Is JC Chasez Still Dating Jennifer HuYoung? Getting Married? Future Wife & Children

October 9, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    JC Chasez is the only member of the popular boy band NSYNC who hasn’t married yet. JC has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Jennifer HuYoung for over six years, however, they haven’t tied the knot yet. What could be the reason?

    This article delves deeper into JC’s personal life, providing emphasis on his current flame, Jennifer HuYoung. While Chasez has been associated with a number of celebrities in the past, Jennifer has remained a big presence in his life.

    Key Takeaways

    • JC Chasez and Jennifer HuYoung are still going strong as a couple.
    • Both couples, however, have kept their romantic lives private and rarely disclose anything. Nonetheless, it is clear from their Instagram pages that they enjoy spending time together.
    • They will eventually marry, but it does not appear to be on their bucket list right now.

    JC Chasez and His Girlfriend Jennifer HuYoung Are Madly In Love

    The gorgeous couple have been dating ever since November 2018. Chasez and HuYoung are often seen attending several events together meaning they don’t shy away from the public eye.

    Though they rarely reveal many intimate details about their love life, they often go out publically. Back in 2020, both of them attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation 31st Academy Award Viewing Party.

    The First Picture JC uploaded on his Instagram with his girlfriend
    The First Picture JC uploaded on his Instagram with Jennifer was on Valentine’s Day.

    Talking about their first meeting, it was mostly, somewhere around 2018 or late 2017 when the pair came across each other. Jennifer used to work as an executive assistant at Broad and Cassel LLP when they both met.

    The couples are tight-lipped about their romantic life, nevertheless, looking at their Instagram profiles, one does not miss that they like spending their time together.


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    Jenniffer is also seen supporting her boyfriend a lot of times. It is very evident that she is the number one fan of her man.

    Are They Getting Married?

    They will someday, but for now it seems like it’s not on their bucket list. Their choice is based on their conviction that a great and enduring partnership does not always necessitate a marriage certificate. They both respect their independence and believe that marriage may impose certain duties that may impact the dynamics of their relationship.

    JC Chasez with his girlfriend Jennifer HuYoung
    The adorable couple have not talked about getting married till now and are private about their life.

    Rather than focusing on a formal marriage, Chasez and HuYoung are committed to cultivating their love, exploring the world together, and enjoying life’s pleasures.

    JC, who was adopted at the age of 5, is the only man in *NSYNC who is unmarried. This has left a lot of his fans wondering if he is ever going to get married to his girlfriend of 6 years Jennifer. Well, it does seem like the two will be calling themselves husband and wife but it might take some time.

    Does JC Chasez share a Child with his Partner?

    Nope, at least not for now, there isn’t any child in the picture. They have opted not to have children at this time in order to focus on their professions and personal development. They appreciate the opportunity to pursue their artistic interests and cultivate their relationship without the obligations that come with children.

    JC Chasez and Jennifer HuYoung have been in a relationship for 6 years
    The couple has chosen to remain silent when it comes to their romantic life.

    While they are aware of the public’s interest in their decision, JC and Jennifer keep their personal lives and decisions private. They continue to enjoy their lives together, encouraging one other’s goals and loving the adventures they have as a pair.

    Justin and Mia are an example of a loving partnership based on mutual respect, understanding, and the freedom to make the best decisions for their relationship and individual satisfaction.

    A Brief About Chasez’s Girlfriend Jennifer

    Born in February 1979, HuYoung is a business professional who has worked with several companies throughout her illustrious career. She began her career in 1996 as a Supervisor at Circuit City. Later on, she worked as an Assistant Manager at Na Hoku Jewelers based in Hawaii from 2003 to 2005, and as a Client Services Coordinator at Monster Media from 2005 to 2007.

    She began her career as an executive assistant at the company Criticom Monitoring Services. Afterwards, in 2013 she joined Gigats and then in 2016, she became the Executive Assistant at Broad and Cassel LLP where she worked until 2018.

    Jennifer is a native of Virginia and studied at the Hermitage High School. Upon graduation from high school, she went to Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied BA in Fashion Merchandising.