Is Brett Cooper Married? Who Is Her Husband? Her Boyfriends

June 11, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    Brett Cooper might be among the youngest political commentator in American history. With a conservative political viewpoint, Cooper has taken over the media by storm. Likewise, the 21-year-old hosts her very own YouTube channel, The Comments Section with Brett Cooper, discussing her perspective of the world we live in today.

    With that being said, many of you might wonder what her relationship status might be – does Cooper have a husband or is dating a boyfriend? Well, do not worry. Here, we will soon open up about her love life.

    Is Brett Cooper Married?

    The media personality, Cooper is not married to a husband. Born on 12th October 2001, the conservative commentator just turned 21 years old in 2022, so Cooper is too young to be married yet. Even more so, Cooper has a lot to figure out before settling down and getting married to the love of her life.

    Brett Cooper is single now.
    The political commentator Brett.

    In fact, Cooper herself gave a pretty clear answer to the above-mentioned question. While shooting a video on “Brett Cooper Answers Google’s Most Searched Questions”, she let her fans know that she is not married. You can find the video below.

    Hence, as of now, the media personality seems to be more focused on her professional life.

    Who is Brett Cooper’s Boyfriend?

    The 21-year-old hardly ever talks about her private affairs with the public. Despite having her own YouTube channel, Cooper has never even slipped a single piece of information that might hint toward her having a boyfriend.

    Therefore, in 2023, Brett is believed to be single and not dating a boyfriend.

    Lovely Brett Cooper enjoying her single life
    Brett isn’t dating anyone at present.

    Now, as previously mentioned, Brett is very young and has just begun her journey as a media personality. Thus, the Comments Section host seems to be fully committed to her work in the current day and age.

    Brett’s Relationship With Kyle Kashuv; Did She Ever Date The Conservative Activist?

    Around September 2022, Kyle Kashuv, the 21-year-old conservative activist, posted a photo that led Brett’s fans to believe that these two were dating. Nonetheless, with Cooper’s own reply to the said photo, many became sure that something was going on between here and Kashuv.

    Did y’all know Brett Cooper is taken already?🙃 You can tell it’s her because she is wearing the same two heart necklace.
    by u/MemeThief905 in BrettCooper

    However, in reality, the truth might be slightly different. In fact, the two conservatives are not dating each other. In fact, they seem really good friends.

    Likewise, there also does not seem to be a possibility of this friendship turning into something much bigger. As many sources claim, Kashuv is in a relationship with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, her name is under wraps due to privacy concerns. But, we do believe that he is in a happy relationship. In October 2022, the conservative activist tweeted, “Having a supportive GF is a superpower”. This further led many of his fans to belive that he is in fact engaged in a romantic affair with another person.