Is Percy Hynes White married? His Girlfriends & Dating History

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    Percy Hynes White is a Canadian actor who came to fame after his performance in the Netflix show, Wednesday. In one of the biggest hit shows of 2022, the actor played the role of Xavier Thorpe.

    The show really made him famous all throughout the globe. The majority of his fans are females and they all want to know if Percy Hynes White married. In addition to this, we are sure many of you might also be interested in knowing all the girlfriends he has dated in the past.

    Let’s find out all the answers concerning Percy’s relationship here today. Moreover, we will also discuss all the allegations of sexual assault made against him.

    Is Percy Hynes White Married? His Girlfriend In 2023

    As of now, Percy is not married neither does he have a girlfriend, at least not publically. We all know how secretive these celebrities can be when it comes to their personal life that’s why not a lot of these celebs reveal much about their personal life in the media. We can’t just blame them for their secrecy because whenever they divulge their life behind closed doors in the media, everything seems to fall out of place.


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    Speaking of Percy, it looks like the 21-year-old has not found the right one just yet. For someone his age, it is highly unlikely that he has not hooked up here and there a couple of times but so far, he has not found something meaningful.

    Is He Dating Jenna Ortega?

    In the show, Wednesday, Percy’s character Xavier is one of two romantic interests of Jenna’s character, Wednesday Addams, another one being Tyler Galpin played by Hunter Doohan. In the show, both Xavier and Tyler try their best to vow Wednesday and due to this, there are a lot of chemistry moments between Percy and Jenna.

    Further, both of them have a lot of photos on social media sharing all sorts of goofy moments. What’s more, Jenna took Percy as her date at the 2023 Golden Globes award.

    Percy Hynes with his rumored girlfriend Jenna
    Percy with his co-star Jenna.

    Additionally, Percy is reportedly filming a movie with his rumored gf, Jenna. In an interview with Popternative in December 2022, he said, “The movie I’m doing in Utah right now is with her [Jenna] as well.” He also added he “loves” working with the Stuck in the Middle Star.

    As for the movie, eagle-eyed fans even dug out the name of the yet-to-be-announced movie. One Twitter shared a couple of pictures of what could have been photos from the set of the movie. Furthermore, the movie is a dramedy named Winter Spring Summer of Fall, centered around two teenagers named Remi and Barnes falling in love.

    Besides, Percy appeared in the series alongside Hunter Doohan, Emma Myers, Jamie McShane, Isaac Ordonez, and Georgie Farmer.

    Did Percy Hynes White date in the past? His Relationship History

    Well, his life before he became a mainstream actor has been shrouded in mystery. But considering how outgoing and funny Percy is in real life, we can guess he might have a lot of girls falling in love with him.

    However, we don’t know if he ever had a girlfriend for a said amount of time.

    Percy Hynes White was accused of sexual assault; What’s the full story?

    In January 2023, a Twitter user came forward with some wild accusations regarding the Wednesday star. It all started when the user, milkievich, shared accounts and screenshots of multiple women whom Percy had reportedly sexually assaulted back when he was in high school.

    According to the screenshots, White used to host parties at his house basement where he along with a bunch of his friends used to invite a bunch of girls whom they believe were attractive. Afterward, they would get them drunk or high and when the girls were not in the right mental state, the boys used to sexually abuse them. The tweet also mentioned how Percy used to send unsolicited nudes to girls and even called them derogatory names.

    Percy Hynes White sexual assault charges
    Percy has been accused of sexual assault my numerous women.

    Following the wild scandal breaking out on social media, more and more women have come forward with the same allegations of sexual abuse.

    A user by the name desiree said,

    “It hurts to see this man in the public eye and admired by hundreds of thousands of young girls. He let me get raped in his basement, and when he called me about it, he was most worried about the police and not if I was okay. Then he continued to let a rapist live at his mother’s.”

    People wants Wednesday’s showrunners to fire Percy Hynes from the show

    Amidst all the controversy, fans of the show online have also started a kind of petition to cancel Percy by the hashtag #cancelpercy. What’s more, a lot of fans have become increasingly worried about the safety of their favorite Jenna Ortega as she works closely with Percy.

    Similarly, a photoshoot video of Percy and Ortega has surfaced online in which White seemingly wrapped his arms around the gorgeous actress, while Jenna tries to get away from him.

    As of yet, the actor has not made a single comment on the matter. What’s more, he has even restricted any further comments on his Instagram account.

    Frequently Asked Questions regarding Percy’s Relationship

    Is Percy Hynes single?

    As mentioned above, Percy is single. He is not dating anybody as of 2023.

    Is Percy Hynes married?

    No, he is not in a marital relationship with anyone. He is still very young to be tied up in such a bond.