Who Is Jessica Tarlov’s Husband? Her Marriage & Relationship

July 7, 2023   | July 7, 2023  | 

    Hosts and Journalist Jessica Tarlov’s has been happily married to her husband since May 2021 and together share a daughter as well. Her hubby Brian McKenna is a hedge fund executive. 

    Despite being Brian’s wife, several media outlets have claimed Roman Kuznetsov as her spouse which seems to be untrue at the moment. Well, in that case, were they married before? If not, how does the rumor about Jessica and Roman’s marriage surface in the media?

    Here, we have details about Tarlov’s married life and the reality of her relationship with Roman.

    Who Is Jessica Tarlov’s Husband? Details About Their Marriage

    The Fox News contributor, Jessica’s husband is Brian McKenna. They exchanged vows in May 2021 in low key wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends.

    Before marriage, they first met as neighbors and after some casual meetings, the now-married duo began dating each other during the COVID pandemic. Shortly after, the pair decided to get engaged and went to see an engagement ring where they heard something from Jeweler which she once revealed to the media.

    She said,

    When we went to look at engagement rings, the jeweler told me they’ve never been so busy with people who have just met.”

    Coming up to 2023, it’s been 2 years since they have been leading their marital life gracefully.

    Jessica’s Spouse Brian Is Hedge Fund Executive, Not A Documentary Filmmaker

    Her better half Brian is reported to be a Canadian documentary filmmaker by most online portals which is all untrue.

    Jessica Tarlon Brian McKenna wedding
    Jessica with her hubby and daughter Cleo.

    Yes, there’s a person with the same name Brian who is actually a Canadian filmmaker with whom Tarlov never had any connection. He was husband to his wife Anne Lagace Dowson and as of now, he is no longer alive in the world.

    To conclude, Jessica’s life partner is not a filmmaker but a hedge fund executive.

    Jessica Tarlov Shares A Daughter With Her Hubby

    Together with her husband, Jessica welcomed a daughter Cleo Markie McKenna in March 2022. Their daughter is currently one year old.

    When Cleo was just five months, Jessica talked about what matters to her most as a mom and said,

    In the meta sense, I find myself continually overwhelmed by how much I want her (Cleo) to be happy. Whether she’s taking a bath, going to baby gym class, heading to school when the time comes and onto the job market, marriage, her own kids, and beyond, I just want to know that she’s happy.

    Her Daughter’s middle name is an homage to her late dad

    Cleo’s middle name ‘Markie’ is named after her late grandfather Mark Tarlov. Her aunt Molly Tarlov, an American actress, revealed this infor through her Instagram. Sharing her sister’s picture together with her husband Brian and daughter Cleo, she wrote,

     can’t wait to meet my niece Cleo!!! Cleo Markie McKenna (Markie after my dad Mark ❤️) and yes I am furious at my sister for being able to sit up and take a picture 3 days postpartum.

    Jessica’s Relationship With Roman Kuznetsov; Were They Married Before?

    As per the article published in DailyMail, Jessica was previously married to a Russian athlete Roman Kuznetsov. It seems quite confusing about her marital detail with Roman however the published article went on to say that the couple got married in the month of June 2021 and were even expecting their first child.

    Jessica Tarlov boyfriend
    Jessica with Roman Kuznetsov.

    It also told that they have been dating each other since 2017. Back on August 28, 2017, Tarlov also shared a photo together with Kuznestov as they were sunbathing and captioned it,

    Looking at this their dating story seems quite obvious. However, the information about the marriage looks nothing but false.

    Los Angeles Times confirmed Jessica began dating her now-husband Brian in 2020 and a year later she got married to him. In this respect, it seems like the article in DailyMail has probably misspelled her spouse’s name as at the time article was published, she was already the wife of Brian.