Les Paul Deal, Mick Mars’ Son Is Following In His Footstep

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    Les Paul Deal is the son of the famous heavy metal band musician, Robert Alan Deal, otherwise known as, Mick Mars. Despite having a famous father, Les Paul has lived a life in secret. Neither does he come forward for interviews nor does he have a celebrated lifestyle as his dad. This, in turn, has left fans eager to know about the celebrity kid.

    Well, what if we tell you that the wait is over today? Read the article below to be mesmerized by the not-so-famous life of Les Paul Deal. Is he close to his father, Mars? Find out for yourself!

    Key Takeaways

    • Les Paul Deal was born in 1971 as the eldest son of Robert Alan Deal (Mick Mars) and his ex-wife, Sharon Deal. His parents separated in 1973.
    • He and his younger sister, Stormy grew up in Riverside, California with their mother and step-father, Joe Buonantony. Additionally, he also has a half-brother, Erik Deal from his dad’s other relationship.
    • He is a musician and a guitar maker by profession.
    • He has been married to Heather Sloan Thomas since April 2022. They reunited after 20 years and got married.
    • He has so far, adopted the kids from his partner’s first marriage. He has three sons and a daughter.
    • He has a net worth of $8 million and is also an heir to his dad’s $50 million fortune.

    Les Paul’s Parents Were Only Married For A Couple Of Years; His Early Life

    Les Paul was born as the eldest son of Robert Alan and his first wife, Sharon Deal in the year 1971. His mother and father tied the knot due to early pregnancy i.e., the pregnancy that gave birth to him. The former Mr. and Mrs. had to get married in a hurry back in the early 70s, just to separate after two years.

    Les Paul's parents, Mick Mars and Sharon Deal
    An old picture of Les with his beloved parents before they separated

    Back in the day, his father was known as “Bob” Deal. His career, which is celebrated so fondly at present, was in the making. Due to this reason, Mars was never active in helping raise his children. Alas, Sharon, who was working three jobs at the time, had to leave her husband behind.

    He And His Sister Grew Up With Their Mother And Her Second Husband

    Stormy Deal is his one and only sibling. She was born on 4th September 1973 – only 6 months prior to their parents’ separation.

    Moreover, the brother-sister duo grew up in the loving embrace of their stepdad in Los Angeles. While working at Von’s, a grocery store, the heavy metal musician’s ex-wife came across her second husband, Joe Buonantony. Shortly after dating for a few months, Sharon and Joe got hitched; they’re speculated to be together to this very day.

    Later on, the couple moved to Riverside, California. That is also where Les and Stormy spent the rest of their childhood. Furthermore, Paul Deal attended Rubidaux High School, a school in his local neighborhood; his sister is also an alum of the high school.

    Deal Has A “Mystery” Half-Sibling

    Besides Stormy, Les Paul also has a younger brother, Erik Deal. Reports confirm he was born in 1976 and is 48 years old as of today. Unfortunately, no information on his mother is known to the public. On top of this, he has also lived off the radar all his life.

    Mick Mars’s Son Has Followed In His Footsteps; All About Les’s Career

    Like-father, Like-son – Mick Mars’s eldest one is into music just like his dad. As a matter of fact, Les Paul Deal is a guitarist and plays for his very own band. Going through his account on Facebook, you will see a bunch of pictures of him enjoying on-stage gigs.

    Mick Mars's son is also into music
    Les Paul Deal with his guitar on-stage

    Unfortunately, the celebrity kid hasn’t shared much about his band on his page. Even if he has posted a couple of pictures, they’re single photos of himself, and not of his group. Perhaps, he plays for a local band. Our best guess is that the group is based in Ashland, Kentucky – that is where he currently resides as well.

    Additionally, it is also to be noted that he is a proud guitar maker in the area. Paul shares some of his finest works on his Facebook page as well.

    Music Brings Him And His Dad Closer Together

    Music has always worked as a medium to bond between the father-son duo. Even more so, his dad and the guitars that he makes hold a special place in his heart.

    In 2019, he posted two pictures of a well-made guitar. Reading the caption, it seemed quite clear that the instrument was dedicated to his dad; whom he calls, Pops. Over and above this, it took him and his partner over a year to make a guitar that was up to the mark.

    A small part of the caption read,

    “He (Mick Mars) has ordered guitars from the ‘custom shops’ and paid a good chunk of money to get a really great instrupent, but it still wasn’t exactly what he ordered. Mike and I set out to make a guitar that had everything on his grocery list. This guitar challeged us budding builders from conception to final assembly. We learned a lot, and we expect to learn a lot more.”

    He further added,

    “To see my Pops smile when he first opened the case was a proud moment for sure.”

    Les Paul Deal Is A Happily Married Man

    According to his page on Facebook, he and his wife, Heather Sloan Thomas got married in April 2022. Interestingly enough, he tied the knot when he was 51 years old.

    Celebrity kid, Les Paul Deal married at the age of 51
    His picture with the love of his life, Heather Thomas on their wedding day

    So, why did he get hitched so late in life, you ask? Well, that’s a lovely story on its own!

    Based on one of his posts, he and his current spouse dated around the late 90s/early 2000s. They had one kiss back then that was enough for Mars’s son to fall head over heels for Heather. Unfortunately, life separated them from each other and they were contactless for over 20 years.

    Even then, Les did not lose hope. Although he dated a few women here and there in between, he always knew Thomas was the one and thought about her often. Soon enough, fate brought the couple closer as they resumed their contact via social media.

    At last, on 9th October 2020, they became a couple once again. Merely two years later, he asked the love of his life to spend the rest of her life with him; and so she did!

    How Many Kids Does The Guitarist Have?

    You’ll be surprised to know that Mick Mars’s son does not have children. However, he has adopted his wife’s kids from her former marriage. At present, the husband-wife duo are parents to their four children – 3 sons and a daughter.

    Soon after marrying Heather Sloan, the guitar maker adopted her children. Around March 2022, we believe that the adoption came through and they became a fulfilled family of six.

    Moreover, Les Paul seems to love his adopted kids as his own. He can’t get enough of them as he constantly posts their pictures on his Facebook page as well.

    Is He An Heir To His Esteemed Father’s Fortune? Les Paul’s Net Worth

    Indeed, Les Paul Deal is one of the heirs to his dad’s fortune. According to the sources, his father, the co-founder of the heavy metal band, Motley Crue, has a whopping net worth of $50 million as of 2024.

    It is no wonder that someday, Paul will be receiving a huge chunk of this wealth. On the other hand, he also has a personal net worth of around $8 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Les Paul Deal
    Popular Name Les Paul
    Birth Place California
    Birthday 1971
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Half: German, English, and Scottish
    Father Robert Alan Deal, aka, Mick Mars
    Mother Sharon Deal
    Siblings Stormy Deal and Erik Deal
    School Rubidaux High School
    Profession Guitarist and guitar maker
    Net Worth $8 million
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Heather Sloan Thomas
    Children 4 (3 Sons and 1 Daughter)