Jonathan Roumie Still Unmarried: Any Plans For Wife And Kids?

September 22, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Relationship rumors are no biggie for those with fame, and so is for American actor Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in ‘The Chosen’. Many sources have come forth with claims of Roumie being a married man and having a child, though neither of them hit the bull’s eye.

    While the ‘Wonder Pets!’ actor has boldly denied having a wife so far, he remains quiet about his current girlfriend and love life. Nevertheless, Roumie admitted having connections with a few females in the past. So, does he have plans to marry anytime soon? Read below to find out more about his relationship.

    Key Takeaways

    • Jonathan is an unmarried man, so, admirers are speculating if he has any plans to tie the knot.
    • Addressing his rumors of having a wife, Roumie denied being a married man in a Facebook Live.
    • Some sources claimed that he and a woman named Hannah Vanorman were husband and wife, but it seems to be a hoax.
    • Jonathan and his colleague Maria Vargo were alleged to be a couple, but turns out, their bond is platonic.

    Jonathan Roumie Is Still Unmarried: What About Dating Story?

    The 50-year-old actor is yet to get married amid some rumors that he has a wife and kids. Roumie has clearly denied having a spouse shattering the so-called claims on the internet.

    So, with reports on his conjugal life on hold, fans wonder about Jonathan’s current relationship- if he is dating a girlfriend. But the actor seems to have no answers to these at the moment, instead, he keeps bars on his personal life.

    Jonathan doesn't have a wife or is ever married
    Jonathan, who plays Jesus, in The Chosen, doesn’t have a wife

    Even if he does have one, he is probably keeping his relationship off the radar or it could be the other way around.

    Does He Have Any Plans For Wedding And Kids?

    Roumie may not be vocal about his wedding or settling with a family. However, considering his age, his well-wishers wanting him to find a wife is nothing new in the news.

    Even if ‘The Chosen’ actor has yet to disclose his plans for his wedding, some believe that he may read the holy vows after he finds someone to connect with, religiously and spiritually.

    In July 2020, during a YouTube segment of Spiritual Direction, Jonathan talked about his faith and its connection with his love life. He stated that he ‘never felt a spiritual connection with them despite them being Christian’.

    Denied Having A Wife Amidst A Buch Of Rumors

    Although, Jonathan Roumie’s name has been linked with many ladies, stating he’s married and shares kids with them, it’s not true. As per some online sources, the names of his rumored wives are Diane, Maria, and Sarah.

    In a Facebook Live, he addressed the rumors about his alleged wife Diane being false. He said, “According to the internet, I’m married to a woman named Diane in Canada, I don’t know who that person is……uh so yeah none of that’s true, I’m not married to anyone and I don’t have kids”.

    Jonathan’s Alleged Registered Wedding With Hanna Vanorman

    When searching about Jonathan’s wife or dating profile on the web, many websites claim that he is married to a woman named Hanna Vanorman. Based on a now-removed Bath and Body Works gift card registry, sources claim that Roumie and Vanorman exchanged vows.

    However, this is not true at all. On top of that, the K-11 actor has confirmed that he’s not been married all these years.

    People even don’t know who Hannah Vanorman is. Upon searching on the web about Hannah Vanorman there is no profile that comes up with even a slight connection to Roumie. Instead, pictures of Jonathan with Maria Vargo and his female co-actors pop up.

    Are Jonathan Roumie And Maria Vargo Dating?

    Jonathan and Maria Vargo are nothing but colleagues who have worked together. And “No”, they are not dating or have had a romantic connection. Maria Vargo is an actress and a catholic speaker.

    While Vargo is the president of the non-profit production company, G.K. Chesterton Entertainment, Roumie serves as its Vice-President. They often appear on their organization’s Facebook Live.

    Jonathan Roumie and Maria co-produced and co-directed a live performance
    Jonathan and Maria are just co-actors

    Since they worked and appeared together a lot of times, people assumed that these two were more than just friends. But in reality, they keep their relationship professional. They co-produced and co-directed a live performance about the passion of Christ named The Last Days.