Lindi Nunziato Wanted To Become A Surgeon; Interesting Facts About Her

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    Lindi Nunziato, commonly known as Lmonies, is a prominent figure in the fitness sector. She is a fitness model and influencer and has gained recognition for her online presence, which includes provocative imagery. Further, Her popularity has steadily increased since the initial phases of her career.

    This article contains all the information you need to know about Lindi. Know about her early years, love interests, net worth, and other details.

    Key Takeaways

    • Lindi was born on 2nd September 1987, in the US.
    • She has competed in multiple competitions and has won most of them.
    • She is a model, an influencer, and a content creator.
    • Her estimated net worth is more than $1.5 million.

    Lindi Nunziato Before She Rose To Fame

    She was born Lindi Lee Nunziato was born on the 2nd of September 1987, in Florida, the US. The gorgeous model spent her early life in Citrus County, Florida.

    For her education, she attended the Lecanto Middle School based in Lecanto. It looks like right after her high school graduation, she jumped straight into working, so she didn’t study after that.

    Lini is from Florida.
    The star has won multiple beauty and bodybuilding competitions

    Linda Showed Interest In Modeling From an Early Age

    From her early teen, Nunziato has shown a strong interest in modeling. She participated in a number of fashion competitions and once she came in as a second runner-up in the Miss Teen Citrus County competition.

    Her unwavering dedication reflects her resolute determination to nurture her body. Furthermore, Lindi now has a figure that many women would kill for, thanks to her regular engagement in the gym.

    Lindi Wanted To Become Surgeon and Not Model

    In a surprising turn of events, we have discovered that growing up, she had other passions, instead of modeling. In an article by Tampa Bay Times, Lindi wanted to become a plastic surgeon.

    Though she didn’t become a surgeon, she ended up doing plastic surgery throughout her body.

    The Influencer Used To Compete In Different Competition

    Nunziato was first introduced to the world of modeling in 2011 when she was crowned Miss August for the clothing line Skinny Buddha. Later pursuing her passion for fitness, she participated in multiple bodybuilding competitions and came out victorious in some of them.

    Moreover, she also won popular championships like The Miami Muscle Beach Pro and The Pittsburgh Championship.

    She Describes Herself As A Model, Influencer, And Content Creator

    Lindi now has a huge fan following with more than 3 million followers on Instagram, about 1.7 million on Twitter, and thousands of followers on her Facebook page.

    The Influencer model has a total following of almost 5 million combined with platforms like Youtube and many more.

    Lindi shows her riveting figure on Instagram
    Lindi is a Model and an Influencer

    Furthermore, she also has her own website through which she keeps her fans updated directly through email. The website is also used to sell her merchandise and the website also has the option to donate to her.

    The Model Also Has OnlyFans

    Her content creation is not limited to YouTube alone, the model also has an Only Fans.

    Moreover, the influencer seems to be quite transparent about her fitness journey and promotes her OnlyFans content on her personal website as well.

    The Model Has Gone Through Multiple Plastic Surgeries To Attain A Body Like Jessica Rabbit

    Lindi has gone through multiple surgeries including three boob jobs to look like a fictional character Jessica Rabbit. She has spent more than  €50,000 and is satisfied with the results. Furthermore, Lmonies is open about her surgeries and claims to have helped her grow on social media.

    Moreover, the influencer first had her first surgery at the age of 19 and she blames Jessica Rabbit for it. From a young age, the model was heavily influenced by the fictional character and had an obsession with big breasts.

    She Warns Girls To Do Their Research Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

    The procedures might have helped Lindi obtain her ideal body, but not all of her experiences have been pleasant. While undergoing liposuction, some complications arrived due to insufficient fat in her body.

    Fortunately, the procedure didn’t cause her significant pain, and she now advises girls to thoroughly research before making decisions.

    About Her Love Life

    The model is currently single and is dedicated to her career. Despite her busy schedule, the actress did manage some time to date in the past. In a podcast with Blackstone Labs, she revealed that she did date a couple of guys in the past, but sadly did not add any information on that topic.

    However, she did mention what she was looking for in a man, she said “Yes I would like to have someone who has the same you know the same things that I like”. She further added, “That takes care of themselves that like shoes and nice s**t I mean yeah so they if they’re if they’re gonna like that stuff they”.

    Additionally, she also said that she likes men who are financially stable, normal guys, and also said that she had dated a cop in the past.

    Is She Attracted To Older Men?

    In the interview mentioned above with Blackstone Labs, Lindi talked about how she would not find her “baby daddy” on Tinder. This implies that the model is planning to settle down in the future. As we have talked about her preference for men, we know she is looking for someone who is settled, which is more common in older men than the younger ones.

    Additionally, she has also posted a picture with Ric Flair, a WWE Hall of Famer, talking about stealing a kiss from him in the caption.


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    The Influencer has not addressed anything regarding herself being interested in someone older. However, her post and interview are slightly hinting at her appeal to older men.

    Net Worth

    Nunziato’s estimated net worth is more than $1.5 million. When it comes to her income, it’s important to note that she generates a substantial sum.

    Her main revenue streams are from her role as a fitness influencer and her earnings from OnlyFans subscriptions. Additionally, her association with various companies and sponsorship also contribute significantly to her financial success.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Lindi Lee Nunziato
    Popular Name Lindi Nunziato
    Birth Place Citrus County, Florida
    Birthday September 1987
    Age 36 years
    Zodiac Virgo
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Italian
    School Lecanto Middle School
    Profession Model
    Net Worth $1.5 Million
    Height 5ft 10 inches / 178 cm
    Weight 60 Kg
    Eye Color Green
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight