Is Dan Bilzerian Still Married? Who Is His Wife Now? His Girlfriends And Relationships

July 25, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Dan Bilzerian, famously known for his extravagant lifestyle recently shocked his fans by walking down the aisle with a mysterious woman. Who is she; his wife or just another girlfriend? Did the playboy finally settle down with a life partner? The answers might shock you just like his unexpected post did.

    In addition to this, who are his ex-girlfriends? We’re sure that the businessman has had a number of affairs in the past. Also, if he isn’t married, is he at least in a relationship with anyone? We are aware of your curiosity. So, do not wait! Read the article to find out everything about Dan Bilzerian’s love life.

    Key Takeaways

    • In July 2022, Dan Bilzerian was “supposedly” married to his partner whose identity is unknown to this date. Many believed that the mystery woman was his former girlfriend, Hailey Grice but were wrong.
    • He dated Grice in 2020. Apparently, the two quarantined together.
    • He has a long list of ex-lovers including Katie Bell, Hannah Palmer, Sofia Bevarly, and more.
    • As of 2023, he is still hooking up and enjoying life.

    Is Dan Bilzerian Married Or Was It Just A Hoax?

    On 25th July 2022, Bilzerian posted a lovely photo of him walking down the aisle with a mystery woman. Immediately following his post, fans were left in awe. Soon they started digging up information on Dan’s “so-called” wife.

    Eventually, they matched her identity with that of the stunning model, Hailey Grice. However, they got it all wrong! Apparently, the two women look so alike that the fans mistook the woman in the picture for Grice. In reality, Dan and Hailey were only together for some time in 2020 before calling it quits.

    Dan's alleged wife, Hailey Grice
    A picture that shocked the Internet! Bilzerian with his “supposed” wife.

    So, coming back to the topic of his marriage – well, it’s still a mystery. For someone who’s seen posting pictures with a new girl every day, it seems next to impossible to settle down just yet. Perhaps, his post with the caption, “I finally did it”, might just have been one of the schemes to shock his fans and nothing else.

    On the other hand, given his stature, Bilzerian might also be hiding his wife from the Internet. Regardless, if he is actually married to her, in no time will the whole world find out about her. You just have to be patient enough!

    Bilzerian’s Fan Bewildered At The News Of Him Getting Hitched

    If you’ve been following Dan for a long time, you must be well aware that he doesn’t seem like the kind who’d commit to just one person. Considering this, after he posted a picture with his alleged wife, fans went crazy! It was very hard for them to believe that the poker player actually settled down with a life partner.

    Furthermore, expressing their disbelief, many went on Twitter and Reddit. Even more so, they also expressed their concerns in the comment section of his post.  One of his followers commented, “So unreal”, while some others commented, “What feels illegal, but isn’t? Dan Bilzerian getting married”.

    In addition to this, many also made funny memes to commemorate the playboy getting married. It truly was a historic moment!

    The Influencer Dated His Alleged “Wife”, Hailey Grice In The Past

    As mentioned earlier, there were rumors of Dan and Hailey Grice being in a relationship in the past. In fact, these two were believed to be together around July 2020. Moreover, the businessman/gambler was quarantining with his rumored girlfriend, Grice at the time. He even posted a picture with her in his Bel Air home.

    Dan was in a relationship with the model, Hailey Grice in 2020
    The playboy finishing up his autobiography next to his girlfriend, Hailey.

    Additionally, on 6th April 2020, he also shared a photo of them sitting together. At that time, Dan Bilzerian was working on his autobiography. Later on, after the completion of his book, he again posted on Instagram which suggested Hailey could actually be his current love interest.

    Regardless of all the rumors and his posts on Instagram, neither Bilzerian nor Grice have confirmed the rumors of them being together yet.

    Who Has Dan Bilzerian Dated So Far? A List Of His Girlfriends

    Below, there’s a list of women who Dan has dated so far.

    • Sofia Bevarly
    • Hannah Palmer
    • Suelyn Medeiros
    • Morgan Hultgren
    • Katie Bell
    • Lauren Blake
    • Desiree Scholtz
    • Leidy Amelia

    Looking at the long list, it seems he does not have a scarcity of women coming and going in his life. Keep reading to know briefly about each one of his ex-girlfriends.

    Sofia Bevarly

    Daily Mail reported that Dan and Sofia Bevarly were together in July 2017. As a matter of fact, they’d been dating for some time before the Internet made it official for them.

    Interestingly enough, it was his first-ever monogamous relationship. Before this, even if he claimed of having a partner, Bilzerian would be sleeping with other girls on the side. You could also say that Bevarly was the only girl who was special enough to make him feel love.

    Sadly, they broke up after some time of being together.

    Hannah Palmer

    In 2018, Bilzerian and Palmer sparked rumors of being in a love affair. The said speculation was started by people who spotted the pair at parties. In addition to this, the gambler also posted a picture of him with Hannah in September 2018 on a romantic getaway. However, with time, the rumors faded away.

    Suelyn Mederios

    Around the same time as Hannah, in 2018, Dan was also reported to be with Suelyn Mederios. At that time, they appeared together at many public events and traveled a lot. Moreover, she was also seen hanging out with Bilzerian and three other girls in Thailand. Truth be told, it was just a fling that ended a few months after the fun was over.

    Morgan Hultgren

    Similarly, Morgan Hultgren, a model from Sweden was also believed to have linked with Dan Bilzerian in the past. In fact, her career took massive turns after she extended her social circle with the businessman.

    Katie Bell

    Like Morgan, Dan also helped his ex-lover, Katie Bell to become the woman she is today. He and Bell were together for almost a year. Their relationship began in 2018 and ended in the fall of 2019.

    After sending a few pictures to the poker player with great hopes to kickstart her modeling career, Katie and Dan began dating. Throughout their relationship, Bilzerian posted a number of pictures with his then-girlfriend, which helped her gain more fame than ever! Even to this day, despite the breakup, Katie is very grateful for the relationship she had with Dan.

    Lauren Blake

    In the summer of 2016, rumors flew around, indicating that the rich businessman was in a relationship with Lauren Blake. However, it was not a relationship but just a fling. After enjoying some months together, and traveling around, they broke things off.

    Desiree Schlotz

    Desiree must be the youngest among all the girls Dan has dated. The 23-year-old model begin going out with the playboy in June 2019. Like with any one of his exes, Dan traveled around with Scholtz for a couple of months. Later on, called it quits on good terms.

    Leidy Amelia

    Bilzerian and Amelia had a fling in 2019. We do not know how long they were together, but we do believe that it was only for a couple of months. Dan and Leidy also traveled a lot during their time together. Their most prominent getaway was to Europe.

    Is The Poker Player In A Relationship Currently?

    Dan Bilzerian is possibly single and seems to be enjoying his time with a new girl every day – no strings attached! If you go through his recent posts on Insta, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The man hardly commits to anyone. Even when he’s in a relationship, he’s notoriously known to cheat on his partner.


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    On the other hand, there are still rumors of his marriage and relationship with Grice. To this date, Bilzerian has hardly spoken about either of the rumors, leaving his fans very confused.

    The playboy of America who's also a businessman and a poker player, Bilzerian
    Dan enjoying the time of his life with a group of stunning models in Italy.

    So, until and unless he does not come forward with the truth, we do not know what to believe in. Is he single, in a relationship, or married? Only Dan knows!