Kyra Ehlers, Chad Ehler’s Daughter; Who is her biological mother?

February 24, 2023   | February 24, 2023  | 

    Kyra Ehlers is famous as Chad Ehlers’ daughter. Her father is a social media influencer who became famous after he started sharing about his younger child, Mia’s cancer journey.

    Soon, he started The Chad Movement, an online platform where social media personalities come together to promote positivity in the community. On his social media handle, he shares a lot of dancing videos, along with his older daughter Kyra.

    From the beginning, there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding Kyra Ehlers’ biological mother. Some sources state she is dead, while some claim she is not. So who is she? and What else do we know about Kyra? Let’s get right into it!

    Who is Kyra Ehlers? 

    She was born on 16th July 2004, in Tennessee, United States. Belonging to the Caucasian ethnicity, Kyra has American nationality. She spent the major portion of her childhood in Chattanooga, TN.

    For her education, she went to Bradley Central High School. Afterward, she went to the Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School.

    After graduating high school, she applied to the Georgia Institute of Technology where she was accepted.

    Her Siblings

    She is one of two ‘known’ children of Chad. Kyra has a younger sister named Mia, who is suffering from Leukemia. Mia is the daughter between Chad and his first wife, Ruslana.

    Apart from Mia, Kyra has a handful of other siblings as well, many of which Chad has never mentioned. One of them is Christian, who is the son of Ruslana and Chad. Moreover, from her mom Jennifer’s side, he has one sister, Maddison. 

    Who is Kyra Ehlers’ mother? Is her mom really dead?

    For many years we’ve all thought Kyra’s mother is his late wife Lilly Robinson as that is what Chad has been saying. However, eagle-eyed fans have found her real mother. Kyra’s biological mom is Jennifer Smith. Her mother is a Cleveland, Tennessee native and is the daughter of Sara Smith.

    Kyra's mother Jennifer is not dead
    Kyra’s mother Jennifer is not dead.

    We first came to know about Jennifer when she started posting online about her daughter Kyra and how Chad was lying that she was dead. From then on, she has shared a lot of videos where she openly talks about how her ex-partner has fabricated all the lies regarding her.

    Were Kyra’s mom and dad married?

    No, Chad and Jennifer were never married to each other. When Kyra was born, Chad was only 21 years old. Kyra Ehler’s parents might have met for the first time when Chad was studying at the University of Chattanooga, Tennessee, however, it’s not sure.

    Kyra as a infant with her dad
    Kyra with her father.

    There’s not much info on Chad and Kyra’s relationship, but it seems like a fairly short one. When they broke up, it looks like the pair ended on bad terms, considering how Chad never talked about her and even went as far as to say that Kyra’s mom is no longer in this world.

    Nevertheless, Jennifer has since come to the light and we all know what the reality is.

    Kyra Ehlers went Missing: What happened to her?

    It is reported that back in 2021, Kyra had run away from her dad Chad’s home. Her father Chad didn’t mention anything about his daughter’s disappearance.

    Then a lot of social media users came forward and divulged this big news. According to a post on Reddit, Kyra reportedly ran away after she became terrified of her own father. She ran away from a group home, where her dad had placed her.

    Kyra went missing
    Kyra went missing.

    A lot of Chad’s fans called him out for neglecting his elder daughter and not even mentioning anything about her disappearance on his social media account.

    What is Kyra Ehlers doing now?

    She is currently studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology. On the side, she is working at Treasure’s Academy where she earns a decent salary for sustaining her day-to-day life.

    Everything in her life is going on pretty well. She has even moved to her own apartment. Her mother Jenny first mentioned the news through her TikTok account that her daughter has moved to her very own place.

    @jennbabyluv I’m excited as Kyra’s Journey begins.. #1stApartment #BabyGirlonThaWay #Workin #Start2AdultLife #ProudMomma ♬ Independent Women, Pt. 1 – Destiny’s Child

    We are really happy for Kyra who is trying to do something on her own, without the help of her famous father.

    Kyra is Pregnant: Who is her boyfriend or husband?

    It’s good news for Chad Ehler’s fans as he is going to become a grandfather soon. His daughter Kyra is expecting a girl. Her mom Jenny divulged her baby girl is pregnant with her first child in October 2022.

    Kyra is pregnant
    Kyra is expecting a baby girl.

    Although we don’t know how far along she is, we can say she will give birth in a matter of months. On her Facebook account, she is sharing her pregnancy journey as slowly and steadily she is advancing toward becoming a mother.

    Now let’s get into the big question, who is the baby’s father? Well, unfortunately, it is not known. But that being said, from her other older Facebook account, Kyra has written on her intro that she is engaged to Matthew Lee Peterson since 12th March 2017 so he might be her baby’s father. However, we can’t say this with certainty.

    Kyra boyfriend
    Kyra with her partner, Matthew.

    Her Net Worth

    She is just starting out in her professional journey, so we can’t say anything about her fortune. Meanwhile, her dad Chad is worth $4 Million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Kyra Ehlers
    Birth Place Tennessee
    Birthday July 16, 2004
    Age 19 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Chad Ehlers
    Mother Jennifer Smith
    Siblings 3 Half-Siblings (Mia Ehlers, Christian, Madison)