Interesting Facts About Gino Jennings Children – Where are His Seven Kids?

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    Gino Jennings, the African American pastor is known for establishing the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Gino became a child preacher at the age of 13, and at the age of 21, he started the church in his parent’s basement in 1984.

    Regarding his personal life, Gino has long been married to his wife Darlene Gayman Jennings. The husband and wife who have spent more than three decades together have seven children together. The celebrity pastor and his wife Darlene take their duty as parents very seriously and don’t depend on the church to fulfill their kids’ needs.

    Today on HTownDaily, we are talking in detail about Gino and Darlene Jennings’ children. To know all the exclusive facts about their kids, keep scrolling till the end.

    Gino Jennings Has Seven Children with His Longtime Wife, Darlene Gayman Jennings

    Even though Gino Jennings is a celebrity pastor, he and his wife Darlene made sure that their kids remain out of the media. Moreover, Gino Jennings doesn’t talk much about his kids in public. Nevertheless, he has certainly mentioned his children a few times.

    As we mentioned before, the Jennings duo are proud parents of seven children; four sons and three daughters. Meanwhile, when it comes to the names of Gino’s children, there seems conflicts among the tabloids.

    One site named Famous People Today mentioned that Gino’s four sons are named Terron, Gino Junior, Jordan, and Cameron Jennings; his three daughters are named Brittni, Ceara, and Persia Jennings. However, some sites have mentioned that one of Gino’s sons is named Ernest which is the name of Gino’s late father as well.

    Gino Jennings and Darlene Gayman Jennings with their children
    Gino and his wife with their kids on New Year’s eve 2019

    Likewise, we also came across some sites that have claimed one of Gino’s daughters is named Malcolm Jennings. Unfortunately, at present, we can’t confirm the names of Gino and Darlene’s children.

    Gino’s children aren’t seen together often, however, back on New Year’s eve 2019, six of his seven children came together to appreciate their father on the completion of his 35th year as a pastor. Some of the Jennings kids also took the mic to congratulate their dad with their warm words.

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    Meanwhile, one of Gino’s sons also mentioned that the siblings had planned to send their parents on a vacation and he emphasized that they would appreciate if no one would disturb them during their personal time.

    One of Gino Jennings’ Children is Gay

    Well, one of Gino Jennings’ seven children is reportedly gay. As per sources, his son, Ernest Jennings is gay, however, Pastor Jennings has never acknowledged the fact nor had he talked anything about his son being gay.

    Rather, Gino has always been vocal about homosexuals in his preaches. Once, Jennings opined about homosexual couples being together. He said,

    “I see brothers following me looking at me up and down. I have no type of gay character what you want from me …what you want from me you ain’t getting nothing from me man ain’t got nothing off of me.”

    In a separate speech, Gino said,

    “So the homosexuality has polluted the churches like an overstock of bees coming to one place to collect pollen.”

    There isn’t much info on Ernest’s life, however, he was once seen directing a choir in a church.

    All of His Children Work in Church

    Born and raised in a religious family, Gino Jennings’ children always had a religious environment when they grew up. Their father Gino made sure that his children be treated no differently than anyone else. Gino emphasized that being children of a celebrity pastor doesn’t automatically mean a life of luxury.

    So, the children of Gino and Darlene Jennings work within the church from its headquarters in Philadelphia.

    Who is Darlene Gayman Jennings – Things You Need to Know about the Mother of Seven

    Darlene was born in November 1962, and as of early 2023, she is 60 years old. She doesn’t make public appearances often, so there are scarce details about her early life. She grew up in Philadelphia, and from her early childhood days, Darlene spent a lot of time in religious activities.

    Gino Jennings' wife, Darlene Gayman Jennings
    Gino Jennings’ wife, Darlene Gayman Jennings

    Darlene joined the First Church run by her future husband in her mid-twenties. From that point on, she is a big part of her husband’s church where she makes her appearances frequently and is famously known as Sister Jennings. In fact, the First Church was the place where Darlene met her future husband Gino.

    Gino and Darlene Jennings Married Life – How the Romance Sparked Between Them?

    As we mentioned above, the Jennings duo has been married for more than thirty years. The husband and wife first met back in late 1985, when Darlene joined the First Church. They hit it off as soon as they saw each other in the basement of Gino’s father’s house.

    Around four years later, Gino and Darlene got married on April 15, 1989, at the same church. Gino’s father, Bishop Ernest Jennings officiated the wedding.