Is Frankie Lapenna Ass Real? Or Does He Wear Lifting Pants? Some Interesting Facts

October 1, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Frankie LaPenna is known for his big posterior and for creating videos with funny and interesting content. He has gone viral on every existing social media site after uploading his video around 2020 right after COVID-19 started and people are curious and want to know more about his tush.

    So, is his butt real? Did he get his buttocks enhanced, or Is he wearing lifting pants? Let’s scrutinize in detail what’s behind his butt’s story and some interesting facts about him.

    Is Frankie LaPenna’s Ass Real?

    There has been constant discussion about whether Frankie’s butt is real. And the discussion was primarily for the fact that he had a pretty flat and normal butt and suddenly in 2020, he started sharing videos featuring his big butt. The sudden transformation lead people to question if his ass was real.

    While most people have mixed opinions, a popular YouTuber Bradley Martyn stated that it was some manufactured product that he is using in his back in one of his YouTube shorts. Well, at the same, in the same there were a few who touched his butt and finally stated that it could be real as it felt like one.

    Having said that, the one-word confirmation about the authenticity of Frankie’s butt is yet to come.

    Is Frankie Wearing A Fake Butt Mold?

    Yet again LaPenna may or may not be wearing a fake butt mold. But going by the looks of it, it is highly possible that he could be wearing a fake butt mold as it helps to make the butt look big and more realistic. His butt on every video is of different shapes and sizes so people are assuming that it might be a butt mold because it looks fake but at the same time it looks real.

    Frankie Sold His Butt Mold For More Than $15,000

    LaPenna uploaded a YouTube short regarding selling the mold of his butt showing how it actually looks. He also revealed in his interview on “The FilmUp podcast” that there was stiff competition for the now-owner of the mold and that it was finally sold for $15000.

    “There was 36 bidders several of which were bidding well above $7,000 to $8,000. The piece was sold for more than $15,000. That makes sense, though. After all that is a world-famous dump truck like, that thing’s literally been seen by billions.”

    Frankie’s Butt Theory Made By His Fans; Did He Get Brazilian Butt Lift?

    In one of the behind-the-scenes videos posted on Instagram, a friend was captured participating in the famous TikTok trend of ripping the clothes off others to use as a tissue for the friend beside them. LaPenna’s friend tore down his shorts, leaving him nearly naked, and he wasn’t wearing any manufactured product.

    Frankie Showing His Big Butt In Public
    Frankie Showing His Big Butt In Public

    After looking at that video his fans started to make different theories. Half of his fans believed it was his real ass, but the other half theorized that he had undergone a Brazilian butt lift because there was no way anyone’s butt could become that big in such a short period of time.

    Frankie’s Story Behind His First TikTok Video

    There isn’t any story behind why he started to make this kind of video. He reportedly made a TikTok account because of a bet he had with his friends that he could make viral videos too. Before that social media was never a path he intended to go on. He posted six videos on his TikTok account and yes he indeed won the bet.

    Frankie Has Four Bodyguard As His Booty Protector

    In Every video of Frankie walking around with a big butt, you’ll see four men surrounding him and walking beside him. Frankie stated that they were his booty protector. People will be amazed seeing him walking around with a huge tush so to prevent people from touching him, he has four guards around him 24/7.

    Frankie Is Also Known As Jim Kardashian; Is He Kim Kardashian’s Brother

    Frankie named his booty character Jim Kardashian. In one of his interviews with The FlimUp Podcast, he shared that Kim Kardashian was his inspiration and also joked saying he is the lost and disowned brother of Kardashian who is just walking around caked up. He also stated that he wonders if Kim has seen any of his videos to date.

    Frankie Is Also Known As Green Screen Guy

    Before his buttocks gained fame, he was referred to as the ‘Zoom green screen guy’ in late 2020. He would take Zoom calls using a green screen while on wild adventures around the country including hiking, biking, shopping at a supermarket, and during the NFL games.

    Frankie LaPenna Has a Degree In Film Production

    Born on 21 September 1997 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. LaPenna went to Grand Rapids Christian High School between the years, 2012 – 2016, after that he pursued a Bachelors in Cinematography and Film/Video Production at Grand Valley State University, between 2016 – 2020.

    Frankie is a social media influencer, TikToker, YouTube star, and director of Photography. He has a degree in film production and he even edits most of the videos himself and he created his own unique content without copying anyone. As per credible online source, he has more views than all news stations combined last year.

    Lapenna Was A Corporate Worker Before Turning Into Full-Time Influencer

    As per his LinkedIn Profile, before enrolling at Grand Valley State University for a cinematography and video production degree, Frankie was a freelance videographer. In October 2017, he took a part-time editing job in Los Angeles, for Parker Nirenstein, founder of Vehicle Virgins.

    In June 2018, Frankie moved to Calabasas, California, to work full-time as a content creator and editor for Parker, gaining insights into YouTube influencer operations. He edited over 150 videos for Vehicle Virgins.

    Frankie With His Bodyguards
    Frankie With His Bodyguards

    In April 2019, Frankie worked as an archivist at LaPenna Group Inc., preserving 1940s photographs. Later, he became the video director at Point O’Pines Camp Girls for Girls, teaching video classes and editing camp videos. Frankie graduated in 2020 and became the Director of Photography at Launch Kit as a part-timer.

    As of now, he is the president of marketing (POM) at FLP Production LLC in the United States.