard of ex-lovers. But, she simply does not want to talk about them with the fans.