Who is Kevin Samuels girlfriend? Was he married to a wife?

June 13, 2023   | June 13, 2023  | 

    Image consultant and guru, Kevin Samuels was famous for giving out relationship and married-related advice to folks. He unfortunately died in 2022 and since then a lot of people became eager to know if he had a girlfriend.

    Kevin was one of the controversial figures in the YouTube space, thanks to his unfiltered take on modern-day relationships. He was never afraid of speaking his heart out which used to cause a major stir.

    Here today we will found who was Kevin Samuels wife and find out if his relationship was great for someone who acted like an image guru to thousands of people.

    Who was Kevin Samuels girlfriend?

    At the time of his death, Kevin wasn’t in a relationship with anyone. Although a handful of sites do claim he had a girlfriend, the late YouTuber never confirmed anything.

    Despite having a career made out of giving out advice to people in regard to their private life, Samuels rarely talked about his own. His secretive nature even made many people assume that he is a fraudster. People stated that he wasn’t able to figure out his own life let alone help others.

    Was he dating Ortencia Alcantara?

    When he passed away in 2022, he was reportedly hooking up with Atlanta native Ortencia. Samuels was hanging out with his Atlanta-based nurse right on the eve of his death.

    Given their close proximity and whatnot, a lot of reports suggested the pair were indeed checking each other out. Tragically, the truth about the nature of their relationship never came to light as just a day after they met he died.

    Who was Kevin Samuels wife?

    The African-American influencer exchanged vows two times in his life. His first marriage was to his high school girlfriend. The exes met in 4th grade and studied at the same, Millwood High School. Up until his end, he didn’t reveal the name of his first spouse.

    Kevin Samuels had two wives
    Kevin was married twice and shared one daughter.

    Although the exact specifics of their marriage are not available, we do know they married after graduating from school. At the time of their marriage, both of them were incredibly young. In an interview with DJ Vlad, Kevin mentioned he wasn’t ready for such a big commitment and this proved to be the breaking point of their relationship.

    Why did he part ways with his first partner?

    Only a year after becoming husband and wife, the lovebirds decided to divorce. According to him, the separation happened because both of them weren’t ready for it. Moreover, he later realized that they were better friends instead of married couples.

    Up until his death in 2022, he was still in close contact with her and they were good friends.

    He married his second wife seven years after his first divorce

    Just like his first partner, he never leaked the identification of his second esposa.

    The couple had tied the knot 7 years after Kevin Samuel’s first divorce. Their marital bliss stayed on for 3-years before they called it quits citing irreconcilable differences.

    Did he have any children?

    Yes, he was the father of one child, a daughter, whom he shared with his first wife. She was born on June 29, 2000. Right after the duo separated, both of them shared the joint custody of their baby girl.

    But there’s not much info as to what is she doing nowadays. Kevin himself once stated that he doesn’t like to talk about his life behind doors in public.

    His ex-wife claimed he didn’t pay child support on time

    Some times after he departed, his first wife came to the media and revealed not-so-good things about her ex-hubby. According to her, he was behind the child support payment.

    In addition to this, the self-proclaimed relationship guru didn’t have any sort of relationship with his child. Furthermore, he never even bothered to pay for her education as well.

    As much as we’d hate to slander on a dead man, Kevin really wasn’t a good father.

    Kevin once dated an Instagram model

    In August 2020, he shared a picture with a hot model who goes by @Sixfootah on Insta. Both of them were seemingly cozied up which set fire to the rumor mill stating he was dating his black influencer.

    Was Kevin Samuels girlfriend Ortencia behind his death?

    When news of his death and his alleged affair with Alcantara came to the surface, many of his fans argued the Latina was behind his sudden death.

    According to Georgia police, who went to his apartment after a 911 call was made, the pair met just one day before his untimely demise. What’s more, the hot Nurse even spent a night with the late YouTuber at his apartment.

    Kevin's girlfriend who was with him the day he died.
    Kevin’s last known girlfriend, Alcantara.

    On the day of his departure from this world, he complained to Ortencia about having chest pain in the morning. Given she was a nurse, she tried to help out anyway, but eventually, she had to call 911 after he fell on top of her.

    The paramedics on the scene couldn’t revive him and he was pronounced dead on May 5th, 2022. He was 53.

    But later the coroners report came which proved that there was foul play involved. Samuels died of hypertension aka high blood pressure.

    Ortencia made her Insta account private after murder accusation

    Just like any sane person, Alcantara stowed away her social media profile after Samuel’s tragic end. She took such measures after thousands of people came pouring onto her account and accused her of killing Kevin.

    Just sometime before she went dark, she shared a story with a long message targeted at people who blamed her for the mishap.

    She wrote,

    “It’s crazy how complete strangers try to hurt your character. Believe it or not, there’s still good-hearted people in this cruel world.”

    When Kevin’s fans said she was a gold digger, she answered by saying,

    “I am a humble six-figure woman from the Midwest. No need for a one-night stand. My family and close friends know I’m a good person. People are evil but sending love.”