Israel Adesanya Tattoos & The Story & Meaning Behind Each One Of Them

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    People often make tattoos that possess a significant meaning to them. We’re sure that’s also the case with Israel Adesanya. He’s a Nigerian-born fighter from New Zealand with his body covered with a number of tattoos; 11 to be exact! As his fans, we’re well aware of your curiosity. Aren’t you eager to learn the story behind each one of Israel Adesanya’s tattoos?

    If yes, let’s just say that it’s your lucky day! Here, we will be presenting you with the meanings behind each one of Adesanya’s tatts. So, what are you waiting for? Dig into the article now!

    1. The BROKEN NATIVE Tattoo

    Adesanya got the capitalized, “BROKEN NATIVE” tattoo when he was just 22 years old. This was his first-ever tattoo as well. When you take a look at his body, you’ll first notice this art since it is an extremely huge tattoo.

    Adesanya's 1st tattoo that he made at 22 y/o
    The famous, BROKEN NATIVE tattoo on his chest

    Talking about its meaning, the tattoo reminds him of the life he had before and the life he has today. While talking about the story behind it, Israel said,

    “For me, I’ve always been the underdog in everything. It’s kind of like my whole life story. I was told by many I’ll never amount to anything and I have relished that role of people doubting me.”

    In a way, his chest tatt also constantly reminds him of the harsh criticism he’s received as a young athlete. In addition, it is also the symbol of the great hard work he’s put in, in his fighting career.

    2. The African Piece Tattoo

    Just below the capital letters, the ex-boxer has the map of Africa with Lagos and Nigeria outlined carefully. The story behind this is simple – he comes from Africa, typically, around the areas of Lagos and Nigeria. So, it is an ode to his homeland.

    The map of Africa on Israel's chest
    A tattoo for his homeland, Nigeria and Lagos

    Furthermore, it’s a simple tattoo with a deep story behind it. Despite moving to New Zealand for his career, it seems, the UFC champion still has special connections with the place where he was born and raised.

    3. Naruto & Avatar Tattoo

    The mixed-martial artist got a cool Naruto & Avatar tattoo made on 5th April 2017. The ink covers most of his stomach and looks quite extraordinary. However, its meaning is simple.

    Israel Adesanya is fond of anime, hence the Naruto & Avatar tattoo
    A fusion of his 2 favorite anime

    According to Israel, he got this tattoo to commemorate his two favorite animes. If you’ve been following him for long then you’ll know that he’s a great anime fan.

    Over and above this, besides Naruto, the Avatar tattoo is special to him in a unique way. As a matter of fact, his nickname, “The Stylebender” is inspired by the famous show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Thus, it ought to be precious enough to be made into a tattoo!

    4. Dead Pool Tattoo

    4th on this list is a massive Dead Pool tattoo Israel Adesanya has on the left side of his ribcage. It is a famed fictional character that often appears in American comic books, produced by Marvel Comics.

    The fighter's ribcage tattoo of the Marvel Comic character
    Israel’s Deadpool tattoo

    Moreover, while explaining the meaning of this one, he said,

    “I saw this picture on the cover of a comic one time and I though it looks cool.”

    Further, he added that his wish to have the tattoo of a character made in his body was finally fulfilled with the Dead Pool tattoo.

    5. Calvin & Hobbes Tattoo

    Likewise, on his right bicep, Adesanya has the tattoo of Calvin & Hobbes. These characters come from the famous American cartoonist, Bill Watterson’s daily anime comic strip.

    Adesanya's love for anime led him to make a Calvin & Hobbes tattoo as well
    His beloved comic strip characters, Calvin & Hobbes

    As per the former two-time fighting champion, the characters were his favorite while growing up. He also claimed that he has read all the comic books based on them. Furthermore, the particular art, to him, means the “power of imagination”.

    6. Werewolf Tattoo

    On 26th November 2016, the kickboxer made his next tatt – a werewolf. He has this one on the inner side of his right arm. He made this art with his favorite tattoo artist, the Stained Skin Artist.

    Werewolf holds a great significance in Israel Adesanya's career
    The symbol of his strength

    Israel has adopted his great fighting skills from the mighty werewolves. Thus, he wanted to have something made to symbolize that. Also, during an interview, he added,

    “Being a werewolf would be so cool as I could be the anime that I love and a human at the same time.”

    Additionally, werewolves also are related to loyalty and perseverance. Some people also think of the mythical creature as the symbol of “guidance in life”.

    7. Blind Bandit Tattoo

    Adesanya also has a Blind Bandit art on his arm. It is a somewhat unique tattoo of a female ninja sitting with her legs crossed. The ex-boxer himself named the tattoo, “The Blind Bandit”.

    Yet another favorite character based on anime for Israel Adesanya
    “The Blind Bandit”, as he calls it

    Sadly, the meaning of this tattoo is yet to be released. However, following his previous pattern, we believe that this art also comes from one of his favorite anime as a kid.

    8. A Portrait Of His Dog

    On one side of his neck, he’s got a portrait of his pet dog, “Millionaire”. Along with symbolizing the love he has for his pet, the portrait also reminds him of what’s ahead of him.

    Adesanya has a pet dog, Millionaire, after whom he has a tattoo on his neck
    Millionaire, his pet dog

    Furthermore, he explained the meaning of this one as,

    “I named him ‘Millionaire’ for a reason because I knew what’s coming my way.”

    9. “Montu”, The Hawk Tattoo

    Similarly, on the other side of his neck, Israel Adesanya has a hawk tattoo. This is one of the two new tattoos he made in January 2023.

    Newest addition to his body full of tattoos, "Montu" the Hawk
    His other neck tattoo of a hawk

    Initially, he did not reveal the actual meaning behind this tattoo. Instead, he posted a picture of it and let his fans decide the story behind it. However, eventually, he did reveal the symbolism.

    According to Adesanya, he calls the hawk, “Montu”. Revealing the reason behind getting the new tattoo, he wrote,

    “When the storm comes, all animals hide, and the hawk flies over it and looks into its eyes. Montu, taker of all comers.”

    10. Israel’s Huge Back Tattoo

    The next one is a humongous tattoo of a dragon that covers the Stylebender’s back. It often goes unnoticed by many people. It is also the only tattoo on Israel’s body that is incomplete to this date.

    A dragon tattoo covers all of Israel's back
    The only incomplete tattoo on his body – the crocodile dragon art

    Furthermore, it is a “crocodile dragon” and the style behind it is “Japanese-ey”, according to the tattoo owner.

    11. Written Arabic Tattoo

    Recently, along with the hawk tattoo, Adesanya also made a written Arabic tattoo above his left eyebrow. This is the only art that lies on his face.

    Israel Adesanya had a new tattoo done in January 2023
    His first face tattoo

    In addition to posting a video of him getting the tattoo done, he also posted the meaning behind it. He wrote in his post,

    “The old version of you must die before you come alive!”

    This must symbolize a big change in the athlete’s life since he recently went through a bad breakup.

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