Is Jack De Sena Married To Wife? His Girlfriend, Net Worth, Full Bio

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    Jack De Sena has been a famous name in the industry for more than 15 years now. His recent work as a voice artist for Sokka, a character of the Nickelodeon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender once again has gained much popularity than other works in the past years. Along with the increased popularity of the actor, his love life seems to be the most important factor for his fans. So, is Jack De Sena Married?

    He reportedly has been engaged for a few years but has not updated anything about his wedding plans. So, is he still engaged? Here, we will talk about Sena’s love life including his girlfriend. Following with this we will also dig up his bio and net worth as of 2023.

    Jack De Sena Is An Unmarried Man

    The 37-year-old Jack is not married until today. Sen who started his career when he was in his teens is still completely focused on his acting profession.

    Although he has not decided to marry anyone yet, Jack has been engaged to his fiance Lisa Bierman for 5 years. They might also have been planning to get married but have not yet opened up anything about the dates.

    Jack Sena’s Fiance; Lisa Bierman

    Jack has been engaged to Lisa Bierman since 2018. The actor announced their official engagement on his Instagram account sharing a lovely selfie with Lisa showing off her ring followed by several pictures of them.

    Jack De Sena with fiancé Lisa Bierman
    Sena with fiancé Bierman. Source: Instagram

    Sena shared the good news and captioned the post,

    I’ve spent the last 8+ years with this brilliant, hilarious, talented, strong, beautiful, caring, incredible woman and I’m so very happy that she said she’d keep hanging out with me, ya know, forever.

    The two seem to be very happy with each other and share the happy moments in each of their social media account.

    Sena and His Lover Have Been Together For More Than A Decade

    The actor as well as his girlfriend had been quiet about their relationship until their engagement. Due to this, we did not have much detail about when and where they met and how their relationship started. But as the actor shared, they had been together for more than eight years before their engagement.

    They two have been alongside each other for a total of 13 years now.

    Jack and Lisa Have A Daughter Together

    After two years of being the fiance of Sena, Bierman, today is a mother of a lovely daughter. She gave birth to a beautiful child on March 18, 2020, after 44 hours of continuous labor.


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    Sena and Bierman’s daughter, Frances Toshiko De Sena turned three this year. We can get to see a few pictures of Frances on her father’s Instagram account whereas her mother Lisa has kept her account private.

    Jack Sena’s Wife-To-Be Is A Director

    Lisa also belongs to the entertainment industry. According to her official website, she is a professional director and has been working based in Los Angeles.

    Along with this, Bierman is also a teacher, writer, and performer. She admits to having been creating intimate shows that celebrate the eclectic artists and spaces that fill Los Angeles.

    Actor Jack Has Been The Resident of the US Since Birth: Full Bio

    The popular voice artist was born on December 6, 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts to his parents. Unlike Jack, his parents’ identity is a secret. All we know is that the family moved to California in 1999 where Sena grew up and received his high school education in Irvine High School.

    Jack De Sena was born in Boston to his parents.
    Jack was born in 1987 in Boston but grew up in California. Source: Instagram

    With no initial connection to the acting industry, Jack started working in the cast of a television series, All ThatHis hard work and talent were immediately loved and admired by the audience due to which Sena got more and more work.

    What is Jack De Sena’s Net Worth?

    As of 2024, Jack has a net worth of $5million. He was able to build a stable income through his acting profession. Sena who also transformed into voice acting, also gained immense popularity as well as wealth through his work.

    His voice in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Netflix series, The Dragon Prince are the most noted ones. Jack also runs a YouTube channel with his friend Chris W. Smith with 116k subscribers.

    His Income Sources

    • Movies
    • Television Series
    • Voice Acting
    • Chris and Jack (YouTube Channel)

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