Kate Luyben Net Worth, Boyfriend, Husband, & Other Facts

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    Kate Luyben is a Canadian actress and the former girlfriend of Australian comedian and actor, Jim Jefferies. Kate is most well-known for her roles in “Shang-high Noon,” “Intolerable Cruelty,” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” among others.

    Luyben dated the Australian comedian for a couple of years during which she also became a mother of one. She mostly remained in the limelight while she was in a relationship with Jim, but, ever since her breakup with the comedian, she has rarely lived in the spotlight.

    So, where is Kate Luyben currently? Who is she dating in 2023? Let’s dig up all the details here.

    She Dated Jim Jefferies For Some Years – Gave Birth to a Son Within a Year

    Kate and Jim met back in the early 2010s when the former played a small role of a prostitute in a TV series Legit where the Australian actor was cast in the lead. Kate played a prostitute in the pilot of the show. The former duo met on the set and were smitten by each other.

    Hank Jefferies' parents Jim Jefferies and Kate Luyben
    Kate Luyben and her ex-boyfriend Jim Jefferies gave birth to their son within a year of dating

    Kate and Jim started dating quickly and within a couple of months of their acquaintance, the ex-lovebirds were already expecting their first child together. She gave birth to their son, Hank Jefferies, on November 6, 2012. The ex-couple didn’t share much about their parenthood as well.

    They Broke Up Eventually

    It is pretty well-known that Kate and Jim aren’t together anymore. But when did they split up? Well, to be honest, we don’t have the exact answer to this query. Neither Jim nor Kate has ever talked about their break up in public.

    Going through some of the talk shows that Jim attended, we came to know that the former boyfriend and girlfriend were together until their child, Hank was around two years old.

    Meanwhile, there’s a Facebook account under Kate’s name where she had been promoting her now ex-boyfriend’s content and shows until 2019. So, there is a possibility that they were together until 2019. It also makes sense since Jim started dating his current wife, Tasie around the same year and tied the knot the next year. But, these are just speculations and nothing more.

    Who is Kate Luyben’s Boyfriend in 2023? Is She Even Dating?

    Well, as we mentioned above, actress Kate has been living under the media radar for a long time now. Besides, she doesn’t share much about her personal life on social media. So, it is a bit tricky to speculate if the Shang-high Noon actress is dating someone.

    Meanwhile, a couple of years back, her ex-boyfriend, Jim had mentioned that Kate was dating a guy named George and living in LA nearby where he lived. So, there’s a possibility that Kate is still dating the same boyfriend.

    Kate Luyben is reportedly dating a guy named George
    Kate Luyben is reportedly dating a guy named George after breakup from Jim

    Apart from these, Kate reportedly dated Canadian actor, Nathan Fillion in the past from 2010 to 2011.

    Career Highlights – Known for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”

    According to Wikipedia, Kate started her acting career in 1998, appearing as a nurse in the sci-fi series The X Files – The FBI. However, IMDb has mentioned she appeared as Candy in the TV series, The Sentinel in 1996. As a matter of fact, as per IMDb, Kate worked on four more television projects before working in The X Files – The FBI.

    Her notable work came in the 2000’s movie Shang-High Noon, in which she worked alongside Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Even though she has worked in dozens of movies and TV series, she couldn’t find any big roles in her career. Her most recent acting work came in 2022’s The Harbinger where she appeared as Claire.

    What is Kate Luyben’s Net Worth?

    Canadian actress Kate has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. The actress has raked her fortune from her lucrative acting career. Even though she hasn’t worked in many films or series, she is believed to have earned well from her roles.

    Luyben is a Canadian Native – Her Birthday and Age

    Kate was born on June 30, 1972, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. So, as of 2023, she is 51 years old. Details about her parents and siblings are not made public as of yet. Kate grew up in her native Canada where she also completed her study before moving to the United States to pursue an acting career.

    Regarding her nationality, Kate is Canadian by birth and she holds dual nationality i.e., Canadian and American. Besides, Luyben is of White ethnicity.

    Where is Luyben in 2023?

    Well, Kate is living in LA, California in 2023. She has been living a low-key life for a long time which is one of the reasons there aren’t many details regarding her whereabouts. However, since she is a doting mother to her son, Hank, we can assert that she still lives in LA nearby her ex-boyfriend Jim Jefferies’ residence.

    Is Kate Luyben on Social Media?

    Well, there is an Instagram account under Kate’s name which has around 2500 followers (as of June 2023). We can see a lot of photos of Kate on the account.

    Kate shares lots of photos on her social media
    Kate shared the photo on her social media

    Meanwhile, Kate has shared a couple of photos recently and she also comments back to her fans and followers. So, we can say Luyben is active on social media. Likewise, there is also an account on Facebook under the name Kate Luyben where there are a number of Kate’s photos as well.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Kate Luyben
    Birth Place Vancouver, Canada
    Birthday June 30, 1972
    Age 51 years
    Nationality Canadian, American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $3 million
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Children 1 (Hank Jefferies)