Jose Reyes Will Be Happy To Speak With You In The Language Of Your Choice

January 31, 2024   | January 31, 2024  | 

    Spring Training serves as an ideal environment for fans to familiarize themselves with their favorite baseball players. In this laid-back setting with fewer spectators, players often lower their guard and engage in conversations with fans.

    Regrettably, some fans struggle to cope with the reality that certain players, such as Jose Reyes from the New York Mets, may communicate in languages other than English. Before departing from the Mets’ Spring Training facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for the World Baseball Classic, Reyes was engaged in a conversation in Spanish with a friend, matching the rapid pace of his running.

    One particular woman grew increasingly agitated with Reyes, insisting twice, “Now we’re going to practice English.” It appears unlikely that she’ll be enrolling in the Jose Reyes Spanish Academy anytime soon.

    In response, Jose Reyes gracefully greeted the woman with a polite “How are you?” in English, only to seamlessly return to conversing in Spanish with his friend.

    Despite the playful exchange, it seems this particular lady may not find herself attending the Jose Reyes Spanish Academy anytime soon. It’s worth noting that Lou Dobbs is apparently fully supportive of her endeavor to encourage communication in a language she understands.