JC Chasez Parents Karen Chasez & Roy Chasez: Interesting Facts

October 11, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Karen Chasez and Roy Chasez rose to prominence as the parents of JC Chasez. Many were surprised to know that they were in fact his adopted parents.

    But real parents or not, they have done everything they could in order for JC Chasez to reach where he is now. So today in this article, we will be indulging you with facts about his parents Karen Chasez and Roy Chasez.

    Key Takeaways

    • Despite being adopted at a young age, JC still knows his biological mom. Nevertheless, he has said that he doesn’t like talking about his biological dad.
    • His adopted mom and dad are successful in their professional lives.
    • His adopted dad Roy is a businessman. His resume includes two employment. The first was as a Project Manager at Wycliffe Bible Translators.

    Karen Chasez and Roy Chasez Adopted JC’s When He Was Five

    It was back in 1981 when Karen and Roy Chasez adopted Joshua Scott. JC’s real mother decided to put him up for adoption after she became homeless. And what better person to entrust her son to than her very own foster parents Karen and Roy?

    The 'Real' parents of JC Chasez are Karen Chasez and Roy Chasez
    The ‘Real’ parents of JC Chasez are the ones who raised him.

    JC Chasez once talked about this matter vividly in an interview. He said that his biological mother raised him until he was 5 and he does remember the adoption process that was going on, albeit vaguely. JC also remembers who his biological mother was as they did meet a quite few times even after his adoption.

    The *NSYNC member also mentioned that his biological mother went through a lot of struggles at a very young age. It was very hard for her to take care of two people which is why, she reached out to people who she was very close to.

    JC’s biological mother had direct contact with his now-parents, considering the fact that they were her foster parents.

    JC Doesn’t Want to Know His Biological Father

    The situation with his biological father is very different since he doesn’t know who he is and frankly never even tried to meet him or know him. Karen and Roy have asked him a lot of times if he wanted to go find him but he didn’t want to.

    At that point in his life, he was happy knowing his biological mommy. Moreover, he was also occupied by spending time with his adopted parents Karen and Roy, and his two adoptive siblings.

    JC is Incredibly Close with his Siblings

    In many interviews, Joshua has mentioned that he is pretty close with his adoptive brother, Tyler, and sister, Heather, both of whom are younger than him. In an old interview, JC mentioned that he would do anything for his brother and sister, like standing in front of a moving bus for them.

    Besides, JC’s sister Heather teaches English in a public school in Boston. On the other hand, Tyler is a Bowie High School graduate who in his youth roamed around the country with his older brother JC. During his time in high school, he played Ice Hockey and Baseball.

    JC’s Mother Karen Chasez is Debary’s Mayor

    Karen Chasez, who is also known as the mother of JC Chasez, is the Mayor of Debary. She was elected as the Mayor and officially started on Jan 29, 2019. Chasez began her first meeting as mayor with her family, including her son J.C. She expressed gratitude to Departing Mayor Garcia, as well as council members Lita Handy-Peters and Sid Vihlen, for their service.

    JC Chasez's mother in the photo
    Karen Chasez is still the Mayor of Debary.

    “Council member (Erika) Benfield has aptly dubbed Mayor Garcia ‘the people’s mayor’ for his warm embrace of all residents, particularly children, we see that on display this evening, and his deep concern for their needs.” Chasez stated. Garcia was presented with a plaque depicting the gavel he used during his stint as mayor by the next mayor.

    On the other hand, Garcia reminded guests at the conference that the city was in excellent hands with new Mayor Chasez and the new council members.

    J.C. Chasez’s Father Roy is a Company President

    Unlike his wife, Roy isn’t involved in politics instead he works. His first job was as a Project manager at Wycliffe Bible Translators. He worked at the said company for 6 years and left it in 2011. Roy currently works as the President of the company JHT Enterprises LLC.

    The company is a technological pioneer. Data Forensics, Data Recovery, and Data Forensics are all handled by their Data Department. JHT’s IT Department offers cloud computing, hosting, sales, and IT services.

    Roy Chasez in involved in the business world
    Roy, unlike his wife, is involved in the Business world.

    JC Chasez’s Parents Helped Him Land His First Gig

    His parents made several sacrifices for him to be in the situation he is in. It was all thanks to their assistance that JC has reached where he is today. JC claims he wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t done it for him. His first gig was at the Mickey Mouse Club, which required his parents to make sacrifices.

    JC, who is dating Jennifer HuYoung, went on an audition that his mother discovered in the newspaper, but he had never been on an audition before. “Honey, would you like to try something like this?” his mother asked him and he immediately took the opportunity. He ended up obtaining the position, which no one expected given that it was his very first employment.