Matthew Broderick Net Worth, Salary, and Real Estates

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    Matthew Broderick is one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, who has a massive net worth of $220 million as of 2023. In fact, the tremendous figure Matthew holds now is actually a combined fortune with his wife Sarah Jessica Parker. 

    To rack up such a considerable figure, both Mathew and his wife Sarah have come a long way. Predominantly, Matthew has earned his wealth from his dozens of lucrative movie roles. Meanwhile, his wife Sarah’s fortune also mostly boosts up through her big screen roles but her other business ventures like perfume, fashion lines, and more are equally important to their total assets.

    In addition to their gigantic wealth, we will also explore Matthew’s real estate properties as well as their exotic cars.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Matthew Broderick’s net worth in 2023 is $220 million. 
    • He has a number of sprawling properties all over the United States. 
    • Matthew along with his wife Sarah sold one of their townhouses in New York City for $15 million in 2021.  
    • One of the most lucrative and high-priced real estate properties Broderick has ever bought with his wife is their other NYC townhouse, for which, they spent about $34.5 million. 
    • Broderick is also the proud owner of numerous luxurious cars including Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper S Convertible, and more. 

    Short Summary

    Net Worth$220 million
    Salary$100,000 from ‘The Producers’
    Income SourceMovie, TV, and Other Ventures
    Current HouseNew York City
    Date of BirthMarch 21, 1962 (61 years old)
    Birth PlaceManhattan
    WifeSarah Jessica Parker
    Height5 ft 8 in

    What Is Matthew Broderick’s Net Worth in 2023?

    The American actor Matthew Broderick has an estimated net worth of $220 million as of 2023. As mentioned above, it is a combined wealth of him and his wife Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Matthew and Sarah have a fortune of $200 million
    Matthew and Sarah together.

    Beginning his career in 1981, the actor got a new height shortly after with his impressive role in the science fiction thriller WarGames (1983). In the subsequent years, Broderick landed several other lucrative roles in films, making both 80s and 90s his best decades so far.

    During the time, Matthew was also listed as the highest-paid actor with a hefty salary.

    Matthew Broderick’s Net Worth Break Down

    Year Net Worth
    2023$200 million
    2022$180 million
    2021$167 million
    2020$143 million

    What is Matthew Broderick’s Salary?

    His annual salary was about $100,000 from the Broadway musical The Producers. He played the role of Leopold “Leo” Bloom in the project from 2001-02. His work in The Producers also brought him several accolades including Tony Awards and more.

    Besides, his spouse Broderick earned about $50 million from her work in Sex and the City.

    How does Matthew Broderick make money?

    Needless to mention, Matthew majorly makes his money from his work in both movies and TV shows. Over the years, one of the leading actors has been a part of several commercially hit movies, earning a huge chunk of money from all of them.

    One of the box office hit movies Broderick appeared in was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which, surprisingly, collected over $70 million worldwide from its $5 million budget.

    Here Is The List of His Commercially Successful Films

    Movie Box Office Collection Budget 
    The Lion King (1994)$968.5 million$45 million
    WarGames (1983)$124.6 million$12 million
    Godzilla (1998)$379 million$130–150 million
    Bee Movie (2007)$293.5 million$150 million

    Details On Matthew Broderick’s Real Estate Properties

    Over the years, Matthew, 61 has spent millions of dollars in real estate. He mostly resides in their townhouse, in New York City. He also has a vocational mansion in Kilcar, County Donegal, Ireland, it is where the actor spent his childhood.

    Here is a detailed account of his properties;

    1. Townhouse In New York City 

    Back in March 2011, Matthew along with his beloved wife Sarah bought a $18,995,000 mansion in Greenwich Village, New York. The couple later largely renovated their Greek Revival-style townhouse at 20 East 10th Street. A 25-foot-wide townhouse has six bedrooms and five full and three half baths over its five floors.

    In late 2012, Broderick and his wife put their mansion on sale for $24.99 million but they eventually sold it in 2015 for $18,250,000.

    2. Greenwich Village Townhouse

    In June 2016, Broderick and his partner Sarah Jessica spent $34.5 million on their two side-by-side townhouses at 273-275 West 11th Street, in Greenwich Village, New York. The property has a total of 13,900 square feet of living space with a 2,100-square-foot private garden.

    3. West Village Townhouse

    In early 2021, the power couple Matthew and Sarah sold their West Village townhouse for $15.85 million. They initially listed the mansion for $22.9 million but had to reduce the price largely to sell it.

    Matthew Broderick property
    Matthew’s former NYC townhouse.

    In fact, they bought the property in 2000 for $3 million and lived there for about two decades until they ultimately sold it in 2021.

    4. Amagansett House 

    In addition to their prime properties, Matthew also has a vocational home in Kilcar, County Donegal, Ireland. Furthermore, they have a modest house in the Hamptons neighborhood of Amagansett.

    List of Matthew Broderick Cars

    Car Price 
    Ford Country Squire$34,280
    Mini Cooper S Convertible$46,250
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible$73,250

    Other Income Sources

    In addition to movies and TV shows, Matthew doesn’t seem to have any other source of income. In the meantime, his wife of 26 years Sarah who is better known for her role in Sex and the City has generated a handful of sources to add her net worth up.

    Apart from her acting, the former highest-paid actress began her own perfume brand named ‘Lovely,’ followed by a fashion line, “Bitten” in 2007. Furthermore, Parker has the SJP Collection of the line of footwear at Nordstrom. As per reports, it generated about $25 million in 2022.

    Matthew Broderick’s Movies and TV Shows

    Born in March 1962, the American actor landed his first role as Mike in Lou Grant in 1981. He later worked in Adventure Time (2012-16) and The Conners (2018-19).

    For the first time, Matthew appeared in the movie Max Dugan Returns in 1983. Later on, the actor has acted in several other movies. His recent project is No Hard Feelings (2023).

    Furthermore, Broderick is also set to play the role of Richard Sackler in Painkiller, sharing the screen with Tyler Ritter, 38, Carolina, Jack Mulhern, and more.