Why Did Laura Deibel Remain Single After Divorce From Tim Allen? Is She Still Alive?

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    Laura Diebel, the ex-wife of the Toy Story actor, Tim Allen has been spending a single life since their much-talked-about divorce. She also has not been seen much after the separation. Since many witnessed their unstable marriage, they also want to know about the life Laura had after the separation.

    So, where has Laura Diebel been after the divorce from her ex-husband?

    The Start Of Laura Diebel’s Troublesome Marriage With Ex-Husband, Tim Allen

    Deibel was in love with actor Tim Allen for more than 15 years. They first met in their college and initially started hanging out together as classmates. After a short time, they started dating and had a pretty smooth love relationship.

    In 1984, the love birds decided to get married. After five years of their wedding, Laura gave birth to their first child, Katherine Allen.

    Diebel Filed for Divorce After 15 years of Marriage

    After spending 15 years of conjugal life, Laura filed for divorce against her then-husband. The case got into much hype as Allen had been living a well-known and settled life in the Hollywood industry.

    Young Tim Allen and Laura Diebel attends The 25th Annual People's Choice Awards
    Young Tim Allen and Laura Diebel attends The 25th Annual People’s Choice Awards

    In the year 1999, Deibel filed for separation in the Superior Court of Los Angeles. The couple officially separated in 2003 and shared custody of their then-13-year-old daughter. While the reason for the divorce was initially said to be the interpersonal differences and incompatibility between them, the real cause was something different and serious.

    Tim’s Infidelity Compelled Diebel to Divorce

    The 70-year-old actor and comedian, Tim allegedly cheated on his long-term partner several times during their marriage. Following this, Laura also was fed up with the ignorance Tim had towards his responsibility as a husband and a father.

    Allen reportedly worked almost every day and chose his break days to drink and hang out with his friends. Gradually, he also developed an alcohol addiction which eventually led him to a rehabilitation center.

    Laura Deibel Stands By Her Ex-Husband Tim Allen Side As He Receives Award
    Laura Deibel Stands By Her Ex-husband Tim Allen Side As He Receives Award

    After 12 years of being left by his ex-partner, the comedian himself admitted that he had not been communicating well with his now ex-wife Laura and shared.

    “I was gone so much in my first marriage; I love the moments when I engage with my youngest daughter now. It’s not my thing to sit on the ground and play tea party, but I’ll do it because it’s a moment that will stick with me forever.”

    Laura Diebel Is Living an Unmarried Life in Her Late 60s

    Laura has been unmarried since her divorce from Allen. There is also no clue about her being in any sort of romantic relationship. As of 2023, she is 67 years old and is still living a single life.

    In contrast to Diebel, her ex-spouse got married after three years of their legal separation. He has been married to Jane Hajduk since October 7, 2006.

    Why Did Laura Diebel Choose to Remain Single?

    Laura stood strong alongside her husband in every thick and thin of his life. She even supported her husband while he was sentenced to 28 months of prison after being caught with cocaine.

    Despite the immense support and unconditional love, Deibel provided to Tim, she got cheated on in return. During the marriage, the actor’s wife also had to take full responsibility for their child and raise her all alone. This infidelity and disloyalty trauma must be the real reason for her choosing to remain single and not get back into another toxic relationship.

    Diebel’s Life Without Tim Allen: Where Is She Today?

    Laura lived a conserved life before her involvement with the actor which again repeated after their separation. There is also no information regarding her professional career, however, she served as a sales manager during the 1980s.

    Deibel shares a good bond with her daughter, Katherine who is 34 years old at present.

    According to her Facebook account, Laura has lived in Sherman Oaks, California, since 2018.

    Laura Works On Her Cherry Farm At Present: Short Bio

    Peeking into the early life of Diebel, she comes from a pretty well-to-do family. She was born on November 12, 1956, to her father Gibert and mother Annette. Sadly, her dad is no more today.

    Laura’s late dad served in World War 2 in the US Army. He was a B-24 Bomber Pilot and worked along with the 5th Army Air Force. Similarly, her mom was pretty established and is the former director of a non-profit organization, Leelanau Conservancy. Deibel parents gave birth to two other daughters along with Laura.

    As of today, Laura owns a cherry farm in Omena Point which previously belonged to her parents.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Laura Deibel
    Birth Place Omena, Michigan
    Birthday November 12, 1956
    Age 67 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Gubert Deibel
    Mother Annette Deibel
    Siblings 2 Sisters Andrea Muladore, Roxanne Deibel
    School Douglas MacArthur High School
    Profession Former Sales Manager
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Divorced
    Relationship Status Single
    Spouse Tim Allen (1884-2003)
    Children Katherine Allen (Daughter)