List of Maude Apatow’s Boyfriends: Is She Dating In 2023?

August 4, 2023   | August 4, 2023  | 

    In recent events of Maude Apatow’s on-screen boyfriend, Angus Cloud’s death, her love life has once again come into the spotlight. Given her previous romantic association with Cloud, there is growing curiosity about her current dating life in 2023.

    Well, let’s take a look at her boyfriend and all the men Apatow has previously been linked to.

    Key Takeaways

    • As of 2023, Maude is reportedly dating an author Sam Koppelnman.
    • Before Cloud’s passing in 2023, Maude was rumored to be dating her late co-star Angus.
    • Apatow has been linked to several high-profile men, including Charlie Christie and Lucas Gage.
    • She had her first kiss on-screen when the actress was just 6 years old.

    Who Is Maude Apatow’s Boyfriend In 2023?

    Reports currently link Apatow to a relationship with Sam Koppelnman, a New York Times best-selling author. The speculation began after the two were spotted together on January 20, 2022, attending the New York Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans basketball game.

    Maude is rumored to be in a relationship with Sam
    Maude is seen holding hands with her rumored boyfriend, Sam.

    Since that initial sighting, they have been seen together on several occasions, often holding hands. Sources claim that the couple is in a relationship and are lowkey about it, but neither Maude nor her reported bf Sam has confirmed their dating rumor.

    Maude Apatow’s Boyfriend Sam Is An Author To A Bestseller Book

    Sam’s co-writing of the best-selling book “Impeach: The Case Against Donald Trump” has earned him widespread recognition. Besides this, as a skilled speechwriter, Koppelnman has contributed to several reputable publications, including The Washington Post, Harper’s Magazine, and Time Magazine.

    Additionally, since February 2017, Maude’s bf has been serving as an advisor at Fenway Strategies, LLC. In June 2022, Sam also co-founded Mayday Heath in June 2022.

    Koppelnman Is A Harvard Graduate

    He earned a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University, where Koppelnman distinguished himself as a John Harvard Scholar due to his exceptional academic performance.

    Sam is an author and speechwriter.
    Maude and her beau Sam at the basketball game where they were spotted together for the first time.

    Further, during his tenure at Harvard, he collaborated with Yascha Mounk at the Department of Government, engaging in research and providing support for the writing of Mounk’s book titled “The People vs Democracy.”

    In addition to this, Sam held multiple roles at The Harvard Crimson, the university’s newspaper, including working as a columnist, Op-Ed editor, and Executive Magazine Editor.

    Muade Was Linked To Her On-screen Boyfriend Angus Cloud In Euphoria

    Apatow’s on-screen chemistry with her “Euphoria” co-star, Angus Cloud had fans speculating about a possible real-life romance. Their roles as Lexi and Fezco, the on-screen lovers made fans ship them as a couple off-screen as well.

    Angus died at the age of 25.
    Maude and her late co-star, Angus.

    Rumors about their relationship gained traction when people spotted them together at New York Fashion Week in 2022. The speculations intensified after people saw the duo again, enjoying a Valentine’s Day dinner date on February 13, 2022, adding fuel to the dating rumors.

    To add to the excitement, Angus took to Twitter and posted a photo of himself and Maude wearing matching outfits, along with the caption “Fexi,” referencing the ship name given to their characters’ on-screen romance in “Euphoria.”

    Despite these intriguing appearances and hints, neither Apatow nor her late alleged bf Cloud officially confirmed their relationship status during that time.

    Cloud Died Of A Possible Drug Overdose

    Euphoria’s star, Angus died on 31 July 2023 at the age of 25 at his family home in Oakland, California. There is a possibility that he died from a drug overdose, but this has not been confirmed yet.

    Unfortunately, his father died just a week before his own death and following that, his family revealed that Cloud had been dealing with suicidal thoughts.

    Maude’s Tribute To Her Late Co-Star

    After the passing of Angus Cloud, Maude took to Instagram to express her grief and feelings of loss for someone she worked closely with and cared about. She posted several pictures of them and called him the best and how much of a magical person he was.


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    She shared how heartbroken she was and that she will always love him. It’s clear that Apatow cherished her time with Angus and is deeply saddened by his passing.

    List of Maude Apatow’s Other Boyfriends

    Charlie Christie

    In April 2018, Maude was in a relationship with British talent manager Charlie Christie. The former couple used to dine at London’s Bocca Di Lupo restaurant.

    Maude and her ex-boyfriend.
    Maude and Charlie used to date in 2018.

    However, their relationship eventually came to an end in 2020. And as is often the case with breakups, they removed pictures of each other from their social media accounts.

    Despite this, the fact that they still follow each other on Instagram might indicate that they have remained on amicable terms following the split.

    Lukas Gage

    There were rumors suggesting that Maude and actor Lucas Gage dated in 2021. The two have worked together in several movies and shows like “Euphoria” and “Assassination Nation”.

    Their frequent sightings together, including a trip to New York in January 2022, fueled the dating rumors. Moreover, Maude’s comment on one of Lucas Gage’s Instagram photos where she called him “gorgeous” added to the speculations.

    Adding onto that, in February 2023, Maude posted a photo of herself with her reported-boyfriend Lucas, captioning it with “I love u”. To this, he responded in the same way, saying “I love u armaudi apatow.”

    Maude and Lukas together
    Maude and Lukas were said to be in a relationship in 2021

    Although they never officially confirmed their relationship, Maude’s sister, Iris, playfully hinted at it, suggesting that there might be some truth to the rumors.

    Nonetheless, it seems like they are just friends since Gage is in a relationship with hairstylist Chris Appleton.

    She Had Her First Kiss On-Screen at 6

    Maude had her first onscreen kiss during the filming of the TV series “Mad Men”. Interestingly, she was just 6 years old at the time.

    Later in her teenage years, she developed a few one-sided crushes. This is evidenced by her tweets about these crushes at the time.