Is Victor Hill Married? His Wife, Age, Net Worth, and Salary

January 18, 2023   | January 18, 2023  | 

    Victor Hill is a senior sheriff of Clayton County, GA who served a total of about 14 years as a sheriff after his police officer job. Despite his extensive contribution to the government as a veteran cob, his final years turned out to be a little complicated since Hill was accused of violating human rights, punishing detainees out of rights.

    Well, in addition to his professional details and legal troubles, what about his love life? Is a sheriff married to anyone? If yes, who is Victor Hill’s wife? In the meantime, also know about his age and net worth in the following article. 

    Let’s get started!  

    Who is Victor Hill Wife? Details on His Marriage and Personal Life 

    Unfortunately, Victor Hill hasn’t revealed whether the controversial cop is married to his wife or not. Although Hill has been in the media for years for his high-profile career as a sheriff, the 58-year-old has never come forward about his personal life.

    In the same manner, Victor is also active on social media handles and has posted numerous photos with women on his Insta and Facebook but is yet to reveal who is his wife exactly. 

    Victor Hill
    Victor Hill, a senior sheriff of Clayton County, GA

    Simply, judging by Victor Hill’s age (i.e.58 in 2023), the veteran cop is probably married to his wife. However, we can’t say it for sure until Hill himself comes forward about the matter. 

    Victor Hill Arrested His Clayton County Sheriff Opponent’s Wife  

    In August 2018, Clayton County sheriff Victor arrested Gerrian Hawes, the wife of Robert Hawes who was a candidate for Clayton County Sheriff in 2020. Robert who planned to run for county sheriff in 2020 said his wife was arrested by the cops in his Jonesboro home. 

    Robert Hawes' spouse
    Robert and his wife Gerrian Hawes. 

    Hawes, the co-owner of South Atlanta Magazine also documented his spouse’s arrest on his Facebook Live, where, Gerrian heard saying,

    “Something is wrong with Victor Hill.”

    Later on, Robert claimed Hill took things personally and used the law as a personal tool,

    “My wife responded to him with an email saying ‘Where there is love, fear cannot exist.’ He took that as harassment. He took the email and got a warrant for harassing communication.” 

    What is Victor Hill Age? His Date of Birth 

    As mentioned earlier, Hill is 58 years old as of 2023. Born in 1965, the veteran sheriff celebrates his birthday in January.

    He was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. The cop currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. As for his college, Hill studied Criminal justice at Trident Technical College. 

    Victor Hill’s Parents; His Mother Died in 2021 

    Hill is the son of Katherine Hill-Pinckney and her husband Thomas Pickney. Sadly, his mother Katherine, born in 1942 passed away in July 2021.

    Victor’s social media manager posted a young photo of his late mom on his Instagram to announce the news. The rep wrote,

    “Sheriff Victor Hill’s beloved Mother Katherine Pinckney passed away tonight. Everyone please keep the Sheriif and his family in your prayers.”

    Victor Hill’s Net Worth and Salary 

    As of 2023, Victor Hill’s net worth is $2.3 million. He has earned such impressive wealth from his extensive career as a police officer and sheriff. 

    As for his salary as a sheriff, Victor used to earn a salary of about $155,000 per annum, and his average monthly compensation was $12,674 before his arrest for violating human rights.

    Reports say the former cop was going to retire from his sheriff’s office in late 2022. And talking about how much Hill will get in his pension after retirement, the ex-sheriff will be receiving $8,159 per month.

    Furthermore, Hill may also receive additional retirement benefits of approx $28,000 per year from the Sheriffs’ Retirement Fund. He has already given his 14 years to the field. 

    At present, the ex-police officer resides in his home located in Hampton, GA. 

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Victor K Hill
    Popular Name Victor Hill
    Birth Place Charleston, South Carolina
    Birthday January 1965
    Age 59 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-African
    Father Thomas Pickney
    Mother Katherine Hill-Pinckney
    Profession police officer and sheriff
    Net Worth $2.3 million
    Marital Status single