Maddie Phillips’ Net Worth In 2023: Her Earnings, House, Cars & More

September 28, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Maddie Phillips, a Canadian-born up-and-coming actress, not only embraced fame but also financial heights with her on-screen ventures. The Teenage Bounty Hunters star has already booked her seat in the millionaire’s club, so how much is Phillips’ net worth?

    From the Canadian to Australian film industry and now to the worldwide OTT platform, Netflix, she has come a long way. If you’re one of her fans, we know that you’ll love to know about her finances & what luxurious items Maddie owns. Take a dive below to find the answers!

    Key Takeaways:

    • As of 2024, Maddie Phillips is worth $2 million.
    • She has an estimated salary of $120-250K per year.
    • Maddie owns a branded car and a house of her own in Vancouver, Canada.
    • She is well known for her roles in Summerland, Supernatural, Hit the Road, and many more.

    Maddie Phillips’ Net Worth Is Now In Millions

    The Penrhos College alum’s career in the TV/movie industry went from guest roles & short films to significant castings. Thanks to her decade-long journey, Maddie owns a net worth of $2 million as of 2024.

    Phillips’s wealth has taken a massive hit since 2020 after she landed a lead role, Sterling Wesley, in the Netflix show, Teenage Bounty Hunters. She starred as Cate Dunlap, a mind empath, in Gen V (2023), a spinoff of Amazon Prime hit, The Boys.

    It leaped her to a place she never thought she could ever reach. And there is no denying, it’s only the beginning of her showbiz career in the big leagues. In the days to come, the 29 actress is set to collect more fame and an even greater fortune.

    Debunking Maddie’s Earnings: What’s Her Salary?

    A rising star, Phillips may have an ambiguity when it comes to her salary and earnings. But given her work in popular TV shows in major roles, there is no denying that she makes a decent sum and lives an attractive lifestyle.

    There’s no harm in guessing, right? Well, of course! Assumptions are Maddie earns around $120-$250k a year, which breaks down to a monthly paycheck of $10-$20k. Taking her current net worth into consideration, this estimation feels legit.

    Maddie Phillips' net worth got a significant rise from Amazon show, Gen V
    Maddie in the Amazon Prime series Gen V, a spin-off of The Boys

    It further goes without saying that her career has helped her a lot financially. In simple words, she is who she is because of acting.

    Moreover, Maddie could pocket loads of money if she uses her social media for endorsements; her Instagram account with over 158k followers has a potential to earn her hundreds of dollars per sponsored post.

    Is It True That She Owns Branded Cars?

    As far as our concern goes, the actress might own at least one branded car. Besides, she hardly ever speaks about her lifestyle – however, it might be. So, truth be told, it is very difficult to debunk her possessions.

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    Hopefully, as she further grows in her profession, we can expect her to be more transparent. Until then, her loyal fans need to hold their peace.

    Maddie Phillips Lives In Canada

    Phillips may take back & forth tours to the USA for her work, she currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. After graduating with distinction from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, she moved back to her homeland. Ever since then, she’s been living there in a house of her own.

    Since she already earns a huge sum and her parents live overseas, she has bought (or at least rented) a luxurious apartment in the city. But, sadly, the details haven’t been disclosed yet.

    Began Acting At Age 6: Where Does She Stand Now?

    The Canadian native got the moniker, “Maddie”, as she began her journey as a 6-year-old actress. It became even more evident after her parents moved from Canada to Perth, Australia when she was 10.

    Having an interest in singing, photography, acting, and anything within the creative arts, Phillips did not have to struggle much in the industry. Nevertheless, she did not receive worldwide recognition until 2013; she made her adult debut in the film If I Had Wings.

    Following this, she starred in two short films – Antoinette in 2014, and Victory Square in 2016. One of her other short movies, The Roommate was a part of the International Canadian Comedy Film Festival.

    Maddie Phillips landed in her first major role in Teenage Bounty Hunters
    Maddie Phillips as Sterling in the TV series Teenage Bounty Hunters

    Additionally, she’s best known for her performance in TV series, Supernatural and Ghost Wars as well.

    At present, her roles in Teenage Bounty Hunters and Gev V have received quite the compliments. Starring alongside actors like Anjelica Bett Fellini and Lizzie Broadway has boosted Maddie’s reputation in the Canadian film industry.