Is Casey Deidrick Married? His Girlfriend, Dating History, & Relationships

December 12, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Casey Deidrick is in the attention of fans and media due to his charming nature. Along with this, his role as Chad DiMera on the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives, brought him a lot of fame and popularity. Following all these, people are today curious to know the details of Casey’s love life. Is Casey Deidrick married?

    Here, we will discover some facts about the actor’s personal life that have been secret until today. With this, we will also look at his past as well as present dating life.

    Key Takeaways

    • Casey was once rumored to have married actress Jahan Yousaf in 2014 while they were dating.
    • Before this, Diedrick was in a romantic relationship with several other actresses.
    • As of today, the 36-year-old actor is living a single life.

    Is Casey Deidrick Married?

    No, the 37t-year-old actor is not yet married to anyone. He has not yet decided to settle down with anyone. Casey has been acting since the year 2009 and has been all focused on his career.

    Casey Diedrick does not have a wife and girlfriend too
    Actor Diedrick has not married yet. Source: Instagram

    Diedrick’s active involvement in his professional life might be the key reason for the actor not deciding to get married to anyone.

    Casey Was Rumored To Be Married with Jahan Yousaf

    During 2014, the actor was rumored to have married his then-girlfriend, Jahan Yousaf. They had started dating a year ago in 2013. According to a few, Casey and Jahan married in 2014 and then divorced two years later in 2016.

    The duo never spoke about this rumor which ultimately turned out to be false. Despite the news about their separation circulated in 2016, they were still dating after that too.

    Who Is Casey Deidrick’s Girlfriend At Present?

    Casey does not have any girlfriend as of 2023. His longest and most recent relationship was with Jahan which lasted for more than five years. They officially ended their relationship in 2018.

    Casey Deidrick with his ex-girlfriend Jahan Yousaf.
    Deidrick and Yousaf dated from 2013 to 2018.

    The reason behind their separation is not known until today but they might have decided to separate mutually. Similar to Deidrick, Jahan is also living a single life at present.

    Casey Has Kept Each Of His Past Relationships Private: His Dating History

    Although very famous and open in his professional life, Casey has been able to keep his details private. We know that he has been romantically involved with several actresses from his industry.

    Read further to know about a few of his relationships in the industry.

    His First Known Relationship was With Actress Molly Brunnet

    Casey and Molly started dating each other in the year 2009. They were working together for the show, Days of Our Lives, and were introduced by the casting director of the show. Not only did they fall in love they also played each other’s love interests in the show. The show was the best one for both of them.

    Unfortunately, their relationship could not last long. They broke up only after a year of being together in 2010. They opened up about their reason for separation being their busy schedule.

    Following Molly, Casey Fell in Love With Actress Kate Mansi

    After two years of separation from Molly, Casey found love in yet another well-known actress, Kate Mansi. Ironically, Kate played the role of Diedrick’s sister in Days of Our Lives. They also knew each other while shooting for the show and might have been friends since the start.

    They started dating in 2012 but similar to his previous relationship, this too couldn’t last long. This affair ended in 2013 with no hard feelings. Casey and Mansi stayed good friends even after separating until the actress left the show in 2013.

    Actor Casey Had A Fling With Actress Stephanie Bennet

    After ending his recent serious relationship with Jahan in 2018, Casey’s name had not been linked with any other girls inside or even inside the industry. However, in 2023, Diedrick was rumored to have had a romantic relationship with a Canadian actress, Stephanie.

    Casey was rumored to be dating Stephanie Bennet.
    Deidrick and Stephanie worked together for a show and were also assumed to have dated.

    They worked together in the 2023 movie, Wedding Season. The two had a great chemistry in between which led the fans to speculate about them being in a relationship in their real life too. Although neither of them has acknowledged anything about their connection. Stephaine once shared that Casey was a fun person to work with and she enjoyed his company.

    Does Diedrick Have Any Plan To Settle Down?

    It does not seem that the actor has any plans to settle down anytime soon. At present, Casey is at the peak of his career and doing very well in his professional life. Along with acting, Deidrick also is doing very well in his music career. He is a member of the metal band, And Still I Rise.

    Casey has been living a single and busy life as of today. He currently resides in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.