Who Is Liv Lo’s Parents? From Her Career To Her Love Life

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    Liv Lo is the long-term wife of charming Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding. Alongside being popular in the name of her husband, she is quite well-known as a model, television personality, yoga instructor, and social media influencer. Following her growing popularity people are very curious to know about the parents of the talented Liv.

    Here, we will talk about the early life Lo lived prior to her popularity. Hand in hand we will also discover interesting details about her race and her origin in general.

    Liv Lo Comes From Italian-Taiwanese Mixed Parents

    Lo was born on May 21, 1985, in the Taichung City, Taiwan. Her mother Mary Chen is from Taiwan and got into a relationship with an Italian man, who reportedly became the father to her child Liv. We do not have any information regarding whether Mary was married to the man, but they together gave birth to Liv.

    Liv Lo as a child with mother Mary Chen.
    A picture of young Liv Lo with her mother Mary Chen. Source: Instagram

    Despite this, Lo holds Taiwanese ethnicity and prefers calling herself a Taiwanese too. She had not opened up about her origin until several questions regarding her ethnicity started popping up in the media.

    Liv Has Not Met Her Biological Father Until Today

    As a result of being tired of all the people questioning her real race and ethnicity, she finally opened up the truth about her parents. In 2018, Liv shared an Instagram post answering the existing questions about her dad an mom.

    She wrote;

    My biological father didn’t raise me – in fact, I have never met him.

    Neither she nor her mother has ever been open about the type of relationship her parents had. But this made it clear that the popular influencer never had any emotional connection with her biological dad.

    Lo Grew Up With Her Mother and Step-Father

    Liv’s mother Mary got married to a Taiwanese man, Richard Lo who accepted her completely and gave her his last name. She grew up with her stepfather and mother in Taiwan.

    In the same above-mentioned post, she also opened up that she considers her step-father as her real and one and only father. Lo wrote;

    My Dad, surname Lo, is from Hong Kong and raised us bilingually because they wanted a bigger world for our family. I am sorry Daddy, you have given me the world, and yet I have to say that I am half Italian to explain my race, not identity. I am not lying, but it’s not the truth too.

    Liv Lo with her stepdad Richard Lo.
    Liv was brought up by her stepfather, Richard Lo, and Mother Mary. Source: Instagram

    Liv shares a very close bond with her parents and often shares pictures together on various occasions.

    She Has A Younger Sister and A Late Brother Sam

    Liv’s mother gave birth to two other children with Richard, a daughter and a son. As we grew up together, the three siblings shared an incredible bond and love with each other.
    Liv’s sister, Leeza Loo lives a private life. On the other hand, her brother Sam tragically passed away in February of 2019.

    Liv Holds A Bachelor’s Degree In Mass Communication

    Lo grew up and completed her school-level education in Taiwan itself. Later she joined Temple University, Japan for her Bachelor’s program.

    Eventually, she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from the university. Her degree has helped her to establish herself as an outspoken and popular television personality.

    Lo Started Modeling At The Age of 17: Her Career

    Coming from a family with no connection to the modeling and acting industry, Liv ended up in the modeling industry at the young age of 17. She started modeling in her teenage which she continued for eight years.

    Liv performing her modeling shoot
    Lo makes more than a million per year from her profession as a yoga instructor and influencer. Source: Instagram

    With a successful career as a model, Lo entered into the television industry. She started hosting TV shows for Fox Movies Premium. As of today, Liv is an established yoga and fitness instructor along with a social media influencer with 256k followers with thousands of likes per post.

    Lo Has Been Married To Her Husband Henry Golding Since 2016

    While thriving hard in the television and movie industry, Liv met the love of her life, Henry Golding at a New Year Eve’s Party in 2010. Liv made the first move to have a conversation with the actor which eventually resulted in a love relationship.

    They got engaged in 2015 in Phuket, Thailand, and eventually married in August 2016 at the Cove 55 resort in Sarawak, Malaysia.

    Henry Also Holds Half Asian Ethnicity

    Similar to Liv, her husband, Henry also comes from a mixed-ethnic background. He is the son of a British father and a Malaysian mother Margaret Likan Golding.

    Lo and her husband Henry Golding walks in an event
    Model Liv and actor Henry have known each other for more than a decade now. Source: Getty Images

    The reason behind the duo instantly clicking and sharing such a close bond might also be their shared heritage and ethnic connection.

    Liv and Henry’s Children Are Fond Of Asian Culture

    Lo and her husband, Golding have two beautiful daughters, the eldest, Lyla, and the younger one Florence together. The two parents have given equal priorities to the Asian culture that they hold.

    Liv shared that she always searches for unique ways to introduce details about their ethnicity to her children. She shared, that her daughters love Asian food and reading books such as Eva Chen’s I am Golden.

    In contrast to their mother, the two daughters have received wonderful guidance and nurture from their parents.

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