Is Annie Lederman Married? Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth

September 13, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Fans are inquiring way too much about popular podcast host and actress Annie Lederman’s married status. However, it seems like the comedian has no plans to unravel her love life in public. 

    Annie who often portrayed her real-life problems in her comedy is alleged to be hiding secretive affairs and relationships from her fans. So, is this true? Or does the comedian have some other plans that we don’t know of? Let’s discover Annie’s boyfriend and other details including her net worth and more.

    Key Takeaways

    • As opinionated and expressive as Annie might appear, the podcaster rarely discusses her relationships.
    • She doesn’t have a husband and has no plans to get married any time soon.
    • Lederman is now dating her boyfriend Todd Walker.

    Is Annie Lederman Married to a Husband?

    The way the Philadelphia-born comedian hides her love life, we cannot set aside the possibility if Annie’s already tied the knot or not.

    However, her coverage by several reports and magazines suggests that the Girl Code comedian is not married at the moment and neither has any plans to get married any sooner.

    Given her silence on her marital plans at the moment, it is safe to assume that Annie is on a solo mission to climb up the success ladder at what she’s doing.

    Who is Annie Lederman’s Boyfriend?

     She is now reportedly dating a guy named Todd Walker. Looking into both Todd’s and Annie’s social media accounts, it seems like the two have been together since the early 2020s.

    In an interview, Annie revealed that their relationship officially started during the pandemic and their relationship is going beautifully since then.

    Annie Lederman with boyfriend and Todd Walker posing in front of the camera
    Speculations sparked amongst fans after Annie posted this picture with her boyfriend Todd with the caption “Family Portrait”

    They have been sharing each other’s photos on their social media since late 2020, especially Lederman’s utmost love for her boyfriend is pretty evident. She often praised her boyfriend as the sweetest guy who helped her crack the code in life.

    Likewise, Todd is no less in competing to show his love towards her girlfriend Annie, through his social media.

    Showing their love for one another on social media accounts doesn’t just stop at Todd and Annie. Todd’s father Wayne Walker, also endorses their love every so often.

    Who is Lederman’s Bf Todd Walker?

    Todd is a producer and an editor. He is often seen collaborating with Ledderman in her shows. He is also the owner of Walker Media LLC.

    Annie Lederman posing with his current boyfriend Todd Walker
    Annie rarely reveals any details about her beau.

    Besides, Walker is a native of New Jersey and is the son of Wayne Walker and Vanessa Walker. He has two siblings.

    Talking about his education, Lederman’s beau went to Temple University after studying high school at Manchester Township High School.

    Apparently, in an interview, Annie mentioned that her boyfriend is half-Asian.

    Annie Ledderman’s Dated Ben Stewart in The Past

    Before her relationship with Todd, Annie was in a relationship with a guy named Ben Stewart. As per sources, the ex-couple began dating in 2016.

    The former flames used to be quite active on Twitter (now X) during their relationship. Even, they were often found mentioning each other in their tweets. Annie who often uses her current partner as her reference in her gigs, also used to make fun of her ex-boyfriend Ben when they were dating.

    One such fun incident was on May 16, 2016, when Annie retweeted her ex-bf’s rollerblading video with a comment saying,

    “The hardest part of your boyfriend being a rollerblader is trying to convince your parents he’s not gay”

    However, not much is revealed about what the ex-flame relationship was like, nor are there any certain reasons disclosed regarding their breakup.

    Funnily, some fans interpret that the ex-couple broke up because Annie couldn’t convenience her parents that Ben was not gay.

    What is Annie Lederman’s Net Worth?

    Annie has a net worth of $1 million as of 2024. She earns her net worth from her primary professional engagements like acting, performing comedy, and hosting. Also, Lederman has a good fan following on both Instagram and YouTube.

    She has 287k followers on Instagram and 115k subscribers on YouTube. From her self-titled YouTube channel, Annie makes between $1.2k – $19.7k a year.

    Annie Lederman on a podcast
    Annie’s estimated wealth in 2023 is $1 million.

    In addition, Lederman is currently running the podcasts Anniewood and Trash Tuesday as the host.

    Where Does Annie Live Now?

    She is currently living in Los Angeles, CA and it is reported that the podcaster owns a house worth $1 million.