Is Dalton Gomez Related to Selena Gomez?

July 18, 2023   | October 2, 2023  | 

    The renowned real estate agent Dalton Gomez rose to prominence after began dating the renowned singer Ariana Grande. As his public exposure increased, individuals began to take notice of his surname, which happened to be the same as Selena Gomez’s. This led fans around the world to speculate that Dalton and Selena could potentially be related. But is there any truth to these claims?

    Let’s continue reading to discover the answer.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Dalton Gomez is not related to Selena Gomez.
    • The rumor about them being related started after Dalton started dating Ariana Grande.
    • Growing up, Dalton had two siblings who were not Selena.
    • Selena has two half-sisters and one stepbrother.

    Is Dalton Gomez Related To Selena Gomez?

    Dalton Gomez and Selena Gomez are not related to each other, despite sharing the same last name. The similarity in their surnames can be attributed to the fact that “Gomez” is a widely prevalent Spanish surname and it is merely coincidental.

    Dalton and Selena are reported to be related.
    Dalton and Selena are not related.

    Moreover, the speculation surrounding their relationship was put to rest when Capital FM, a reputable source, confirmed that Dalton is not related to any pop stars.

    Rumors About Dalton and Selena Being Related Started After His Rising Fame

    Following Dalton’s engagement to singer Ariana Grande, his newfound prominence in the spotlight led people to draw connections between him and Selena, assuming a familial relationship based solely on their shared last name.

    Gomez and Grande got married.
    Gomez and Grande got married on 15 May 2021.

    Further, fans took to social media to express their excitement, with some tweeting about Selena potentially becoming Ariana’s sister-in-law. For example, one fan exclaimed,


    Additionally, they got excited over the possibility that if Ariana decided to change her last name to Gomez, she and Selena will be sisters.

    The Two Grew Up In Completely Different Environments

    Dalton, a native of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, California, had his upbringing in a bustling urban environment. He shared his childhood with his two siblings and parents in a stable home.

    On the other hand, a different setting shaped Selena’s childhood. She resided in a modest neighborhood where her parents, Mandy Teefy and Ricardo Joel Gomez raised her in the town of Grand Prairie, Texas.

    Additionally, her parents went through a divorce in 1997 when Selena was merely 5 years old, which had a significant impact on her early life.

    Selena’s Dad Was Not Present In Her Early Life

    In an interview with Rolling Stone, Selena shared that her father, Ricardo, chose not to participate in her upbringing when it came to her pursuits in singing and acting.

    Selena's dad was not present in her life.
    Young Selena whose parents split in 1997.

    Selena explained that her dad choose not to involve himself in the lifestyle associated with the entertainment industry. As a result, it was primarily Gomez and her mother who embarked on this journey together, navigating the challenges and experiences that came their way.

    Dalton Grew Up Alongside His Two Siblings

    Dalton had two siblings growing up: his younger sister Tori Gomez and older brother Dakota Gomez. While there isn’t much information available about Tori, Dalton’s brother, Dakota, is a tattoo artist.

    Dakota has gained some recognition in his own right for his work and he notably tattooed the American singer Noah Cyrus.

    Selena Has Three siblings

    Gomez has two half-sisters named Gracie Elliot Teefey and Victoria Gomez, as well as a stepbrother named Marcus Gomez.

    Selena has three siblings.
    Selena and her sister, Gracie.

    Gracie was born in June 2013 to Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefey, and stepfather, Brian Teefey. Victoria, on the other hand, was born in June 2014 to Selena’s father, Ricardo Joel Gomez, and stepmother, Sara Gomez. And Marcus is Sara’s son from a previous marriage, making him Selena’s stepbrother.

    Moreover, according to Life & Style magazine, Gracie and Selena have a close bond because they were raised together in the same household.

    Know About Dalton And Ariana’s Divorce Rumors

    As reported by TMZ, Ariana and her husband Dalton had been experiencing difficulties within their marriage since January 2023. Although the couple attempted to mend their differences a few months ago, their reconciliation efforts proved unsuccessful.

    Since then, the couple has reportedly separated. While the specifics surrounding the failed marriage are not mentioned, Ariana filming the Wicked adaptation in the UK while Dalton stays back home in America likely caused this separation.