Is Mae Whitman Married? Who’s Her Husband? Her Boyfriends & Dating History

October 27, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Mae Whitman is a versatile and gifted actress renowned for her captivating on-screen personas. She has always maintained privacy in her private life. Although people widely praise her professional success, fans have remained curious about her romantic endeavors.

    In this article, we will explore Mae Whitman’s romantic history, including her previous relationships, and the mystery that surrounds her romantic relationships in Hollywood.

    Is Mae Whitman Married To A Husband?

    As of 2024, there are no reports of Whitman being married. In fact, she does not seem to have any plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

    Mae Whitman in a prominent red lipstick poses for the camera
    Mae Whitman Is Not Married

    Looks like, she has not found the right partner for marriage. Nevertheless, the choice of marriage is a very personal decision, so it is crucial to respect her choice.

    Mae Whitman And Her Boyfriend Landon Pigg Ended Their Relationship After Dating For Four Years

    The “Parenthood” co-stars Mae Whitman and Landon Pigg began dating around 2010. But after dating over 4 years, in 2014, they decided to call it quits. The details about how the duo started seeing each other are still unknown but looks like they started dating after knowing each other from the show.

    Mae Whitman and Landon Pigg together at Jingle Ball 2012 Live.
    Mae Whitman and Landon Pigg together at Jingle Ball 2012 Live.

    Pigg is an American singer, songwriter, and actor with a rather successful music career.  In an interview with Austin, Mae mentioned how Pigg helped her to compose songs that she sang on her show “Parenthood”. These are some other songs that both have sung together; Gardenia, Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop, Darling Do I.

    Mae And Her Ex-Boyfriend Landon Are In Good Terms After Their Break up

    Breaking up with each other after dating for four years, Whitman and Pigg are still good friends. In an interview with Glamour in 2014, Mae mentioned that they were still on good terms and he was her favorite guest star on the show.

    “We’re still really good friends. He actually helped me write all the music that I’ve sung on this show so far. To have him on the show was pretty special.”

    Mae And Her Co-star Robbie Amell Dating Rumors

    In 2015, rumors circulated that Mae dated “The Flash” star Robbie Amell. Starring together in the film “The DUFF,” where Mae and Robbie played best friends, garnered extra attention from fans regarding their off-screen life. But turns out the co-actors just shared a close friendship and nothing more than that. During that period, Amell was already engaged to actress Italia Ricci, making any romance impossible.

    Alleged Boyfriends Of Mae Whitman

    Rumors and speculations about her dating life have circulated, but Mae herself has not confirmed some of them.

    • Haley Joel Osment-Rumors circulated about Whitman and Haley dating around 2002. The duo’s first meeting was because of their work and they both worked together in the same animated movie “The Jungle Book 2” as voice actors. Their alleged relationship was brief, and neither of them confirmed or denied their romance.
    • Dov Tiefenbach– In 2008, rumors circulated that Mae was dating the Canadian actor and “The Umbrella Academy” star, Dov Tiefenbach. It was just a rumor which surfaced randomly, both the parties neither confirmed nor denied it.
    • Miles Heizer– Fans are currently talking about whether Mae and Miles are dating. These two were cast as siblings in the Parenthood series. However this is just a rumor, Mae openly mentioned how he is just like a brother to her and nothing else. Also, the actors are best friends and have been living together for many years.

    Mae Stated That She Is Pansexual on Her Twitter

    In 2021, Mae took to her Twitter account to share her identity with the world. Whitman acknowledged that she is pansexual and expressed her pride at being a small part of the television program The Owl House.

    Whitman voiced Amity Blight in Dana Terrace’s series “The Owl House,” receiving praise for its LGBTQ representation. The character is presently dating the show’s bisexual lead, Luz Noceda.

    Note: Mae Appears In Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Along With Other Casts Like Alison Pill, Johnny Simmons, Satya Bhabha, Ellen Wong, & Michael Cera among others.