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    Mallory Edens’ dating life has been the real talk of the town recently. Not so long ago, a new “rumored” relationship emerged, hinting at her being in an affair with the New York Jets quarterback, Aron Rodgers. So, are they in fact dating? If yes, why haven’t they revealed the truth about their being together yet? Also, might Aron be the guy Mallory ends up marrying?

    Well, to know the answers, you know what to do! Below, we present you with evidence regarding the billionaire’s daughter’s not-so-secret dating life. So, what are you waiting for? Read the article today!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Mallory Edens & boyfriend Aron Rodgers are rumored to have been dating for over a year.
    • Previously, the billionaire’s daughter was believed to be dating Jack Gralish and Matt Harvey.
    • As of today, she does not seem to have any plans regarding her future wedding.

    Is Mallory Edens’ Married To Husband?

    As far as the reports are concerned, she has never been married. Anyway, she is still quite young to tie the knot. As of now, she has not even revealed anything about her wedding plans.

    Anyway, her fans would love to see her walk down the aisle. Hopefully soon.

    Who Is Mallory Edens Dating In 2023?

    Although neither of the parties has confirmed yet, it is evident that Mallory Edens is dating Aron Rodgers. Since the very beginning, the alleged love birds have tried their very best to keep things subtle but seem to have failed.

    Who Is Mallory’s Boyfriend Aaron?

    Furthermore, talking about her speculated boyfriend, Rodgers is an NFL quarterback for the New York Jets. The 39-year-old began his professional journey in 2005. Initially, he also played for the Green Bay Rackers.

    Her Partner’s Rumored Relationship

    Moreover, before the rumors even began, Rodgers was involved with ex-girlfriend Shailene Woodly, the actress from The Fault in Our Stars. The former couple was engaged for a while in 2020, however, later separated. In addition, he’s also been linked with Danica Patrick and Olivia Munn in the past.

    Keeping his exes aside, Mallory seems like a very new, yet exciting, chapter in Aron’s life as of now.

    Mallory Edens And Aron Rodgers’ Dating Timeline

    Edens and Rodgers’ dating rumors began spreading for the first time around early December 2022. A picture of the alleged lovers duo went viral, attending a Bucks game together. Nevertheless, they go way back! As a matter of fact, they’ve been attending games together since 2019.

    Mallory Edens and her rumored boyfriend Rodgers enjoying a Bucks game back in 2022
    Edens and Rodgers enjoying a Bucks game back in 2022

    Not only this, but a source also previously revealed that Edens liked Rodgers before they even met. They said,

    “Mallory Edens has had her eye on Aron Rodgers for a very long time. Mallory has always wanted to be in the public eye. It looks like she might’ve found her ticket.”

    Likewise, at the footballer’s last game with the Packers, Mallory was present as well. As sources confirm, she was there to support “her new boyfriend and favorite team by wearing their gear”. Interestingly enough, a picture of the billionaire couple’s daughter alongside the wives of the Packers players also went viral at the same time.

    Besides this, the love birds have also been spotted sharing courtside candy and buying Christmas trees together. They also attended Ed Sheeran’s concert at the MetLife Stadium in June 2023. As sneaky as they are, they did share stories of the concert on Instagram but did not mention who they went with.

    Just recently, Aron Rodgers suffered a terrifying injury – he tore his Achilles during a game with the Buffalo Bills. Following the accident, a number of people wished him a speedy recovery. Among them was Mallory Edens who commented a simple heart emoji below Rodger’s post. This, in turn, added fuel to the already existing speculations of their relationship.

    Will The Rumored Couple Reveal The Truth About Their Relationship Soon?

    We don’t think Mallory and Aaron will soon reveal the truth regarding their being together. For around 2-3 years, the pair has successfully managed to keep their relationship under wraps.

    Wes Edens's daughter, Mallory and her speculated boyfriend
    A happy picture of the alleged couple

    Even more so, a few months back, a reliable source also mentioned that the two currently have a “casual relationship”. They explained,

    “It’s more than friends, but it’s casual. Nothing serious at all. He’s not looking to rush into anything. It’s low-key for now.”

    Hence, it is now quite obvious why neither Edens nor Rodgers have openly talked about dating each other. Additionally, just before she came into the picture, the NFL player was engaged to Woodly. Since he just got out of a very serious relationship, it is understandable why he wants to keep things casual for now.

    Could Aaron Be Mallory’s Future Husband?

    Just in case Edens & Aron Rodgers are dating, are they planning to get married? Well, let us tell you that this is uncertain as well. Although the lovers have been together for a while now, they do not seem ready to commit to each other. If they did, we wouldn’t just be speculating; instead, would be stating facts here!

    Mallory Edens Ex-Boyfriends & Relationships

    No doubt Mallory has had numerous relationships, but Mallory stays quiet when it comes to her love life. However, her fans have speculated a list of her past relationships.

    Mallory And Jack Grealish

    First on the list is the English and Manchester City footballer, Jack Grealish. In December 2021, people noticed that he liked a series of the gorgeous model’s pictures on Instagram.

    Mallory Edens's reportedly dated Grealish back in December 2021
    Grealish, an English and Manchester City footballer

    Sadly, he was already in a love triangle between his partner, Sasha Attwood, and Emily Attack at the same time. This thus became a no-brainer and the rumors faded away very soon.

    Affair With Matt Harvey

    Similarly, it was also allegedly believed that Edens and the New York Mets pitcher, Matt Harvey had an affair. Like Grealish, Harvey also liked a string of Mallory’s pictures back in November 2020.

    New York Mets footballer, Harvey was Mallory Edens's alleged boyfriend in 2020
    Matt Harvey, New York Mets pitcher

    However, soon enough, this rumor also vanished into thin air.

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