Is Julio Pena Dating A Girlfriend? All About His Love Life

November 24, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Julio Pena Fernandez is the heartthrob of the Spanish film industry. The young actor, in less than 5 years, has managed to gather an immense fan following. With this, his followers, especially female followers, wonder if the man is single or taken.

    Over everything, people cannot help but notice the closeness between him and his colleague, Clara Galle. Looking at their pictures together, one would be sure about them being together.

    So, what is up with that? Are they, in fact, dating? If not, who is Julio’s girlfriend at present? Read to find out everything about his love life.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Julio Pena Fernandez might be dating his co-star, Clara Galle, though, the two of them have not opened up about their relationship, fans believe they’re together.
    • He is believed to have dated Isabela Souza, his co-actress from the show, Bia. If they were together, they began dating in late 2019 or early 2020.
    • He formerly had a long-term relationship of 4 years with Bea Zafra from 2015 to 2019. He kept his relationship hidden back then.

    Julio’s Relationship Status In 2023: Does He Have A Girlfriend?

    Pena’s relationship status is a mystery on its own; one moment you feel like he does have a girlfriend, and in the next, you feel like he is single. Funnily enough, the actor is giving “mixed signals” to his fans.

    As mentioned above, Julio is pretty close to his Through My Window co-actress, Clara. You see pictures of the two of them all over the stars’ social media. Going through them, you’ll be sure that something fishy is going off-screen. Fishy, as in, real-life romance!

    You will have to keep on reading to learn about the rumor in depth. For now, to be on the safer side, we want to believe that Julio is single. But, the truth, friends, could be anything.

    Debunking The Rumors Of Him Dating His Co-Star, Clara Galle

    Both Fernandez and Galle have their social media pages, especially Instagram, filled with each other’s pictures. And, the pictures do not seem like “modeling-type”; they definitely showcase something much more than that.

    Julio Pena might be dating his co-star, Clara Galle
    Julio and Clara cuddled up in a pose; they look too good together!

    The actors appeared together in the romantic Netflix drama, Through My Window in 2022. In the film, Clara plays the role of Raquel, while Julio is Ares Hidalgo, her partner. If you’ve watched the drama/romance, you’ll be amazed by the chemistry they share on-screen.

    In turn, we cannot help ourselves – we’ve been shipping the on-screen couple ever since the movie aired. On top of all this, their lovey-dovey pictures give off the vibes of an “on-screen to off-screen” pair.

    But, as sad as it is, neither of them have spoken up about the topic. While there surely is some kind of spark, the actors could just be very good friends instead of a romantic couple. Or, to give you some hope, they might be together but do not want to reveal just yet.

    The Co-Actors Did Not Know Each Other Before Working On Through My Window

    During an interview, Julio Fernandez was asked if he knew Clara Galle before they shot the 2022 Netflix movie. The actor clarified,

    “We didn’t know each other before, but from the beginning Clara and I fit in very well, we are very similar people, with a great passion for what we do.”

    He further added,

    “From the first moment, there was a very good presidposiion to do a good job, to do everything possible so that this work came out in the best way, And finally, here we are.”

    It was nothing but two professional actors doing the best they could to lead their movie towards grand success. Nonetheless, in the process, they got closer too. Moreover, they are closer now than ever since the sequel, Through My Window: Across The Sea was released in June 2023.

    Julio Pena Kissed His Alleged Girlfriend On Red Carpet

    We’re not done debunking the speculations yet. At the premiere of Through My Window on 2nd February 2022, Julio kissed Clara in front of everyone.

    Young Spanish actor from "Through My Window" is speculated to be dating his colleague, Galle
    Fernandez and Galle kiss on the red carpet at the premiere of their movie

    Furthermore, the moment was shocking and their followers were sure that their favorite co-actors were indeed dating in real life. On the other hand, many believed it was a publicity stunt. To add, some thought it was Raquel and Ares kissing instead of Julio and Clara.

    Truth be told, we do hope they end up together, either now or somewhere down the years. The chemistry is too good to be let go in vain.

    Did Pena Fernandez Date actress Isabela Souza?

    Like before, people have also speculated Pena to be in a relationship with his other co-star, Isabela Souza. They appeared together in the Disney series, Bia in 2019.

    Bia co-stars, Isabela Souza and Julio Pena
    Souza hugging Fernandez from behind

    But even here, the facts are unknown. A few sources believe that they got together in late 2019 or early 2020. On the contrary, some believe they’ve always been good friends since the show aired.

    Furthermore, Julio Pena also has a number of pictures with Souza on his Instagram profile. Looking at the photos, it again seems like they had a spark at some point in the past. To this very date, the photos have not been deleted.

    Fernandez Previously Had A Long-Term Relationship

    Long before the rumors, Julio Pena Fernandez was in a committed relationship. He got together with his ex-girlfriend, Bea Zafra back in 2015. However, the pair did not reveal much about their relationship online.

    Unlike Clara and Isabela, Pena Fernandez kept his relationship with Bea hidden. As per his fans, he did not have any pictures of her on social media either. All in all, the ex-couple had a private relationship before.

    Moreover, they broke up somewhere around 2019.