Jerry Jones Caught Picking His Nose At New Cowboys Stadium: Video

January 31, 2024   | February 8, 2024  | 

    There are so many incidents in the NFL today that make a lot of headlines, however, sometimes it is those small incidents that make it to the news. A similar incident happened in the game between the Cowboys and the Giants when the Cowboys owner and billionaire businessman, Jerry Jones was caught looking for gold inside his nose.

    What made the moment more ludicrous was the fact that Jerry was well aware of the fact that the camera was pointing straight toward and yet he continued picking his nose. Well, whatever suits him as he can whatever is inside his brand new $1.1 billion stadium. After digging for gold, he either threw it out on top of a dedicated Texas taxpayer or he kept it inside his pocket for future use.

    Well, whatever suits him. If you want to see the video, then here it is!

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