Is Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen Trying To Hide Her Love Life? How Does She Live Her Life?

September 26, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen, the daughter of Golden Globe-winning actor Tim Allen and his ex-wife, Laura Deibel, occasionally appears with her dad on the red carpet. But it also won’t change the fact that Kady had a history of not-so-good connections with him.

    After her parents’ divorce, she & her mother went off the media radar for many years before Tim rekindled the father-daughter bond with Katherine. Yet, the star kid won’t let the media slip into her personal life, which made fans wonder about her love life & lifestyle. Get the full story below.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Katherine is the only daughter of actor Tim Allen and his then-wife, Laura Deibel.
    • Born in 1989, she was said to have a possibility of a genetic disability, but thankfully, she was born healthy.
    • Kady’s parents, Tim and Laura, divorced in 2003 after 19 years of marriage.
    • For most of her childhood, Katherine did not get attention from her father and did not share much of a good bond with him.
    • Her relationship with her father is now improving.
    • Allen tries hard enough to keep every information about herself private, including her professional venture and love life.

    How Does Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen Live Her Life?

    Kady, the eldest daughter of Toy Story alum Tim, probably has a luxurious lifestyle, given that her father is a multi-millionaire actor. It’s no wonder many wish to get insights into how she is living, but it seems the veil on her personal life is not getting down anytime soon.

    There is nothing wrong with saying that she is an unwilling celebrity who had to enter a tackle game with the media due to her dad’s popularity.

    While Katherine gives no clues or updates on her life, the only thing she does publicly is join her father, stepmom & half-sister (who are all in the movie industry) in red-carpet moments.

    Is Tim Allen’s Daughter Katherine In A Relationship?

    Fans often ask if Katherine is married or in a committed relationship. However, none of these queries have a full-proof answer, since she refrains from interviews. Say it is a coincidence or a well-execution; she doesn’t have any social media profiles, which gives her an advantage in a secretive life.

    Some sources allege that Kady, who witnessed her parents’ divorce as a pre-teen, is trying to keep her love life under wraps until it’s permanent.

    Instead of a romantic one, she has a great relationship with her mother and a now-mended bond with her father.

    Doctors Stated Kady’s Possibility Of Genetic Disability

    Born in December 1989, Katherine is the only child of her parents, Tim and Laura. Prior to her birth, they learned that their child had a possibility of having a congenital genetic disability. Luckily, she was born healthy.

    As of 2024, Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen is 34 years old.

    Parents Divorced In 2003, Ending A Nearly 2-Decade-Long Marriage

    Katherine’s father, Tim, and mother, Laura, were college sweethearts who met at Western Michigan University. They married on April 7, 1984, but after 15 years, the duo separated in 1999 & divorced in 2003.

    Despite their differences, the two remained friends and raised their daughter, Katherine, aka Kady, in joint custody.

    Katherine was 13 years old when her parents, Tim & Laura, divorced
    Katherine’s father, Tim, and mother, Laura, divorced in 2003 after 4 years of separation

    As reported, Laura Deibel stood through tough times with Tim (from arrest & 2 years of prison for cocaine possession to struggles in his early career). So, what went wrong between them?

    After the actor prioritized his acting career over his family, in the midst of numerous cheating allegations, their relationship was over.

    Her Father Admitted He Was At Fault For Separation

    In a 1997 interview with USA Today, recalling his then-deteriorating relationship with his then-wife, Deibel, the Galaxy Quest actor said with guilt,

    “How many times do I have to tell myself that on my deathbed I’m not gonna say, ‘Gee, I wish I’d spent more time at the office?’ “

    A year later, in a 1998 interview with The Detroit News, Allen admitted that while chasing success in acting, he ‘let his family slide.’

    Katherine’s Bitter-Sweet Relationship With Her Father Tim

    Despite being raised in joint custody, Katherine mostly lived with her mother, Laura, as her father would be out with work schedules. This was nothing new for her; she had started to feel the absence of her dad even before her parents’ divorce.

    In his 1995 book, “Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man”, the American actor & comedian wrote about how he never gave his daughter the attention she needed and how bad of a dad he was.

    Katherine 'Kady' Allen joins her father, stepmother & younger half-sister in red carpet moments
    Allen with her actor dad and stepmom, Jane Hajduk, during the 2006 premiere of The Santa Clause 3

    But things have now turned to a good side. Allen is trying to be a responsible dad & mending his bond with Kady over the years.

    Also, with the welcome of his second daughter, Elizabeth (Katherine’s half-sister from her father’s second marriage to Jane), the Home Improvement actor made significant changes in his attitude.

    Over the years, she has joined her father, Tim Allen, and stepmother, Jane Hajduk, on red-carpet events: the LA premiere of The Santa Clause 3 in 2006, the 8th Annual TV Land Awards in 2010, and the world premiere of Toy Story 4 in 2019.

    Is Katherine “Kady” Allen Planning To Land In Acting?

    Even if Katherine has kept her professional career under wraps, she is reportedly not into acting, at least for now. She currently resides in Los Angeles, but the charm of the glam world seems yet to influence her.

    On the other, her half-sister, Elizabeth Allen (b. March 2009), dipped her toe in the film industry. She made her acting debut with the TV series The Santa Clauses (2022- now), portraying Santa’s youngest daughter, Sandra.

    So, it’s possible that Kady may change her mind & get into showbiz as well.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Katherine Allen
    Popular Name Kady
    Birth Place Colorado
    Birthday December 1989
    Age 34 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Tim Allen
    Mother Laura Deibel
    Siblings Elizabeth Allen (Half-sister)
    Height 5 feet 7 inches
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Relationship Status Single