Is David Muir Gay? David and Rebecca Muir Wedding, Wife, Partner

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    Over the years, David Muir’s sexuality and his married life have been the talk of the town. His private nature has put fans on a pedestal as to who his girlfriend is. Further, his hush-hush love life has also rose questions like if David Muir is gay or is secretly married to someone. 

    However, there have been reports that Muir is tied the knot with a woman named Rebecca Muir. So, is that just speculation or are they actually got hitched? Stay tuned to find the truth about David and Rebecca Muir’s wedding rumors.

    Key Takeaways:

    • David might or might not be gay as the ABC News co-anchor has kept his sexual orientation a secret.
    • The rumors surrounding his sexuality started after Muir was seen with his friends at gay bars.
    • He has previously been linked to both men and women. His rumored girlfriends include Kate Dries, Kelly Ripa, and more.
    • David and Rebecca Muir’s wedding made its way to the headlines after they were rumored to have tied the knot.
    • Muir currently doesn’t have a partner while Rebecca is married to her husband.

    Is David Muir Gay?

    David’s sexuality may or may not be gay. While the ABC World News Tonight anchor maintains a private stance on the matter, there are widespread beliefs that Muir might identify as homosexual. The lack of open disclosure from Muir has fueled these rumors, leading to continued discussions in various circles.

    David Muir isn't gay
    David’s sexuality is not disclosed.

    Adding to the intrigue, there have been numerous unconfirmed reports linking him romantically with both men and women in the past. Despite these claims, David has chosen not to address or clarify any of them publicly.

    Is Gio Benitez David Muir’s Partner?

    No, David and Gio Benitez aren’t romantic partners. People started talking about them being in a homosexual relationship only after David was frequently spotted at gay bars in the company of his colleague from ABC News, Gio Benitez. Matter of fact, Benitez is openly gay.

    David Muir's partner Gio Benitez; They are just gay friends.
    David and his gay friend, Gio Benitez.

    Moreover, the close bond between the two, along with the sharing of photos on their social media accounts and instances of them holding hands, fueled speculation about a potential romantic connection. However, these speculations were put to rest when Gio Benitez married his partner Tommy DiDario on April 16, 2016.

    In addition to that, another aspect contributing to the speculation is Muir’s current single status at the age of 49. Some fans have questioned whether this could be because of his possible hesitancy to come out as gay.

    Muir Has Been Romantically Linked To A Guy In The Past

    David was once speculated to be in a relationship with his reported partner named Sean Ashby, who holds the position of managing director at the swimwear brand AussieBum. Some sources even claim that they are not just dating but are actually married.

    However, these are merely rumors and neither David nor his alleged boyfriend Sean has addressed or confirmed the hearsay publicly.

    Personal Life Of David And Rebecca Muir: Wedding Rumors

    There have been reports surrounding David and Rebecca Muir’s wedding. These rumors suggested that the two were romantically involved and had a highly photographed wedding in 2016, resulting in people wanting to see their wedding photos.

    Rebecca reported to be David Muir's wife.
    Rebecca is actually David’s big sister.

    However, these claims are unfounded as the two are, in fact, biological siblings. They were born to the same parents, Ronald Muir and Pat Mills. While Ronald and Pat divorced when they were young, they continued to co-parent and raise their children together.

    Know About David and Rebecca’s Relationship In Depth

    David and his sister Rebecca share a close and supportive relationship, especially considering the challenges they faced after their parents’ divorce. Moreover, David’s affection for his sister is evident in the way the ABC anchor openly describes her as “cool and beautiful.”

    It’s heartening to see that Muir frequently shares posts about her on his Instagram, showing the world the importance Rebecca holds in his life.

    Rebecca Is A Married Woman and Owns a Farm In New York

    David’s sister, Rebecca Muir is married to Richard Malcolm. Her husband Richard serves as the general manager at Mirbeau Inn and Spa in Skaneateles, New York, while Rebecca is a makeup artist and is into farming. She even has her own organic farm in Borodino, New York.

    Further, together, the couple has a beautiful family, blessed with four children: Finan, Morel, Brahm, and Beryl Malcolm. The family of six now resides on their farm in New York.

    Does David Muir Have A Wife Or A Girlfriend?

    As previously stated, Muir is currently unmarried and hasn’t been involved in a romantic relationship with anyone. Moreover, despite his single status, various rumors and speculations have emerged linking him romantically to both men and women in the past.

    Kelly Ripa Was Believed to Be Muir’s Girlfriend in The Past

    David was rumored to be dating his co-worker and friend, Kelly Ripa, the young sister of Linda Ripa. In her debut book, Kelly expressed her admiration for David, referring to him as the “backbone and moral compass” the talks show host sometimes relies on.

    However, as it turns out, Muir and Ripa were never a boyfriend and girlfriend. Rather, the two are long-time family friends of each other. Not only with Kelly but Muir is equally close to her husband Mark Consuelos, an actor.

    Muir is currently single.
    Muir and his reported partner, Kelly Ripa.

    Ripa and her husband Mark got married in 1996 and have since been leading a happy married life. Also, they are the parents of three children.

    Furthermore, recently, in July 2023, Muir along with his friend Kelly and his partner Mark was on a trip to Greece.

    Kate Dries Claimed To Be His Girlfriend

    David was believed to be in a relationship with Kate Dries, the Deputy Editor of Jezebel. These rumors surfaced after Kate wrote an article about David, referring to him as her boyfriend.

    In the respective article titled “Report Indicates My Boyfriend David Muir Is a ‘Monster,” Kate described him as her boyfriend as a way of defending him against the claims of David being a “monster” due to his troublesome behavior at work.

    According to Dries, the two connected right from the start, and Muir even knew about her first boyfriend Peter Jennings.

    However, the rumors still remain completely baseless since David has yet to come forward to address them.

    Muir’s Rumored Relationship With Amy Robach

    There have been hearsays linking Muir to another colleague, Amy Robach. The two worked on presenting “20/20” and “Good Morning America” together. According to Amy, the television reporter has never once missed David’s presentation on ABC World News Tonight.

    However, Amy has a husband named Andrew Shue who the reporter married in 2013. Turns out the three of them are good friends, which dismisses the dating rumors. It appears that Amy and David maintain a close friendship rather than a romantic relationship.

    Does Muir Have Any Children?

    David does not have any children. However, Muir does have a dog named Axel who he treats like his own child. He frequently posts about Alex on his Instagram enjoying activities such as bird-watching, going to the park, and even boat riding.


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    It is evident that Muir loves his dog very much and treats Axel like a family member. He even dresses up the dog for holidays like Christmas.

    Who Is David Muir?

    Born on 8 November 1973, David Muir serves as a distinguished anchor for ABC broadcast-television network. He holds the responsibility of presenting news on the popular program “ABC World News Tonight.” His influence extends further as he co-anchors the network’s renowned news magazine, “20/20”, and also has a background as a journalist.

    Additionally, his exceptional talent and dedication have garnered widespread recognition, as evidenced by his numerous prestigious awards. including multiple Emmys and Edward R. Murrow awards. Plus, he has become the most-watched newscast in the USA as of 2019.


    Is David Muir straight?

    He may or may not be straight as Muir has not publicly spoken about his sexuality.

    Is David Married to Amy Robach?

    No, Muir and Robach never married; they are just good friends.